Burping During Pregnancy: First, Second, and Third Trimester Nightmares…

Some people get burping during pregnancy in the first trimester, some in the second, and some in the third. Burping for me was a natural reaction in the first trimester. It had different effects on different days for me. What does this mean?

Well, since week 8, I couldn’t stop myself from burping! I had mostly veggies and healthy foods (no beans) and still burped like crazy. I thought it was the most horrible thing that happened to me. I mean, how can I go out to lunch with friends or others if I’m constantly burping in their faces?! I remember telling my husband that it’s not a good idea for me to go out with his coworkers since I can’t say I’m pregnant yet (since we decided not to tell until after genetic testing) and two, they’ll think I’m just rude for burping and probably think I’ve gained some weight. Anyway, it was not a magical moment for a woman at week 8. Then in week 10, I started an “inability” to burp.

The one thing you hated during the last two weeks you now WANT back! When I couldn’t burp, I felt like there was something caught in my throat towards my back, pressing on my lungs, and making me lose my breathe all the time. I was having trouble actually breathing after meals because I couldn’t burp! Then I wanted my husband to pat my back like baby until the burp came out. Later I found out from my superstitious mother that patting the back was forbidden in the Chinese culture because they say the vibrations from the patting could dislocate the baby if the baby isn’t grasped on too strongly. Not knowing what best to do after that, I just started pounding my own chest like King Kong to get the burps out. Can you imagine a woman, who’s just gained a few pounds, not looking her best, pounding her own chest? Yah, really attractive!

This went all through the beginning and end of my second trimester. Now that I’m in my third trimester, I am again feeling a need to burp since my baby is growing so fast, she’s really pushing up into my stomach and lungs and such. This narrows my breathing room and any “tiny” little bloating makes me feel as though my tummy is about to burst kind of like a balloon stretched so far, it pops. Burping in this aspect really helps.

How did I help myself burp this time? Pounding like King Kong no longer works. Since the baby is big and hanging on tight now, I have my husband pat my back but it no longer works! Can you feel my pain? Although my mom (again with the Chinese traditions) says no cold and icy drinks or your baby can’t stand the change in temperatures and may catch a cold, I ignored this and said if I don’t feel better now, I may stop breathing which is no good for me nor the baby.

My solution: Perrier. Sparkling water that’s naturally carbonated from France. Life savor. I no longer cared about my image now that I’m in my third trimester, big tummy, and with a penguin wobble when I walk. What’s burping added on? Not much right? So I now drink perrier with my meals and man, does it feel good to burp!

Many articles out there says that carbonated drinks don’t actually help you let out the air inside but literally it’s just the carbonation itself but I beg to differ! Without Perrier, I feel much much worse. I do feel that the burps from within “do” come out along with the carbonation. I’m not sure if it works on other carbonated drinks but I chose Perrier because it has “natural” carbonation from the springs. It’s the ONLY brand that doesn’t lose carbonation after an ENTIRE day without the cap on! It’s quite amazing actually. It says on the bottle that the carbonation is naturally from the springs in France. I thought this was pretty cool.

Expensive? Maybe a little for water but it’s definitely worth it. To me, it’s better than eating Tums or Rolaid, which is like medicine and who knows what effect that has on the baby. I’d rather drink natural bubbly water. I’m getting water, a soft drink, and my burping machine all in one. Win win right? Oh, and sometimes I drink it at room temperature when I feel guilty about the whole “cold” drinks thing.

To summarize, in order to help you burp, try the following:

  • First Trimester: pound yourself in the chest lightly like King Kong OR drink Perrier water
  • Second Trimester:  have someone pat your back OR drink Perrier water
  • Third Trimester: drink Perrier water

Kind of sounds like Perrier water is pretty good? I should have known this from the beginning!

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2 Responses to Burping During Pregnancy: First, Second, and Third Trimester Nightmares…

  1. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for

  2. nora says:

    thank you that was relieving, ladies try ginger ale as well it suites me very well

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