Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, and Endometriosis

My journey to pregnancy has been documented in this blog with everything that I’ve tried and I’ve promised to provide more information on how I got pregnant, etc. One of the main lessons I’ve learned is that your body is doing something because you did something “to” it. I come from a family where my mom’s cancer was cured with diet. She was in a bad state where the doctor sent her home basically to “die” and we changed her diet and instead saved her life and for the last 20 years, she’s been super healthy. Cancer evolves from bad cells growing all over your body thereby creating tumors. It could have started from fibrin and other matters but most of all, it’s related to your diet.

With all the processed food we have today, it’s no wonder our bodies are telling us to watch out. It’s a sign. All fried, processed foods gives you chemicals that your body finds hard to process and thereby shutting down because it’s too tired. It’s like a car. If you drive it too long and not change the oil, other things will start failing. Your body is the same. You need to fuel it with what it wants.

For endometriosis and endometrioma, I admit I’ve been a horrible eater all my life up until I found out I had endo and I immediate changed my diet 360 for the last 2.5 years. Some people may say it’s “too” hard to follow a strict diet, etc. but when your eternal happiness of having a baby is on the line or when your “life” (as in my mother’s case) is on the line, do you really want to eat another bite of that chemically processed food? Is it really worth losing your baby or life to it? Food is in essence, just a fuel for us to go about every day to enjoy our surroundings and family more isn’t it? When I think about it that way, there isn’t anything I can’t give up.

I stumbled upon Serrapeptase in late June. My hobby in the last two years has been finding new healthy foods that help with fertility and shrink my endometrioma. I was looking for natural products that can dissolve blood clots. Afterall, my endometrioma were “blood clots.” All the research has shown that Serrapeptase helps patients with stroke but not very many mentioned it with anything else. Their top selling point is really getting rid of blood clots and stroke patients. However, I searched some more and found that of the few women that did take it for fibroids and endometriosis, their menstrual pains went away and some as quickly as the month in which they took it. This was very interesting to me.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme. We all know our bodies need multiple enzymes to break down items we eat and transfer them into useful molecules for our body. Therefore, anything to do with enzymes, I’m in for. We also used multiple enzymes during my mom’s cancer treatment so already I have a positive outlook towards this supplement. Serrapeptase is a natural occurring enzyme in silkworm intestine. Sounds crazy I know but hey, if it has no side effects, I’m happy to be the guinea pig. There I was ordering it right away for expedited delivery. I started taking 3 times the dosage the first week of July 2011. For treatment purposes, I opted to take 3 times the dosage as many women were doing the same for their period pains. Anything for period pains right? As in my situation, I wanted to get pregnant and if period pains go away, hurray!

Nattokinase was another enzyme that was mentioned with Serrapeptase. Every been to a Japanese restaurant and ordered a sticky brown bean like dish called Natto? Or have you seen that very old episode of America’s Next Top Model where their task was to eat Natto with model – like nature and say “yummy” for a commercial? Well, this is extracted from Natto! This amazing supplement also helps to dissolve fibrin. What is fibrin related to? Endometriosis. Those sticky things that get your bowels stuck to your uterus stuck to your ovaries and everything else is… fibrin. If this can help dissolve it, why not give it a try? Again, I tripled the dosage. Started eating this the same time as Serrapeptase. Which one did the job? No idea but does it matter? None of these two items have a side effect. What’s the harm?

Mid September 2011, I found out I was pregnant. I admit I have been on a strict diet for about 2 years prior to being pregnant and also started with new ingredients in my juices, etc. so everything could have an effect. However, I do say that Serrapeptase and Nattokinase definitely did not hurt! Along with my Chinese herbs I was taking, I think my body was finally taking a good turn of events and responding to my treatment.

Why not give it a try? It also works on fibroids. I cannot recommend which brand is better. That part you’ll have to do your research. I bought mine in Canada at the time since I was there but the United States has more options which I didn’t look into. Why not give it a try and let me know how you feel and your results? For women who “aren’t” trying to get pregnant. Can you imagine a period without pains? What’s the harm in trying? I spent about $90-$100 for the two bottles combined. To me, this is a LOT more worth it than trying to do surgery and getting back those endo’s the next month or going through the pain again or even risk getting ovaries removed! Ladies, let’s admit it, we need our ovaries! They’re actually healthy for us to keep to regular hormones, etc.

