Rooibos Tea is Anti-Inflammatory and Beneficial for Endometriosis

Green Rooibos for Endo

Hi ladies. Sorry for not posting for a while. Having two toddlers really tire me out and even though I have a lot to say, there’s limited time to post. Recently I’ve been cold brewing tea because summertime is so hot and I just want something cold and refreshing without calories, etc. Mango, peach, passionfruit, and other black and green teas. Then I noticed rooibos tea. I’ve had these at Teavana, David’s Tea, etc. and don’t remember liking them because well, they don’t taste like tea to me. However, after researching, I have found that it has high anti-inflammatory qualities and well as reduces oxidative stress. It’s caffeine free and safe for me to drink at night and most of all, good for my kids! I can drink this and reduce some swelling and backache during my periods. For right now, I don’t have any more cramps due to diet and supplements but I still get that dull backache and feel my muscles pulling as my uterus is contracting during my period. Sometimes it can still put me rather down feeling this. I know endo never goes away so anything that puts me in the right direction, I’m all for it. Now I buy green rooibos because it includes even more antioxidants than regular red rooibos you normally see. It hasn’t been treated like red rooibos and to me, it actually tastes closer to tea. I hot brew the rooibos tea with mixed fruits, primarily mixes from what I buy from The Tea Spot, Adagio Teas, Arbor Teas for organic tea.

For my kids, I put a little honey in there and it serves as a fruit punch for them! It’s way better than those fruit punches sold in stores with sugar and high fructose corn syrup and it actually boosts their immune system. For me, I drink it without any honey but honey isn’t bad for endometriosis so if you like it a little sweet, I highly recommend putting honey. Gives it a very refreshing taste. My kids go crazy for it. Try it. I think you’ll like it. I highly recommend Strawberry mix from Adagio teas and the Green Rooibos Bonita and Green Rooibos Key West. It’s very fragrant and yummy.

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