Using Ovulation Test as Pregnancy Test (using OPK and HPT)

clearblue pregnancy test with conception monitor

I’m not sure about you but I’m the type that wants to know right away whether I’m pregnant and start wondering days ahead. The wait from when you “do it” to when you “know” seems like forever. That two week wait is excruciating so any way to shorten that time is always tempting. However, you end up spending so much money on pregnancy tests! Why is it that it costs $15 for a decent early detection pregnancy test???  If I do test 2 days prior and get negative, I probably still won’t stop testing because I may think to myself that it was too early. Ha ha. Don’t laugh at me because I know you guys all do it! Anyway to satisfy myself, I’ve been using my ovulation test sticks from Clearblue Ovulation Test Kit (which I covered in prior post). There’s 20 in a box and I always have extras. Those ovulation test boxes lasts me about 3 months because I don’t test as frequently since I am getting the hang of when I’m actually ovulating.

Ovulation test stick measures your luteinizing hormone (LH).

Pregnancy test measures human chorionic gonadotropin (HcG).

They are similar because they’re both a protein with a sugar attached to it called a glycoprotein. Your ovulation stick is unable to distinguish LH from HcG. Therefore, if it’s positive, it could be your pregnant! However, you can’t test the other way around. Pregnancy tests cannot test for ovulation. It’s more specific towards HcG and it’s more sensitive as well. Therefore, while your ovulation stick may not pick up on your pregnancy until the day you miss your period, pregnancy test will.

For people like me who waste a lot of money on tests because I’m too eager, I’ve learned to save some money and use an ovulation stick. So far it’s worked 100% of the time. It’s either you’re ovulating or you’re pregnant. If you have a regular cycle, it’s either the time when you’re pregnant or your ovulation during the month with pretty clear timeline. However, if you have unpredictable periods, then I probably wouldn’t use it as a pregnancy test because you don’t know whether you’re ovulating or you’re actually pregnant.

Ok, again, I looked into different brands and I’m back with Clearblue again. It seems the easiest!!! The ovulation test sticks are either happy face or no face. Pretty straight forward and these Digital Test sticks SAYS you’re either PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT and you even know how many weeks you are along. The weeks part is probably not accurate since everyone has different levels of HcG when you’re pregnant so if I happen to be someone that’s surging higher than others, it may show I’m on week 2-3 or 4 instead of 1. Anyhow, it’s a no brainer. This is one I bought: Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator.  The picture is also the one shown above. I absolutely hate the ones that I have to compare colors. When you’re trying to get pregnant, your head is full of what ifs and errors and the colors just don’t do it for me as I’m never “sure” of myself.

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