Endometriomas and Endometriosis After Pregnancy

Sorry I haven’t written in so long. I’ve been busy having a baby! My baby girl was born in May at 7 pounds 3 ounces and she was perfect. When she came out, she was so clean with no blood on her body and two wipes and she was all clean and on my chest. Her skin was so perfect the doctor even complimented her. It must be all the fresh juices I drank when I was pregnant!

I had 2 ultrasounds that looked at my endometriomas during my pregnancy. They were not able to see anything on my right side anymore which is weird. It could have been due to the baby and my left one was only half the size it was before. For those out there that say you cannot shrink those endo’s, you’re wrong. I did it with diet, enzymes, and getting pregnant!

I will keep up with this diet after breastfeeding is over but even during breastfeeding, I’m still eating mostly my endo diet with the juices. I took off serrapeptase and nattokinase during breast feeding because studies don’t show enough on their effects while breast feeding. There is a study that shows it reduces breast engorgement, which probably means it’ll decrease my milk supply so I’ll stay away for now until I’m done breast feeding.

Ladies, there’s hope. Keep up the work and you’ll be paid with big rewards. Lay off the surgery for now?

Someone asked for the “brand” of serrapeptase and nattokinase. I purchased Enerex and AOP. Again, I don’t think the brand matters as long as it’s from a legitimate company and not some gimicky place.

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