Endometriosis, Estrogen and Hair Loss Relation

It all clicks to me now. After college is when everything about my period went downhill. Before college, I didn’t feel any pain when my period came. After college, year after year, things started getting worse and it was due to endometriosis and probably my growing endometrioma at the time! I just didn’t know what I had and everyone says a little pain is normal. Anyway, this post is not about my pain experiences. Back to hair loss…

What I’ve noticed though since college, I’ve been losing more and more hair and yes, that could be stress induced by first job out of college since I was working like crazy in a high stress job of mergers and acquisitions consulting. However, now it all clicks to me. It’s my high estrogen causing everything!

I did some research and found that although male “androgens” are in charge of male pattern baldness, etc. It’s down the line of the hormone transition. It’s estrogen that causes excess androgen which then causes hair loss!

Although most women don’t lose their hair during their pregnancy, I still did because my body has just more estrogen than normal women thus the change in diet. In addition, some women get breakout in acne during pregnancy but I had perfect skin because now I’m finally balanced on my hormones (thanks to pregnancy hormones) while some women start to get hormone imbalance during pregnancy because they were perfectly balanced before. Do I make sense? So for them, no hair loss but for me becomes normal hair loss.

After pregnancy, since I pump/breastfeed, I still have some of those great hormones but now that my baby is slowing reaching that 6 month mark and my milk production is going down, I can see my estrogen starting to crawl back up again. Back to that strict strict diet! I wasn’t strict on the diet when pregnant because baby needs it plus your endo stops growing during pregnancy. In addition, when breastfeeding, you still have the hormones to protect you from endo. However, now that my pregnancy is over and breastfeeding is coming to a slow down, I will go back to my diet. My hair is also starting to fall out again more and more! Crazy how your body tells you that you can’t cheat it. Even if you want to cheat yourself mentally, your body tells you otherwise.

Next time ask yourself if you’ve ever felt like you had more hair as a teenager and it all went downhill from there?

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