Alcohol and Miscarriage

To continue on WHY you shouldn’t have alcohol if you want to get pregnant, I ran across a pretty neat site (in google sites called Miscarriage Research) and here’s what their research showed backed by research papers. It’s pretty scary. Ok, really skip your wine habits for now.:

Drinking 1+ drinks per day reduces odds of getting pregnant by 50%

319 women were followed for an average of 8 menstrual cycles, resulting in 124 pregnancies. Alcohol intake was significantly associated with reduced fertility. A dose-response effect was apparent, with those who drink <1 drink/day experiencing a 30% reduction, and those who drink 1+ drinks/day experiencing a 50% reduction in the fertility odds ratio when compared to nondrinkers. Smoking and caffeine were not associated with fertility in this model whether modeled categorically or continuously as cigarettes per day or milligrams of caffeine per day. Including prior cycles at risk as a covariate in the analysis (as opposed to prospectively measured cycles) did not alter the results.

Drinking before becoming pregnant lowers live birth rate by up to 21% in IVF patients

In this prospective cohort study, men and women completed a self-administered questionnaire before their first IVF cycle.We conducted multicycle analyses with final models adjusted for potential confounders that included cycle number, cigarette use, body mass index, and age. RESULTS:  A total of 2,545 couples contributed 4,729 cycles. Forty-one percent of women and 58% of men drank one to six drinks per week. Women drinking at least four drinks per week had 16% less odds of a live birth rate compared with those who drank fewer than four drinks per week (odds ratio 0.84). For couples in which both partners drank at least four drinks per week, the odds of live birth were 21% lower compared with couples in which both drank fewer than four drinks per week (odds ratio 0.79). CONCLUSION: Consumption of as few as four alcoholic drinks per week is associated with a decrease in IVF live birth rate.

Consuming one alcoholic drink per day boosts estrogen 20%

After adjustment for covariates, alcohol consumption was moderately associated with higher circulating estrogen levels; those who consumed more than one drink per day had 20% higher estrogen levels than non-drinkers.

Alcohol shortens follicular phase and menstrual cycle

Women who consumed one or more alcoholic drinks per week were significantly less likely to have long cycles (odds ratio = 0.38) or long follicular phases (odds ratio = 0.39).

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Alcohol and Effects on Chances of Getting Pregnant

Alcohol and Pregnancy

I love wine. From smell to texture to taste and after taste and pairings. It’s one of the loves of my life. It’s one of the things I absolutely hated to give up to get pregnant. Sad, I know. 1 glass every month probably won’t hurt but it doesn’t help either. Everyone knows to get pregnant and to increase chances of getting pregnant, you should take folic acid. Here are the facts:

  1. The “older” you are, the more your folic acid depletes in your body. This means the more you should take.
  2. You absorb 50% less folic acid through food than through supplements. In other words, you actually more efficiently absorb folic acid supplements than through food. Imagine that!
  3. If you’re diabetic, you need ten times more folic acid!!!
  4. If you eat more folic acid, it won’t be toxic, it’ll be just excreted through your urine so it won’t hurt to eat more.

Here’s the scary part. Alcohol prevents your body from absorbing folic acid!!! Even if you’re eating healthy greens and taking supplement, you might be negating the effect by having that enjoyable wine or liquor. Very sad but true. All you out there that WANT to be pregnant, skip that glass for now. Enjoy it when you have your baby next to you! Even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I mention LOVE) wine, I love my baby more and it’s all worth it at the end of the day. I promise!

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Endometrioma Shrunk to Less Than Half the Size

I have an update on my status. I went for an ultrasound in April and found that my endometrioma (both have shrunk half in size). One of them is now only a little over 2 cm in size and the other only at a mere 1 cm. With now no pain during menstruation, I feel so happy and free of endo!!! Continuing to work hard on the diet and I hope all you out there continue to fight this disease as well. It is possible.

In addition, I’d like to suggest substituting Indol 3 Carbinol with Dinnodolylmethane (DIM). It’s a more efficient and more stable form of Indol 3 Carbinol. It’s worked well for me. The brand I get is called Nature’s Way DIM-Plus. I take 2 capsules daily. Each with 100mg of DIM complex. I have to say that I feel great on it. Please let me know what you guys feel!

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Other Important Supplements to Treat and Fight Endometriosis, Shrink Endometriomas!

