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Kale Superfood Benefits and Easy Recipes

I have to say going on the endometriosis diet really led me to foods that I didn’t know I could fall in “love” with. Kale is one of them. It’s anti-inflammatory (which is great for your cysts because you don’t … Continue reading

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Understanding Hormones for Fertility and Ovulation Cycle

It’s funny how when you don’t want a child, you do everything you can for contraceptives and then when you stop your contraceptives, you expect a baby to just pop out miraculously because you’ve stopped contraceptives. Most couples think it’s … Continue reading

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Make Your Man Fertile! Supplements for Semen Improvement for Male Infertility

This will probably be one of the most enjoyable posts because it deals with men and the stuff they love that “we” hate. I’m not a hater of alcohol by any means. I love a cocktail or a nice glass … Continue reading

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Burdock Root “Gobou” Benefits and Recipe

Burdock Root is a real health food commonly referred to as “Gobou” (what I’ve put in my endometriosis diet). You can buy these at local Chinese, Korean, Thai, or other Asian supermarkets. If you’re lucky then your local organics grocer … Continue reading

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Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, or Thyroid Imbalance Could Lead to Infertility

I recently switched an OB/GYN to someone I now truly like. He’s more detailed and into getting me to a fertile state than the other doctor who just tried to perform surgery on me with no further testing. This doctor … Continue reading

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Mayan Abdominal Massage

I’ll be getting a mayan abdominal massage today. I’ll be posting my experience later today. Has anyone had this and had success? I’m not sure if my pelvis is tilted/slanted/inverted but a massage is a massage. I’ll check it out … Continue reading

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Semen Analysis – Do “IT” There Or Not?

So our first encounter with the fertility clinic was great since they take care of you and hold your hand and tell you all the things you would like to find out about yourself and so forth. My husband was … Continue reading

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