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174 Responses to Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, and Endometriosis

  1. Taiko says:

    Hi there,
    Nice and informative reading.
    I have one question, though. My wife started to take serrapeptease one month ago and looks like we are late with menstruation (14) days. No pain, no cramps, no special feelings, little bit more hungry. Did you experienced anything similar with serrapeptease? Can maybe serrapetpease delay the period, or should we thing about a newcomer? 😀 We would vote for option 2 of course 😀 as we are trying…..


    • hoghugs says:

      Hi Taiko!

      Late menstruation could be caused by many things and one of them is definitely pregnancy. Did you take a pregnancy yet? Serrapeptase should not delay her period. Delays in period could be caused by stressed that delays ovulation that month. Let us know if she’s pregnant! Baby dust to you!

  2. Angie says:

    Hi, thanks for the info

    I just started taking both serrapeptase and nattokinase for my endo problem….. should we take both before food or after food? I checked the internet and some suggest taking serrapeptase at least 90 minutes before food and nattokinase after food.. since you have been taking both regularly……. should i take both before or after food……and should i continue taking it when i conceive and during pregnancy?

    Appreciate your reply on this.

    Many thks


  3. Angie says:


    I need to have my coffee every morning……..saw the internet that taking caffeine can cause cysts and worsen the endo problems?

    Any thoughts on this?

    Many thanks

    • Diana says:

      Angie – I have to chime in on the coffee issue. I had my first lap last year and the doctor said I had “ugly, ugly endometriosis.” He tried to put me on continuous birth control so I wouldn’t have a period again, ever, but I stopped taking it a few months later as it didn’t work. I started taking Fibrovan (very pure form of natto) and it helped a lot. I cut caffeine for several months, but I fell off the wagon about 2 months ago. I can say 100% that my endo is back with a vengeance, and I feel a new (huge) endometrioma back on my left ovary with pain in the other side. If you do anything, quit caffeine. Endo is believed to be caused by estrogen dominance, and one cup of caffeine can increase estradiol by 50%.

      • hoghugs says:

        Thanks Diana for your story! Yes, caffeine is terrible. I also feel that in the past when I had caffeine when I was on my period made pain worse. I’ve been coffee free for over 5 years now. I enjoy NOT being on coffee and find that I’m more energetic without coffee.

  4. hoghugs says:

    Hi Angie,

    I usually take serrapeptase on an empty stomach and nattokinase with or without food. Therefore, I take them together when I am on an empty stomach. I’m not so strict as to “90” minutes because sometimes you can’t time when you’re eating so I’d say mid morning or mid afternoon. After your pregnant, stop taking both as there’s rarely any research about what it does to baby. Although it should be safe, we want to be on the safe side. About coffee… please avoid it. Really bad for endo as well as baby when the baby comes! Better to train yourself now to only have an occasional coffee once a week or less. I know it’s hard! But it’ll be good for you!

  5. Cindy says:

    Nattokinase is extracted from soybeans. I read that soy is bad for endo. Is there a component that is taken out of the soybean for Nattokinase that is not harmful for endo? Thanks!

    • hoghugs says:

      Yes, nattokinase takes the estrogen component out which harms during endo. It combats endo. Estrogen is what we strive to avoid. Sorry for the late reply but I gave birth on 5/14! Still recovering. Had a vaginal birth and a perfect baby!

  6. Mattsbaby337 says:

    First off Congrats on the new sweet baby! I am taking fertilaid and doing the fertilteas with the CM pills and my “Father in Waiting” is taking the male supplements as well. I am very interested about this thank you so much for the insight! I have a hard time just remembering to take the pills. I have started to change my diet. I need to quit my many bad habits that I have been set into as an adult with no children. At the age of 27 I feel I may be to far gone in my spoiled ways I may just not want children. Reason being why I am trying very hard to do anything to treat what a doctor of mine seems to think he could fix without my permission on my first lap to remove a cyst only! He tore my insides apart said my endocrinologist who ended up removing my ovary and tube from my kidneys (the one he “removed with lasers”) Well any how I hope that you recover quickly and keep up the fight to end Endo!