Here are a few more supplements that I have taken to treat Endo. Although Serrapeptase and Nattokinase are some major ones, I also took some others that are antioxidants. They are to fight cancers as well as tumors (which in my definition is also endo since the fibrins and my endometrioma is afterall a cyst). Whatever fights cancer will help with endo as well. Here goes:

1. Indole – 3 – Carbinol – I’m going to skip the scientific definition since most of you won’t be able to pay attention anyway. What you need to know that this supplement BLOCKS estrogen. It suppresses estrogen. Think of it as the more estrogen you have, the more indole-3-carbinol will help block its bad effects. It’s a biologically active form of DIM (which is derived from cruciferous vegetables). I eat 200mg twice a day. Here’s one of the research on it:

2. Acetyl L- Carnitine – this metabolizes L-Carnitine which is a producer of androgen which also increases estrogen. This just means that Acetyl L Carnitine helps to reduce estrogen AGAIN! I take 500mg twice a day or you can do up to 3-4 times a day as you wish.

4. Liquid Spirulina – this is one of my favorites as my mom survived cancer. She was sent home to have her last months of her life with her family instead of the hospital. Basically the doctor gave up on her. We used spirulina and also juicing to save her life. It’s been more than 15 years now since her cancer went away! I live by this and spirulina also helps your metabolism and liver function which then regulates hormones and fights down estrogen! I subscribe to a monthly delivery from Re-Vita which has liquid spirulina in a form that is easiest to absorb. My mom drank this as well as veggie juice as food for a couple years. I use spirulina in morning and during the day when my energy is low. Gives me energy! Here’s where I buy it from:

One of our readers has noted to me that you need to fill in a referring member’s ID to order. I never had this before but here’s my member id: 203072.

I would suggest getting Grape flavor as the other flavors taste yucky to me. Drink it with Perrier sparkling water for a grape soda taste! You can drink as often as you like. You can even use it to cleanse.

If you have spirulina powder at home, then go ahead and eat those if you like those. Liquid absorbs better though.

I hope this helps. I have to report that my first period after pregnancy came back and I’m pain free. I also did not have any blood clots in my period! Amazing right? It’s amazing what fighting estrogen can do.

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Sweet Potatoes and Endometriosis

I was looking into something natural I can eat during my cleanse that doesn’t need salt, pepper, or oil and was considering sweet potatoes until I found out that they’re estrogen producing! Not only that, some women use it for breast enlargement and used as estrogen hormone therapy for menopausal women. Although it’s high in many nutrients, fills you up, and does not need seasoning, for women with endometriosis, fibroids, or other estrogen producing problems, please stay away from sweet potatoes/yams.

There are two kinds of yams and one is estrogen producing and the other one is not. However, from going to many supermarkets, I cannot find the one that’s non estrogen producing. I can only find the sweet potatoes that are estrogen producing. When asking the grocers whether they are “true yams” (no not produce estrogen) or “wild yams” (produce estrogen) they don’t know either. Completely frustrating so I just decided to stay away. Did you know that birth controll pills are also derived from yams? Pretty scary. To be safe, whether wild or true yam, I’m staying away. It’s one food I do not want to bet on and can live without.

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Endometriosis Cleanse… works for weight loss too!

Last time I mentioned after having my baby, since my hormones are still in tact, I don’t have to be as careful in eating as estrogen won’t get the best of me yet especially with my period not back yet! Hooray! I don’t know what’s more hassle: pumping milk for baby or dealing with periods. Anyway, before my period comes back, I’m preparing myself for my endo diet again and I’m going on a juice cleanse/diet. It’s not all juice. Here are my recipes:

1. 50% apple, 25% spinach, 25% kale, 5%mint
2. 20%kale, 20%spinach, 40%apple, 10%carrot, 5%wheatgrass, 5%lemon
3. 50%apple, 20%kale, 5%ginger, 20%dandelion, 5%lemon
4. 30%apple, 15%carrot, 15% celery, 20%spinach, 20%kale
5. 30% apple, 20%% celery, 10% spinach, 20% kale, 10% bell pepper, 5% lemon, 5%mint

I drink 3 liters of juice a day plus all you can eat steam veges and fruits. Please don’t overdo the fruits and veges unless if you’re really starving! On this cleanse, I never felt starved at all! Also, each liter is about 400 calories. Please add/subtract liters according to your own weight and caloric intake requirements. I’m ok on a 1200-1500 calorie diet. I’m only 5’2″ so that’s plenty for me. Plus, I don’t get enough cardio a day now with the little one.

I alternate the juices above so I don’t get bored. I’m going on a 5 day cleanse. Today is my second day.

