Endometrioma Shrunk to Less Than Half the Size

I have an update on my status. I went for an ultrasound in April and found that my endometrioma (both have shrunk half in size). One of them is now only a little over 2 cm in size and the other only at a mere 1 cm. With now no pain during menstruation, I feel so happy and free of endo!!! Continuing to work hard on the diet and I hope all you out there continue to fight this disease as well. It is possible.

In addition, I’d like to suggest substituting Indol 3 Carbinol with Dinnodolylmethane (DIM). It’s a more efficient and more stable form of Indol 3 Carbinol. It’s worked well for me. The brand I get is called Nature’s Way DIM-Plus. I take 2 capsules daily. Each with 100mg of DIM complex. I have to say that I feel great on it. Please let me know what you guys feel!

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12 Responses to Endometrioma Shrunk to Less Than Half the Size

  1. LesliMarie says:

    Its great to hear your endo has shrunk so much. I stumbled across your blog about six months ago and it has really given me hope. I have Stage IV Endometriosis and have been unable to conceive. I took your advice and started on Serrapeptase and nattokinase, but I was wondering if you could tell me if you took it during your menstraul cycle??? IT made mine very heavy and so I had to stop taking it….


  2. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for your blog. I’ve just started reading it in the last week or so. I’ve started the endo diet about a month and a half ago, and just started some supplements in the last week. I wondered if you take DIM your whole cycle, and whether you continued it into the beginning of pregnancy. My bottle says not to take it if you’re pregnant, but I have read elsewhere that it’s best to stay on it in the beginning, so that there isn’t a sudden hormone change in your body when you stop taking it. Wondered if you knew anything about that. Also, same question for serrapeptase and nattokinase… take them all cycle? Stop when pregnant, or keep taking? Thanks again!

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi, I take it all cycle and stop right when I find out I’m pregnant so that’s considered right when I miss my period. Baby dust to you!!!

      • Amy says:

        Thanks for your reply! Are you referring to BOTH the serrapeptase/nattokinase AND the DIM? Take all of them all cycle and stop when you find out you’re pregnant?

      • hoghugs says:

        Exactly! That’s at least what I did but also check with your ob when you get pregnant as well because your body hormone levels could be different from mine.

  3. Lisa says:

    I just found your website and have lots of reading to do. I had my left ovary removed a few years ago due to endometriosis and a chocolate cyst. Then my doctor recommended an IUD to hopefully slow down the grown of an endometrioma discovered a couple years ago on the right ovary. It is now 5.5cm and beginning to cause slight discomfort (achy, bloating feeling). We’re currently just monitoring it and hoping to not have to remove it – she says women who lose both ovaries before 65 have an earlier death rate, but yet we need to monitor it for cancer which she says is related to size of endometrioma and age (I’m 48). I’m very stressed about this and was hoping modifying my diet would help (I currently eat noodles, beef, chicken, and bread with some veggies and love milk). Tonight I had salmon, a potato, and drank raspberry tea. I was going to look into serrapeptase & nattokinase, but am concerned since one of your readers indicated she had heavy bleeding afterward. My endometriosis caused heavy bleeding which is why I had the IUD and wonder what it’s doing hormonally. I’ve had 2 children (now age 15 & 19), so fertility is not an issue for me. I have so many questions, I’m not sure where to begin. Feel free to message me privately if you’d like. Thank you. I’m grateful for your website.

    • hoghugs says:

      Lisa, most people do not bleed more on the supplements. It could be something else she may have done or just how her body reacts. Try it for a month. These are all over the counter supplements. My endometriosis and cyst have both gone down to half the size. No painful periods anymore like many of my other readers. Changing diet is key. Don’t eat anymore hormone estrogen producing foods. It will get better. We are what we eat. If we don’t feed the cyst what it wants we’ll be fine. Chocolate cysts do not lead to cancer. Others may. Who told you that?

  4. Lisa says:

    My ob/gyn told me we had to monitor the endometrioma for cancer in the future (my chocolate cyst was removed laparoscopically along with some endometriosis – couldn’t get it all though since some was on the bladder). This freaks me out, so I’m definitely going to get the liquid spirulina. I will continue to read your site – it is so helpful and helps me feel like perhaps there is hope and perhaps I can manage this. I really don’t want to lose my last ovary since I don’t do well on synthetic hormones, but I don’t want the risk of the endometrioma becoming cancer, so if I can shrink it and keep it under control, that would be great. My next step is to get a list of hormone producing foods.

  5. maria says:

    Thank you so much for this! I bought DIM from Nature’s Way but it says it contains soy?!? That is something I want to avoid at all costs. Why do/did you take soy?
    Also it produces estrogen, is that correct? We have too much extrogen already, right? I see lasts comments are a while ago already so I hope so much you will answer.
    Warm hug!

  6. endometrioma is not cancer related, it has already been proved that ovarian cancer has nothing to do with having endometriosis.

  7. Amy says:

    Has anyone checked their estrogen levels before taking DIM?

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