  7. Reena says:

    My names reena and I am 23 years old and I was diagnosed with Endo at 16. I’m in pain every month and it’s unbearable it interferes with my life to no end not only am I terrified I’m infertile but I don’t want to lose my new job I’ve looked all over and have done the surgery but Im miserable every month so in conclusion to my story I was wondering if this would help with pain I’m not worried about children I just want to be able to live like a 23 year old should and I can’t. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • angie says:

      Hi reena. I know how u feel. Been there. I suggest you tat serrapeptase n natokinase tablet together both twice a day….mornings on an empty stomach n mid afternoons. It helps a lot! This is my second month taking both the tablets and i can see lots of changes. By God’s grace this is a miracle….do try both the tablets….you will feel the difference…
      The pain is almost gone….

  8. Li says:

    Hi all,
    Which brand did you guys all use? There are so many. Thanks!


    • hoghugs says:

      The brand is not important I don’t think. Just buy from a legitimate company. 

      • Li says:

        Thanks for answering! I ended up getting Doctor’s Best. I was curious how much you took of serrapeptase and nattokinase. I’m taking 2 pills of serrapeptase in the morning, (80,000 U) and two more in the afternoon. But can you take the two together? How much did you take of each?

        Also, I’ve heard quercetin and also Nature’s Way’s Dim Plus as additional good supplements. Have you had them before and is it okay to just take them all at once?

        Thanks for sharing your story! You’re helping people more than you know. =) And congrats on the baby.

      • hoghugs says:

        I took them together but 3-4 times a day for the first 2 weeks and then I took them 2 times a day together. I took them on empty stomach so that’s why sometimes if I forget and eat then I would miss a dose. Its not rocket science so don’t worry if you miss a dose here and there. I took more in the beginning because I read somewhere that it cleanses and jump starts the treatment. High dose to treat and low dose to maintain. I’m glad I can help. I was so lost! Took me forever to find answers. 

      • hoghugs says:

        By the way, I have not tried the other stuff you mentioned and my iu is 120,000 so slightly higher …

  9. Joanna says:

    Hi there-

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. Could you tell more about your strict diet? Also, what ingredients did you add to your juices?

    Thank you for your help.

  10. Cherin says:

    Hi hoghugs,
    Thanks so much for sharing your information and tips. I was diagnosed with Endo in May. I am wondering what dietary changes you made?
    Peace and Blessings,

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi cherin, search in for endometriosis diet or simply go into the health section. The entire website is dedicated to endo so feel free to peruse the site! 

  11. Irene says:

    Hi Hoghugs:
    I found your website few days ago and you brought me lots of hope, I was diagnosed with endo 4 after exploratory lap and they found endometriomas also, I was devastated, I left every treatment until few weeks ago that I decided to go back to a new doctor who said that the endometriomas came back and I have to have another lap to clean my insides and eliminate the endometriomas. I don’t really want to have another surgery to be hones and now that I found your website I will start with my endo diet and the juices that look so apeticing. I started taking coconut oil and turmeric on hot tea. Questions for you: do you use a blender or a juicer to make your juices? and what kind of endo dis you have? I have also low platelets level, should I try Nattokinase and serrapeptease? what kid of chinese herbs dis you try?.
    Congrats for your baby, hopefully I will have mine also with endo and endometriomas 🙂

    • hoghugs says:

      I used both blender and juicer. Blender when I want to feel fuller and fiber and I juiced when I wanted a refreshing drink with my meal. 

    • hoghugs says:

      Forgot to mention you should definitely try nattokinase and serrapeptase. I have low platelet level too. The chinese herbs are too hard to get. You have to be in taiwan. Skip those and change your diet first. I really hate doctors who just want to cut you open. They don’t understand the concept of the root of the problem. 

