Meat and Endometriosis (Beef, Chicken, Pork, and the other good stuff…)

One of the things I had to give up and “hated” giving up after I was diagnosed with endometriomas on my ovaries was “meat.” I loved beef, chicken and pork. I also loved fatty meat since I’m Chinese and pork belly is actually a delicacy when cooked right. Who doesn’t love Korean BBQ or that nice plate of juicy medium rare aged 45+ days prime rib eye steak? Just typing it makes my mouth water.

Here’s the scoop though. Estrogen estrogen estrogen! A study published by American Society of Clinical Oncology in 2010 showed that estrogen levels in beef and chickens had high levels of estrogen. Lean and fatty meat were tested differently and it showed that fatty meat had higher levels of estrogen. Leaner meat was better than fatty meats but both contained estrogen. I searched and it showed that the US prevents chickens from being hormone injected so why do chickens still have high levels of estrogen? Some soy protein and animal feeds may contain estrogen generators in chicken (just like us when we eat tofu and estrogen like foods, we retain estrogen in our bodies). We are what we eat and so are the chickens. They eat estrogen, we eat estrogen. That solved my question. As for beef, we all know that beef still has hormones that aren’t prevented by the US so beef is definitely a “no” for the endometriosis diet.

What’s interesting is this. They tested Japanese beef and Brazilian chicken muscle meat and they had nearly “ZERO” traces of estrogen. It was “lower” than estrogen found in Japanese women! For the most of us, unfortunately we’re not in Japan or Brazil so it’s better to stay away from red meats.

Ladies, hate to bring this up but studies also show birth control pills had higher levels of estrogen than any of the meats stated above. Prolong uses of birth control pills may make your endo worse. It really stinks to have to find other methods of birth control pills if you don’t plan on getting pregnant but it beats being in pain right?

So please refer to my post on the endo diet and my other posts on the foods to eat and not eat. Fish fish fish! Not only is it good protein but also great after you get pregnant to get that smart smart baby!

By the way, the trick to start eating these red meats again is when you’re pregnant as your body quickly stops producing a lot of the endo producing hormones. But please go back to the endo diet right after you stop breastfeeding! After delivery my baby, I’m easing back into my endo diet again. Preparing for baby 2 next year. Knock on wood!

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6 Responses to Meat and Endometriosis (Beef, Chicken, Pork, and the other good stuff…)

  1. Dara says:

    I just had a juicy piece of ribeye steak.. I know I’m not supposed to eat meat but I hardly ever eat meat anyway, eat fish more often.. Once a while it should be ok, right? Just say yes :’)…

    • hoghugs says:

      Once a while… meaning once every month? is ok! yes…I would think so. Don’t go too lax though. It’s like people who diet to lose weight. The instant they let themselves go, it’s hard to get back on track. Once in a while though, rewarding yourself is ok! I would not lose sleep over it.

  2. Abby says:

    Great website! Just wanted to chime in. In my experience, animal meat, especially “red meat” is very crucial to proper fertility (and good health in general). Everything you said about conventionally grown beef and chicken in the US is correct, but there are some alternatives available. Wild game is one of them. Commercially, there are sources of organic, grass-fed beef here, raised by farmers who give NO hormones. And since grass-fed cows are eating their native diet of grass and not corn or soy, then this type of beef should not cause inflammation that can also make endo worse. Chicken not fed corn or soy is much harder to find, unfortunately.

  3. since i have gone meat free and taking supplement such as spirluna .my period has become extremely cramps no pms or ovulation pain.. however i am really worried about this scanty period but super happy that i have been pain has been one year since i have had pains did surgery to remove endometrioma only to have it return but change of diet and supplement improved the pain. so has anyone experienced scanty periods????

  4. Lina says:

    In another post you recommended organic meats. Does this override that post? Do you have recommendations as to how to find good meat? Before I moved I bought some local, grass-fed beef straight from a farmer who delivered it to me. Is that something that might work if I can find another place like that here?

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