Other Important Supplements to Treat and Fight Endometriosis, Shrink Endometriomas!

Here are a few more supplements that I have taken to treat Endo. Although Serrapeptase and Nattokinase are some major ones, I also took some others that are antioxidants. They are to fight cancers as well as tumors (which in my definition is also endo since the fibrins and my endometrioma is afterall a cyst). Whatever fights cancer will help with endo as well. Here goes:

1. Indole – 3 – Carbinol – I’m going to skip the scientific definition since most of you won’t be able to pay attention anyway. What you need to know that this supplement BLOCKS estrogen. It suppresses estrogen. Think of it as the more estrogen you have, the more indole-3-carbinol will help block its bad effects. It’s a biologically active form of DIM (which is derived from cruciferous vegetables). I eat 200mg twice a day. Here’s one of the research on it: http://jn.nutrition.org/content/133/7/2470S.full

2. Acetyl L- Carnitine – this metabolizes L-Carnitine which is a producer of androgen which also increases estrogen. This just means that Acetyl L Carnitine helps to reduce estrogen AGAIN! I take 500mg twice a day or you can do up to 3-4 times a day as you wish.

4. Liquid Spirulina – this is one of my favorites as my mom survived cancer. She was sent home to have her last months of her life with her family instead of the hospital. Basically the doctor gave up on her. We used spirulina and also juicing to save her life. It’s been more than 15 years now since her cancer went away! I live by this and spirulina also helps your metabolism and liver function which then regulates hormones and fights down estrogen! I subscribe to a monthly delivery from Re-Vita which has liquid spirulina in a form that is easiest to absorb. My mom drank this as well as veggie juice as food for a couple years. I use spirulina in morning and during the day when my energy is low. Gives me energy! Here’s where I buy it from: http://nettrax3.infotraxsys.com/revita/ShoppingCart/Shop.cfm?CurrPage=FrontPage&NextPage=ProductList&Family=7&pid=35077736811129321

One of our readers has noted to me that you need to fill in a referring member’s ID to order. I never had this before but here’s my member id: 203072.

I would suggest getting Grape flavor as the other flavors taste yucky to me. Drink it with Perrier sparkling water for a grape soda taste! You can drink as often as you like. You can even use it to cleanse.

If you have spirulina powder at home, then go ahead and eat those if you like those. Liquid absorbs better though.

I hope this helps. I have to report that my first period after pregnancy came back and I’m pain free. I also did not have any blood clots in my period! Amazing right? It’s amazing what fighting estrogen can do.

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26 Responses to Other Important Supplements to Treat and Fight Endometriosis, Shrink Endometriomas!

  1. Mayla says:

    Have you heard of vitex agnus cactus or chastetree berry?
    It says for hormonal balance and increase progesterone in the body
    I need more reviews in this

  2. Mayla says:

    Where can i find carbinol?

  3. Sonja says:

    so you took all these DURING pregnancy? I read everywhere that Indole 3C should be taken BEFORE, but nowhere have I seen that women take it once they get pregnant. I thought the baby needs estrogen.

    Btw, how big was your endometrioma during pregnancy and did it change its size? I just found out I was pregnant, week6 and it’s 44mm big and I am hoping (and doing research) on what to do to make it either shrink or not grow so I wouldn’t have to have another lap (this time during pregnancy, which freaks me out).

    Thanks for the answer.

  4. Hawk says:

    I am currently taking the Serrapeptase, Nattokinase,Indole 3, Acetyl L- Carnitine , and Curcumin for the past two weeks. I am going to add Mava to the routine. I will let you know in a couple of weeks how everything goes. 🙂 Trying to get pregnant with my second child and we have been trying for 2 1/2 yrs. My first child took awhile of trying as well… about a year and a half. It was Clomid/Metformin that did the trick the first time. I had my son via C-section and the surgeon saw tissue around my tubes and diagnosed me with endometriosis. Ultrasounds have not shown any endometriomas. This time, fertility pills haven’t helped get me pregnant and have actually made things worse. My endometriosis got really bad and painful, and my periods became irregular. Hoping my new routine with the supplements and change in diet will help me achieve pregnancy again. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It has given me hope!

