Many of you have asked me to put in reviews as I develop my baby. I will be launching this section by January 2013. There is nothing yet but there will be very soon! I’m working with many brands right now in order to do an unbiased review. Visit us shortly for this! I will put these on another page (my other blog: Motherly Notes). Please visit for my reviews!


12 Responses to Reviews

  1. Can you take serrapeptase and nattokinese while on your menustration?

  2. Do you think taking serrapeptase and nattokinese with castor oil packs will help to open up blocked tubes?

    • hoghugs says:

      I haven’t tried castor oil. Tubes are easy and safe to unblock at ob office. Have you asked your ob?

      • Kara says:

        Just curious what procedure unblocks the tubes easily and safely at the OB’s office? (Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m new to all this…I do know about lap surgery and the hsg test, are there others?) Thanks!

      • hoghugs says:

        Usually it’s hsg. Ask your ob about your situation though.

  3. I have had at least 3 lapo surgeries and I was referred by my ob to see a specialist after she found the endo on my first surgery. On my first surgery my ob said that there was bad scar tissue in my left tube but she was able to open it. There after I didn’t conceive and started having very bad endo pains again. By this time I was already seeing the specialist who then performed my second surgery. He told me that my left tube had been damaged and that my right tube was still open and suggested fertility meds with timed intercourse. My husband and I tried this but no conception still. I had another surgery by my specialist and endo was found and removed but he then said that my left tube was completely damaged and my right tube was open 60%. He then explained ivf to us which we couldn’t afford at the time and still can’t. He told me I could still conceive with the right tube being open but it was a lower percentage. He released me back to my ob once we explained we couldn’t afford Ivf. My ob then tried me on a series of birth control pills which most made me sick or made me gain weight fast so she explained the option of either trying Lupron or other birth control pills. She told me the side effects of Lupron but said she had many patients with endo with tubal problems that had successfully conceive. I thought well why not try it so I took the shot for three months and she took me off. She gave me 3 months to try to conceive but again no success. My ob then recommended I go back to the specialist and request an hcg dye test. It had been two years that went by since seeing the specialist so I thought maybe he could help or suggest other options that would be available to help conceive. I was shocked the way he talked to me. He seemed to be really mean! He told me that two years had went by and I had gained twenty pounds and my only option was ivf. I told him my ob suggested another hcg to see if my right tube was still open and he replied rudely if you want to waste your time then fine call me on your next menstrual cycle otherwise call me when you can afford ivf. He suggested borrowing money and other things as well. I left crying thinking what happened to the doctor I met 2 years previous. I begin to feel maybe this doctor was just about the money. I never called him when my cycle came because I felt he just didn’t care anymore. After researching of other ways to help treat my endo and opening my tubes naturally for the last 2 months I came across your site and another blog where castor oil packs were said to help clear scar tissue and inflammation. I am currently taking the serrapeptase and nattokinese you requested and I just got the castor oil. I ordered some wool and flannel cloths as suggested by another individual having most of the same issues. There were other posts from others as well that recommended castor oil packs. I thought I’d ask if you ever heard of this. It feels so good to talk to someone other than my husband during this painful time that has genuine concern about others experiencing fertility issues. I want to thank you for all your advice and posts. I’m currently looking for another fertility specialist in my area that I feel wants to help me not hurt me by judging me and talking down to me. I apologize about going into all of this but I wanted you to know all I’ve been experiencing. Before I go, do I not take the serrapeptase and nattokinese on the day I’m ovulating only? I would like to know if you would know of any other things that could possibly help me in my situation. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to me. I don’t know if you conceived or not yet but good luck with everything and I will continue to pray for you and all that are experiencing some of the things we are. Again, thank you very much. Babydust!!!!!

    • hoghugs says:

      I know how you feel!!!! Please don’t waste tears on dumb docs who only want money. Please read my entire blog. I also recommend taking DIM by nature’s way. I am now pain free from endo, had one baby after I self treated and now having another baby!!!!! Please read my entire blog. Too much to cover in a comment. Diet changes are crucial to ending endo and getting pregnant! Good luck!!!!

  4. Okay I will and thanks again for the feedback. I wanted to know do you take serrapeptase, nattokinese and dim during the full month or only on certain days?

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