      • Sa says:

        Dear hoghugs,

        Are you from Taiwan? I’m very surprised that you mentioned Taiwan! (Yes, I am from Taiwan.)

        Btw, I got so much useful information from your website. Thank you!!

  12. dana says:

    Unfortunately I suffer from endometriosis too, with adhesions on the fallopian tube. My Dr. told me that I can not have children, that I can not get pregnant. It was very hard for me to hear this especially because I want a baby.
    What I want to ask you is – you had blocked fallopian tube also?


    • hoghugs says:

      I didn’t have blocked fallopian tube. Try nattokinase and serrapeptase. It may clear your adhesions! They are all natural products. Can’t hurt right? If they clear your adhesions, you won’t have blocked tubes anymore! Read my other posts on how I changed my diet and change your diet. 

  13. Angie says:

    My husband found your site the other day after I spotted in week 7 of my pregnancy (IVF). I have severe endometriosis and cysts. I have had a laproscopy and been perscribed pain medications, but nothing to treat the condition, just the symptoms. This has been the most helpful site-thank you. Is there a book you can recommend that has more information on diets and natural ways to treat endometriosis?

    • hoghugs says:

      There really isn’t a book but I am thinking of writing one because it is super important. I wrote guidelines on what I ate on the site. I think if you read all my posts under treatment and health, you will know exactly what to do. I will try and post more ideas on food in the future. 

  14. seronajo says:

    I really appreciate your site…Thank you so much for sharing the information it’s a great help for endo sufferers…I am taking a spirulina tablet for my chocolate cyst..Do you think spirulina can help to shrink the cyst? And where you can buy the serrapeptase and nattokinase if you are live in the Philippines…

    • hoghugs says:

      Spirulina is one of the BEST things you can take! It not only helps shrink your cyst, it can also prevent you from getting cancer. I’m not sure where you can get serrapeptase and nattokinase in Philippines but you should search at vitamin shops or pharmacies or do you guys have online shopping? The worst that can happen is you can end up buying a whole bunch from and ship it over to the Phillipines.

  15. Femnes says:

    Hi, I’m 37 and was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis in 2002. I’ve had a laparoscopy, exploratory laparatomy and a surgery to remove a uterine adhesion since then. They found that I had extensive endo in the pouch of doughlas, adenomyosis, and adhesions in the pelvic area. Fortunately both tubes are open and mobile. All specialist REs I consulted were very much direct with me and told me that given the extensive condition of endo, adhesions and the pelvis structure disorders, I’d have difficulty conceiving. I found another RE who held a positive outlook and encouraged me, so I still held on to my hopes of becoming a mother. I stopped all hormone drugs and turned to natural endo friendly living. Starting November last year, I gradually eliminated all dairy, wheat and sugar from my diet, started on vitamins, suppliments (pycnogenol, maca and vitex), green juices, whole grains (red rice) and vegetables, eliminated all paraben products at home and fixed a faucet and shower filter at home. I went for physiotherapy for a while too. Despite all this, I had horrible periods this month with excruciating pain going on for 8 days after a very heavy bout of periods stopped. Yesterday at the doctors, they did a US and found a 2.5 inch fibroid inside as well as another cyst/endometrioma on the left ovary! The doctor was very negative this time and said whatever I tried my chances are very slim. I felt devastated! I came upon Serrapeptase last week and bought a bottle from Enzymedica (Serragold). I wasn’t aware of Nattokinase. You mention that you took three times the dosage when you started. What IS the dosage and what IS three times the dosage? I’d like to start on the dosage you did or more because my condition is extensive and I’d like to get my normal life back! I was so grateful to see this blog. May God bless you for all the information you share.

