What to Do When Baby Kicks You in the Ribs During Pregnancy

Week 16 was when I felt tiny flutters in my stomach and find my baby is so cute and I can finally connect with her. I thought every flutter was so precious. I savored every time I felt her.

Week 20 I started feeling more flutters and the occasional bump out of my tummy.

Week 25 I cherished every kick and enjoyed her movements.

Week 30 I started playing with her as she kicked out, I would respond with a light touch. In the morning when she gave me kicks and turns, I said “good morning my little one.”

Week 37 (now) I swear she’s doing karate in there and trying to break her mother somehow. She’s saying, “I’d like to come out now because I’m stuck in here and very uncomfortable.” Sometimes I think she’s trying to swim butterfly style in there and extending her feet into my rib cage with a kick on the end into my liver and waking me up at night. Other times she’s trying to engage and sticking her head down into my lower pelvic area and wiggle out of my body only to find out my cervix is still closed!

This causes: my need to urinate every 30 – 1 hour in the night only to find that I have maybe 5 drops of pee. All you pregnant women out there: does this sound familiar?

I can bear with anything but the rib kicking. As she’s getting bigger, I constantly feel (about 90% of my day and night) that her feet is stuck in my ribs. It makes me want to hurl and she’s probably not comfortable (or is she?). Maybe she likes the feeling of finally being able to kick something concrete and hard instead of the other soft organs inside, who knows? Anyway, as I’m driving today through the drive through ATM, I got the worst kick and dig of all in the right rib cage and I think my liver as well. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I took my four fingers of my right hand, put it right where the breast meets the belly along the rib cage and “slowly” and “gently” pressed down like a smooth massaging action. I repeated this 10 times and she “slowly” lifted her little feet and I felt her butt move from the right side to the left side of my belly button. I know exactly where all her parts were because we went through an ultrasound and I made sure I asked what part was where!

I find that if my movement on her was fast, she would respond playfully and kick me back even more forceful like she thinks I’d like to play with her. However, if I do a slow massaging action, she slowly moves it away. I felt like this was connection or maybe it’s all up in my head.

Same thing when we sleep and she’s going “crazy” in there. Pregnant women would all know what I’m talking about at 37 weeks and a few days pregnant in the third trimester, right? Just a few gentle rubs and they calm down… sometimes.

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