Too Lazy to Juice? There’s Still Hope for Your Endometriosis!


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I haven’t forgotten about my readers but as I’m on this journey with kids and the end of endo, I was just thinking what to share so that it’s useful for all of you. Now that I have two kids, my days are filled with joy, tears, and extreme sleep deprivation (and also a craving for some adult company during the day). As much as I love love love love my kids, spending 24/7 with them is very taxing on me emotionally. I’m not sure how my mom handled it with three kids. I might have gone insane. I wonder how she still loves me when I’ve created such havoc in her life before. It’s insane how much more I appreciate my mother who never complained about us, always put fresh food on the table, and had to deal with my dad and his demands for a full blown meal every day. Right now I could barely keep my hair clean.

Ok, back to topic. In efforts to keep my life sane, I only juice for my kids now a variation of apple and some other fruits and greens. My kids drink a LOT of juice and if I were to juice for them an me daily, I wouldn’t have any time to take care of them. I was out for a solution. I found some companies that did juice cleanses. I had suggested Whole Foods before for juices but not all Whole Foods have these juices! It was frustrating because I had to drink about 5-6 bottles of juice daily sometimes and it could get expensive if there’s not Whole Foods high quantity green juice nearby and going out to get it daily was…. a drag with two kids.

18 Karrots

I tried out a company called 18 Karrots off a deal off Worked about to be about $5-$6 per 16 oz bottle. This was acceptable to me as I used a lot of it as meal replacements and it worked about to be about $20-$30 a day including what I ate everyday. I consider it paying someone to do my juices and for me to not have to go out and get these juices. What happens is they ship everything frozen to you and then you keep it in your freezer until the day before you’re going to drink it. You let it defrost overnight and voila, you have juice the next day. I was skeptical that frozen juice would taste the same or that it maintained the nutrients. Well, I was super wrong! It tasted like I had just done the juicing 1 minute ago and I did a little research and found that flash frozen fresh vegetables and in this case juice, retains vitamins way more than if you kept it unfrozen in the fridge. Works for me. Even if I did get a little nutrient loss, it still saved me time! 18 Karrots had pretty good taste. I like every one of their concoctions. Tasted like mine.

However, when their juice arrived, it was only half frozen because the keep frozen bag they used was way too thin and although still half frozen, I was annoyed with the fact they were still all ice sticks! The first order off woot was essentially 50% off their online price including shipping. My second order with them I used their coupon code and got 55% off. The coupon at the time is 55OFF if you wanted to use it. However, the second batch of juice just tasted different.

I wrote a simple email to them and they took a whole WEEK to respond!!! Of course, I was very annoyed with this and this batch the green juices looked brown. Their excuse? They said it was due to the iron in the greens. That’s total bull to me as we all know it’s due to oxidation which means the juice gone bad for me at least. Then this second batch made me have diarrhea. Horrifying right? Wrote them an email… NO RESPONSE! Needless to say, I am disappointed with this company and although their first batch was perfect, I wasn’t about to spend a lot of money to find out whether my next bath would be hit or miss.

I went out and looked for an alternative.

Juice from the Raw

I saw Juice from the Raw from internet searching and found they have coupons too if you order more in volume which I did. I ordered like a few cleanses together and again, I ended up around $6 a bottle which was acceptable to me. Juice again was delicious… not as sweet as 18Karrots but that didn’t bother me at all for I didn’t need my juices to be sweet. They had a few sweet ones and the green ones were not sweet at all. They also had a coconut one that was really nice since it’s fresh coconut with fresh coconut meat beaten into it. Very satisfying and milky. They have several choices too where you can just get green juice or you can get other flavors. These came as frozen as popsicle STICKS! They used ultra thick insulation and that made a huge difference! I suggest you guys try this out if you’re like me and keep a large stash of juice in the freezer if you’re like me and need the time. I juice for my kids and that’s it. For myself, I buy. I can’t feel bad about it because I’d rather spend time resting or with the kids instead of juicing for 45 minutes in the morning everyday.

I have now ordered 3 times from this company already and the quality was exactly the same. That’s what I call a more professional company.

Let me know what you guys think if you try this company!



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    I’m happy to hear from you
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