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Endometriosis Diet

Although the doctor has not confirmed that I have endometriosis or endometrioma, I know I do have a cyst on my right ovary that looks like endometrioma. I researched quite a bit online and found that you should eat foods … Continue reading

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Procedure: Sonohysterogram

My second visit to the ob/gyn consisted of a vaginal ultrasound (they take a stick about 1 foot long, rub it with gel, and stick it up your vagina). This was not uncomfortable and no pain results. In return, you … Continue reading

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Your OB/GYN vs. Fertility Clinic Doctors

Ever wonder what’s the difference between ob/gyn and fertility docs? Women find it so awful to go to fertility doctors but they really do specialize in different things. The OB/GYN’s main, and I mean “MAIN” client is pregnant women. Therefore, … Continue reading


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Your OB/GYN, family histories, …

I first found out my problem with my OB/GYN. I come from a very conservative background where my mother and my sisters don’t ever talk about their “problems.” Let’s just say when my OB/GYN asked whether my mother had fibroid … Continue reading

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