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Endometriosis Cleanse… works for weight loss too!

Last time I mentioned after having my baby, since my hormones are still in tact, I don’t have to be as careful in eating as estrogen won’t get the best of me yet especially with my period not back yet! … Continue reading

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Meat and Endometriosis (Beef, Chicken, Pork, and the other good stuff…)

One of the things I had to give up and “hated” giving up after I was diagnosed with endometriomas on my ovaries was “meat.” I loved beef, chicken and pork. I also loved fatty meat since I’m Chinese and pork … Continue reading

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Endometriomas and Endometriosis After Pregnancy

Sorry I haven’t written in so long. I’ve been busy having a baby! My baby girl was born in May at 7 pounds 3 ounces and she was perfect. When she came out, she was so clean with no blood … Continue reading

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Coconut Juice – To Drink or Not to Drink During Pregnancy?

For normal pregnant women: DRINK UP! If you’re like me and other most preggies out there, we get dry lips and itchy skin due to hormonal imbalance. In addition, we get constipation and indigestion. It’s like every horrible situation lumped … Continue reading

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My Experience With CVS Chorionic Villus Sampling

As you read in my previous posts, my blood screening odds came out unfavorable in my “own” opinion as well as the doctors. They sent me to a genetic counselor. I felt awful being offered a “genetic counselor” actually. I … Continue reading

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Spotting During Pregnancy for Women with Endometriosis

So being pregnant is scary enough but to see spotting? It could make you want to faint right? I’ve done some research and many women with endometriosis have spotting during pregnancy. Women in general have some spotting during pregnancy and … Continue reading

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Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, and Endometriosis

My journey to pregnancy has been documented in this blog with everything that I’ve tried and I’ve promised to provide more information on how I got pregnant, etc. One of the main lessons I’ve learned is that your body is … Continue reading

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