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Rooibos Tea is Anti-Inflammatory and Beneficial for Endometriosis

Hi ladies. Sorry for not posting for a while. Having two toddlers really tire me out and even though I have a lot to say, there’s limited time to post. Recently I’ve been cold brewing tea because summertime is so … Continue reading

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Clearblue “Easy” is Near Perfectly Accurate for Predicting Ovulation

Last month I had a fit about buying the CVS cheap brand of ovulation kits. It’s especially frustrating when you’re trying to figure out when you’re going to ovulate. Here’s the story last month. I went to the fertility clinic … Continue reading


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Does your menstrual cycle / period sync with other women?

Mine do. Just two weeks ago I was visiting family in California and being with family has always been relaxing for me except I don’t know this time, many stressful situations came up! Not going into the details of my … Continue reading

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