Why Endometriosis Thrives on Dairy

I haven’t posted in a while because most of the steps I take have already been shared on the site. However, lately I’ve been a little bad and had some “lattes and cappuccinos” and didn’t think anything of it. I hadn’t had coffee in a while ever since I got pregnant two times in a row for the last 4 years and now finally after my second child just turned 2, I thought, okay, if I’m tired, I CAN have coffee! One of my favorite is a good cappuccino. There I go being happy and stopping by Peet’s coffee every morning with my little two year old. She eats a breakfast sandwich, I eat the left over (being a trash bin parent like others – yes, it happens, sucks, but happens that you eat the left overs of your kids that you’re not supposed to). This consisted of our worst enemy: bread. Then follow that with cappuccino. Ok, I let myself loose for a good 3 months and because I haven’t been in pain in the last 4 years, I “forgot” what it was like to be IN PAIN. In addition, I don’t think I would want any more children so if I get a little endo back, I figured at least I wasn’t in fear that I couldn’t get pregnant again. The past month of period has been a horrifying deja vu  of my past before I got pregnant. Acne! Weight gain! VERY PAINFUL PERIOD WITH CLOTS.

So I have found the worst thing you could do to yourself: eat processed carbs and dairy. I searched the web about dairy and this is a GREAT article on why dairy should be avoided at all costs. Prior to the dairy binge every morning, I was eating organic meats and eggs and my periods were fine. It was the dairy binge and the left over sandwiches from my daughter that really killed it for me. Ladies, please remind yourself. All that is “natural” will be better for you. Those man creatively made foods… let’s just stay away and eat like how the cavemen did? Needless to say, I’m back to my diet. No more dairy period. No more bread, period.

Read this article:


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3 Responses to Why Endometriosis Thrives on Dairy

  1. Ashley Kearns says:

    2 cups of Coffee daily raises estradiol 70%!! It’s highly recommended to avoid caffeine and specifically coffee.

    • Ashley Kearns says:

      Just saying – may have been the coffee maybe have been the dairy may have been the food… or a terrible and sad combo 😦

  2. Emily Harker says:

    Could not agree with this more!! Sugar dairy wheat free diet and I have light almost pain free periods! And I guess the lighter the period, the less damage our endoms is doing. Great blog.

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