Mouthwash as sickness prevention for pregnant women?


Thanks for your nice wishes for my current pregnancy. I’m really touched that I actually have more than 100 subscribers reading this small blog! I’m only on my 18th week right now and have gotten sick three times where I just could not breathe through my nose or my mouth so I end up choking phlegm a million times in the night and not being able to sleep! And yes, to all the pregnant women out there, you know when you cough too hard, sneeze to hard, what happens right??? You leak pee! Gross I know and people may be laughing but it’s really annoying! Aside from feeling tired, dizzy, groggy, sick, and the feeling like I’m drowning all the time, this time I’m deciding to do something different the instant I feel sick. No, sleeping while sitting up doesn’t work and no, I don’t want to take meds as my husband takes meds and he still feels awful so why inject my baby in my tummy with chemicals right?

I can’t avoid getting sick because I have a 17 month old toddler at home that needs to go out and collect all sorts of germs from music class and supermarkets, etc. Therefore, I read that the instant you feel sick, you should gurgle salt water deeply in your throat. Well, I did this last time and it didn’t work. The science behind that is that the germs collect in your mouth and throat first for like a day and then you swallow and then they invade and penetrate your body. Well, this time, I gurgled mouthwash and for the last 3 days, my body has been trying to fight this disease because every morning I’d wake up feeling a sore throat and then it’ll go away. Sneezed a couple times last night but today I feel fine again.

I’ve been gurgling mouthwash 3-4 times a day deep in my throat. I figured… why salt water? What if it doesn’t loosen up the germs? Why not just KILL the germs while they’re in my mouth or throat rather than letting them TRY to fall out? Right? Well, I use the most common type of mouthwash: Listerine and so far it’s been working wonders. No need to eat meds and this is prevention, not masking of symptoms so I love it…so far. Testing for a few more days but at least this sickness did not get worse. Crossing my fingers!

Just to let you know, I never got sick my last pregnancy or many years before that. I’m guessing my sick free streak has been over 4 years until this year when I have a toddler running around. And before that, I never got any bad sickness.  I usually can sleep it off in a day or overnight. So feeling sick really stinks and a new thing to me! I used to never get my nose plugged or feel dizzy.

Anyway, hope you guys can try. Even those people who aren’t pregnant obviously. If you have sick people at work, just gurgle mouthwash deep in  your throat daily and hopefully the disease won’t come find you!


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