    • Hawk says:

      Sorry.. not mava. It’s maca.

    • hoghugs says:

      Good luck! It takes a good 3 months to start changing body types so don’t give up! Baby dust to you!

      • Hawk says:

        Thank you! I just visited with an acupuncturist in my area that specailizes in fertility. I will be getting acupuncture in addition to some traditional chinese herbal medicine. I know you took Chinese herbs too. Did you ever do acupuncture?

  5. Mayla says:

    Are you taking the DIM supplement?
    If yes how many times and do you take it on your whole cycle?

  6. Ana says:

    You mentioned your mom has survived cancer. My friend’s mom is suffering from cancer and the doctors have also given up on her. I had heard spirulina can help with cancer and searched about it on the net and came across your post. My friend has asked her mom’s doctor about spirulina and he wasn’t too sure about it because she is also taking medecine for diabetes. Was your mom taking other medecines at the time she was taking spirulina? Would you mind giving me some more details about it as to how many times she was taking spirulina? Did she have diabetes or blood pressure? It would be very much appreciated.

  7. Sparkle says:

    I too have severe endometriosis and was told by my FS that I can not get pregnant unless I have Ivf done. I have one damaged tube he said on the left and the right was 60% open around 2 years ago. Me and my husband want so badly to have a child because neither of us have any. Can you please list everything you did in order so I can see if your process works for me as well. Also, have you heard of castor oil packs helping as well with infertility?

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi! I have written everything endo on this blog. They are all in order. There’s about 50 some odd posts. From food to supplements to exercises. Feel free to take the time and read through. Let me know if you have questions. I know what you’re going through. Hang in there! Baby dust to you!

  8. S says:

    Dear hoghugs,

    I did a lap in March and then 4 IUIs by this time, but no luck and I’m really frustrated. I have both Endometriosis and PCOS. I would love to try out the medicines that you have written about, but I have no idea about where to buy it from since I reside in the Middle east. Please let me know where to get these meds from and which is the best brand or if I can go for any brand.

    So this is my action plan based on reading your blog –

    1. I am going to start the meds (Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Indol 3 Carbinol, Spirulina , Acetyle L carnitine)
    2. i’ll skip dinner and have juice instead (I don’t know if I can survive on only juice the whole day)
    3. I will try to eliminate meat, sugar, carbohydrate etc from my diet
    4. Coenzyme, Multivitamin, Acetyl L, multivitamin for my hubby.

    I’ll try this for 3 months and see how things go..
    Please let me know if this plan sounds ok or if I need to add anything else to it. But I can start only once I could get to buy the medicines. Waiting for your reply ..

    Thanks again for all the info that you have put up.. gives me hope 🙂

    • hoghugs says:

      Please read my entire blog. Will take only a few hours. You dont need to eliminate carbs that are natural like rice and whole grains. Just eliminate processed foods. Also, I have mentioned to substitute indol 3 carbinol with DIM. It’s too much to write in a comment, you need to read the entire blog and comments as I do mention brands, etc. Hope you get pain free!!!

      • S says:

        Ok.. I thought I covered the blog.. but maybe I should go through it in greater detail… can I still ask you more questions if I have them?

        1 .But now my problem is finding these meds like Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Indol 3 Carbinol, Spirulina , Acetyle L carnitine. I reside in the middle east (Kuwait) and I searched but couldnt find it here. Is there an online site where I can place the order?
        I still havent started with the plan since I was travelling and was busy this month :(.

        2. Another question.. Could I do this along with my IUI treatment since my RE has asked me to come back for doing the next IUI and my DH doesn’t want to delay it!

