Gestational Diabetes Oral Glucose Tolerance Test – Why it’s not reliable!

My journey with testing for diabetes started in Week 24 of my pregnancy where they told me to do a 1 hour glucose test. There, I had to take 50mg of an orange soda like drink. However, they had me do the test at 3:30 in the afternoon! I didn’t eat the entire morning and was starving by the time they gave me the drink.

Results? I was on borderline diabetes. Shocked at the result, I did some research. First, this one hour test is HIGHLY unreliable. First they say fasting will make results more accurate but who is as crazy as me and starving myself with a baby in my tummy until 3:30 just to get 50mg of sugar water and not eat until literally 5pm that day??? The thing is… fasting doesn’t make it more reliable. It depends on the time of day. If it’s in the morning when you just wake up, yes, maybe it’s more reliable. However, booking a pregnant woman in the afternoon is not ideal. There’s a thing called “starvation diabetes.”

Starvation diabetes is your body’s response to shock of deprivation of sugar! It can occur from fasting and is different for every individual. You could take up to 6 hours for you to return back to normal blood sugar levels. It doesn’t mean you have diabetes. It just means your body was under shock and of course at the first onset of sugar after fasting, it’s not processing sugar correctly.

This also means if you’ve been eating on a blotchy pattern days prior to your test, you’ll get an inaccurate test. A good test would be taken after 3 days of accurate eating with balanced carbohydrates and proteins at every meal and requiring you not to starve yourself.

Can you tell me which pregnant women actually do this?

Therefore, the false positives of this test is substantial!

The three hour glucose challenge is the same thing except they have you drink double the sugar and monitor your blood sugar level each hour for 3 hours. They first take your blood prior to the drink, then after one hour, two hours, and last hour. I’ve included the drink I had at the doctor’s below. It should be pretty standard… a non carbonated fake orange soda.

Results of my 1 hour was 7.1 and 7 was the target level. It was borderline.

Results of my 3 hour done in my 28th week:

  1. Fasting:4.5 , Target: 5.3
  2. 1 Hour: 9.3, Target: 10
  3. 2 Hour: 7.9, Target: 8.6
  4. 3 Hour: 7.1 , Target: 7.8

If two of the 4 values are over target, then you’re diagnosed with gestational diabetes. For some stricter places, if only one is higher, then they say you have it. I just wanted to remind the women out there that if you’re tested positive, don’t panic. You may not have diabetes. The test could be wrong. Take the A1C test as well. It’s a diabetes test that averages out your blood sugar levels for the last 3 months. If that is also high, get the blood sugar monitor One Touch (they’re the best since you bleed the least) and monitor your blood sugar daily. If it’s consistent and good, then you’re 3 hour test was bogus.

For your one hour, book it as early as possible and don’t eat anything after 12 pm the night prior. For your 3 hour, book it in the morning for sure and you have to fast at least 8 hours prior to the test. Again, don’t eat after midnight. Try to eat a balanced diet for 3 days prior to your tests and if you don’t, that’s fine too. You may turn out just fine. It’s just a hassle doing the 3 hour since you have to sit there and not move for the entire morning. They won’t even let you go out and walk around. No water for 3 hours or anything else orally. You have to sit there and maybe read a magazine or watch TV. Really annoying to do the tests so I would have preferred to pass the test the first time instead of being “borderline.”

Hope you guys have better luck than me!


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2 Responses to Gestational Diabetes Oral Glucose Tolerance Test – Why it’s not reliable!

  1. Actually, you don’t have to take the gtt at all. Yes it is important to know whether you have GD or not, but shoving a ton of fake sugary madness in your body and fasting is never ever a healthy or decent option, but particularly while pregnant. Tell your Dr you will submit to an A1C test or monitor sugars with a monitor for 2 weeks instead. Skip the gtt altogether and avoid false positives and subsequently being labeled as high risk and forced inductions and unnecessary csection due to a combination of the highly innacurate gtt and equally unreliable sizing ultrasounds. The GTT is the first in a line of many interventions that set a lot of innocent women up for increased risk of more dangerous interventions leading up to the birth of their child and you have a right to avoid it entirely and opt for more reliable a d safe options. 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    To make the diagnosis of gestational diabetes is very important because it has several undesirable effects for the baby during pregnancy and after pregnancy for the mother, for this reason there have been many studies on criteria to diagnose this disease consequences. Do not minimize test glucose tolerance test because it is the standard for the diagnosis. The American Society of diabetes has already established specific criteria using the glucose tolerance test with 75 grams of glucose and Hb A1C is not included among these criteria.
    for more information you can visit the following website:

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