Most people do cleanse and they do it wrong. You’re not supposed to drink a whole liter in the morning, a liter at lunch, and a liter dinner like a meal. Drink your juices “slow”… I made the juice and put it in the fridge and every hour or so, I pour an 8 ounce cup. Why do I do it like this? It gives your body a constant flow of nutrients and calories so it’s not on “starvation” mode. Your body also rids of extra nutrients if you drink too much at one setting. You know those vitamins that say slow release? It’s slow release so your body gets maximum benefit as they absorb over time. As you know, juice is way easier to digest than solid food so if you drink it all in one setting, you’ll surely to be hungry 2 hours later. Drinking it slowly helps you not feel hungry and keep your metabolism high. Most people who do cleanses mess up their metabolism by starving themselves. Don’t starve yourself!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s number 1 “no” to cleansing. If you starve yourself, you WILL feel low energy and you WILL get fat after the cleanse.

Yesterday, I had juice #1, #4, #5 and I boiled some bok choy for dinner. Weird thing is I didn’t feel hungry for dinner. I didn’t have too much cravings other than for something hot in my mouth. The boy choy really satisfied me. What’s great is you enjoy the natural taste of the vegetable and don’t need salt or oil or anything to flavor it and you get the full blast of flavor. Something about the cleanse heightens your sense of taste. I started to taste everything!

Yesterday I lost 2 pounds, no hunger. For day 2 (today), I juices #1, #2, #3. I LOVE #3 today. Ginger adds a kick to the juice and it’s really warming for the body (and ovaries). You’ll need to warm your body because you’re drinking primarily liquid veges so adding a little natural body warmer is great especially since I’m in Toronto right now and it’s getting “cold.” Tonight, I had 2 small steamed potatoes. About 50 calories each. Super yummy, a superfood, and kept my hot craving at bay. Again, no hunger on day 2. Not sure if I lost weight but I’m feeling great. Even on deprived sleep from taking care of my 5 month old, I’m feeling more energized than usual.

I did this for a real cleanse and to lose some excess water weight and maybe a little fat. The main purpose is to jump start me back on my endo diet. Relieves me from anymore cravings from estrogen food.

Other stuff I took: prenatal vitamins and probiotics and B6 (of course!). I will start nattokinase and serrapeptase the instant I stop pumping milk (hopefully soon).

Will update on progress after my 5 day cleanse. Wish me luck! Really hope to lose more weight but of course health is more important! Endo gone! Endo gone! Endo gone! Don’t come back! Don’t come back! Don’t come back!

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Endometriosis, Estrogen and Hair Loss Relation

It all clicks to me now. After college is when everything about my period went downhill. Before college, I didn’t feel any pain when my period came. After college, year after year, things started getting worse and it was due to endometriosis and probably my growing endometrioma at the time! I just didn’t know what I had and everyone says a little pain is normal. Anyway, this post is not about my pain experiences. Back to hair loss…

What I’ve noticed though since college, I’ve been losing more and more hair and yes, that could be stress induced by first job out of college since I was working like crazy in a high stress job of mergers and acquisitions consulting. However, now it all clicks to me. It’s my high estrogen causing everything!

I did some research and found that although male “androgens” are in charge of male pattern baldness, etc. It’s down the line of the hormone transition. It’s estrogen that causes excess androgen which then causes hair loss!

Although most women don’t lose their hair during their pregnancy, I still did because my body has just more estrogen than normal women thus the change in diet. In addition, some women get breakout in acne during pregnancy but I had perfect skin because now I’m finally balanced on my hormones (thanks to pregnancy hormones) while some women start to get hormone imbalance during pregnancy because they were perfectly balanced before. Do I make sense? So for them, no hair loss but for me becomes normal hair loss.

After pregnancy, since I pump/breastfeed, I still have some of those great hormones but now that my baby is slowing reaching that 6 month mark and my milk production is going down, I can see my estrogen starting to crawl back up again. Back to that strict strict diet! I wasn’t strict on the diet when pregnant because baby needs it plus your endo stops growing during pregnancy. In addition, when breastfeeding, you still have the hormones to protect you from endo. However, now that my pregnancy is over and breastfeeding is coming to a slow down, I will go back to my diet. My hair is also starting to fall out again more and more! Crazy how your body tells you that you can’t cheat it. Even if you want to cheat yourself mentally, your body tells you otherwise.

Next time ask yourself if you’ve ever felt like you had more hair as a teenager and it all went downhill from there?

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