        Thanks for your patience ! 🙂

      • hoghugs says:

        You can try Amazon.com. You can change your diet with iui. If you’re taking Clomid with iui, then don’t take any supplements. Talk to your doctor before anything as I don’t know what they are giving you.

  9. S says:

    Thanks hoghugs.. I am doing IUI with injectables. So maybe ill just do the fruit juices and pray that this works!

  10. femnes says:

    Hi Julie,
    I used to take all the supplements you have mentioned in your blog, and followed an endo-friendly diet as well (though I did break it from time to time especially during Christmas and Thanksgiving when it is so difficult to keep away from the goodies!) I noticed that except when I had invasive aggressive measures taken, my pain was always there. I had a laparoscopy done to clean me up in April this year. My tubes until that time were open and mobile. My doctor put me on a fertility protocol with femara+estradiol+progesterone. I followed it for 6 months with no fertility results. The only result was that my endometrioma on the left ovary flared up and due to the pain, the doctor decided to remove it. So last month, I had another lap and the findings of that surgery made me highly depressed. My abdomen is one big mess. I had a hydrosalpinx on the right with the tube swollen and wider than the right ovary, the left tube was not seen as it was enveloped in one big adhesion sticking it to the left side of the uterus. My uterine wall was also found to be too thin to carry a pregnancy. The doctor said he was worried that my uterus would rupture if I fell pregnant (thru IVF, normal pregnancy not possible as tubes were blocked). We were devastated. He wanted to make sure though and asked me to come 6 weeks after the lap. I took red raspberry leaves, bee propolis and fish oil during this 6 weeks and when I went for my post-op check up, the doctor found my uterine lining had healed and had a normal thickness! So now we can go for IVF. I want to make it a success so I researched on endo and IVF. I’ve found out that many with endo have failed IVF as Endo makes our pelvic cavity toxic and our immune system which is usually in over drive usually prevents implantation thinking it is a foreign body. So our NK cell activity have to be blocked first to make implantation a success. I didn’t come across any clinic in Oklahoma where I live that does it but found one in Dallas. The doctor over there said that even if your tubes are open, when you have an underlying condition like endometriosis, they lose their normal functionality. So if you have stage 4 endo like me, it is always better to try IVF as soon as possible. Since I have a hydrosalpinx I decided to have a tubal ligation done before IVF and my doctor is going to remove both tubes as he feels they may continue to fill up and cause me pain. Amazingly I don’t have any pain but I’m going ahead with the doctor’s recommendation as I don’t want the tubes suddenly opening up in the midst of a pregnancy and infect my uterus. I know that serrapeptase could help in unblocking the tubes, but I did take them previously and they still got blocked. Now I don’t want to waste any more time because I’m already 38 and my biological clock is ticking fast. The doctor in Dallas who is doing my IVF has me on birth control pills as I have a history of ruptured cysts. But boy, they do make me feel so crappy I guess because of their estrogen content. Julie, I really would love it if you could give me some suggestions to keep a flaring up of estrogens, especially since I have to take BCPs until February when my IVF is scheduled and would highly appreciate it if you could also give me some suggestions to make the IVF a success. Thank you so much.

  11. Summaya says:


    I needed some clarification on point no 2 about l- cartinine. i also have endometriosis. For which im struggling to manage. The other frustrating thing in my life is my hair which has thinned and fallen out over the past 10years. I’ve bought hair supplements called trx2 out of desperation. The main ingredient in this supplement is l -cartinine tartrate (800mg). For 3months supply its cost me(£123). Anywa after reading your statement on how l cartanine increases oestrogen has made me so worried. Please could you advise me. Are these 2 amino l- cartanine and l-cartanine tartrate the same. All help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  12. MOTTO says:

    Hello. Could you let me know how many grams of spirulinas did your mom take everyday? I’ve bought Earthrise’ but not sure how many grams I should take per day. Thank you!

  13. Flavia says:

    Índole 3 Carbinol helped you to get pregnant? Or it is not recomended if I eanna get pregnant? Thank you

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