Haematopathology Test Week 24 of Pregnancy

I finally got the formal report back from my 1 hour glucose instead of the verbal dialogue they gave me and found out they also did some blood tests to my surprise! At first I was wondering why the doctor never went through this blood test with me since there were several questions I had on it while looking on the figures I was high and low.

I was high in White Blood Cell Count, low in Haemoglobin, Haematocrit, Red Blood Cell. See below:

So the low areas are give sort of the same story that I’ve had since first trimester: I was slightly anemic and lacked iron. I knew this before and the problem is still there. It’s due to pregnancy.

However, why did I have low white blood cell count? White blood cell count happens when you have an infection, trauma, stress, allergy, tissue damage from burns, etc. It’s all the bad stuff. I instantly got worried. The OB never mentioned I had an infection which was the most likely cause and I haven’t gotten a cold at that time so I was worried. I wasn’t sure if the 2.3 I was over was really high or slightly high, etc. So I looked into this and found that white blood cell comes in different forms and that’s where the automated differential section on the bottom gave more information. I was high in neutrophil.

It is normal for neutrophil to be increasing your normal white blood cell counts during “pregnancy” from 7-15  X 10^9/L.

I hope this helps! Of course, it could also have been an infection I was fighting off (like allergies) or not getting enough fluids or the stress of flying on an airplane 3 days before. Everyone should ask their doctors to make sure it’s nothing more serious. It’s a common thing I think some women ignore or ob deem not important but it’s ultimately “you” who takes care of yourself and you should take a note of your blood reports in case your ob missed something (since they’re all so busy).

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