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi, Femnes! I hear you! Serrapeptase, I took 120,000 U twice a day on empty stomach. One in the morning and one in the evening. Nattokinase 20,000 FU/g with 38mg serving per capsule. I took 2 capsules 3 times a day. Here’s some more stuff I took that I think is pretty important and I’ll be blogging about these in a little while. Indole-3-Carbinol 200mg 1 capsule 2 times a day. Acetyl L Carnitine, 500mg, 2 capsules twice a day. Try it for 1 month. If you start getting light headed, decrease your serrapeptase to once a day and natto to 1 capsule 3 times a day. After a month, if you could please tell us how you feel!!! I would like to know how your periods become!

      • Jane says:

        Hi- I took Serrapeptase and Nattokinase for 1 month and I don’t have a period. It is now 39 days. I am not pregnant. 100% sure. Do you know whether Serr. and Natt. might affect a period in such a way? I stopped taking both of them now as I want my period back. Thank you

      • hoghugs says:

        Hi Jane,

        I don’t think it affects your period at all. What could have been happening to you before is that you were not getting a real period. Sometimes women bleed monthly but they’re not releasing an egg. This is also due to endo. It makes you think you have a regular period when you didn’t ovulate. Also, it could be your body adjusting itself and healing itself. I once had a period come 2 weeks late (and I’m usually really regular at 28 days) and that was due to sleep pattern and stress. It could be a variety of things but serrapeptase and nattokinase should not affect your period. Do you have endo?

      • Jane says:

        Hi there,
        Thank you for your answer. Yes, I do have endo, however, I have always had period before I started to take Serr. and Natt.

      • hoghugs says:

        Did your period come yet? I’ve always had a regular period too but once every year I get one that’s off due to external factors. I also found that when I started vitamin B6 my period was a bit off for a month and then it went back to normal. It’s probably your body’s way of adjusting and healing. Please don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t give up on the serrapeptase and nattokinase yet. When your period comes this time, see if there’s any difference. Also, have you been taking large doses of the supplements? Maybe you can start taking normal doses recommended on the bottle instead of upping the dose. Your body may be reacting faster than other women (which is a good thing). The other thing I mentioned was what the fertility expert told me. They said many women think they have a period every month but they actually didn’t even ovulate. Endo could make you bleed monthly and regularly! However, because you bled, you didn’t know that it wasn’t a real period (you didn’t ovulate and release any eggs). A way to check whether you ovulated during the month is to start checking with ovulation sticks. I recommend the clearblue. I have posted for that as well of why I think it’s easy and accurate. Please let us know what happens!
        Take care!

        Much love,

      • Femnes says:

        Thank you! I will try them starting now (as soon as I receive them) and will let you know how it goes. I’m deeply grateful to you for all the information!

      • Deborah says:

        Hello, Hope this message finds you well. I know this is an old post but I hope you check comments. I have tried finding nattokinase 20000 fu/g with 38 mg per serving. I searched and searched but no luck. Do you by any chance know of a brand in the US that maybe compatible to the one you purchased in Canada? I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.

      • T says:

        Its called nattomax just google that name.

    • hoghugs says:

      One more: Liquid Spirulina by Revita. Here’s the link to Revita (just click on the word)

  16. Femnes says:

    Hi again, when I tried to order the spirulina juice, it asks me for the referring member ID. Can I have your member ID?

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi Femnes! I don’t think you need a member ID? It says new customers just fill in the information down below and check out. However, my member ID is 203072. Thank you! Hope you like it. Don’t forget to order a pump! It’s very convenient.

  17. Femnes says:

    Hello hoghugs,

    Sorry for the late response. When I checked the website for Spirulina they did ask for sponsor member ID. Since I didn’t have it at that time, I even asked my natural food store whether they can get it for me. However since you’ve kindly mentioned your ID, I’ll use it to place an order, thank you! One question: Acetyl L’Carnitine and Indol 3 Carbinol blocks Estrogen. Does that mean they stop you from ovulating or getting periods? If they do, do you have to stop taking these during periods and resume afterwords? What about Serrapeptase and Nattokinase? Can you take them during periods or should you stop taking them and resume after periods have stopped? Did you take all these supplements througout the month without stopping during periods? I’m asking because my peirods are due next week. Also did you try for pregnancy while you were on these supplements? Sorry to bombard you with so many questions, but all your information and how’ve successfully overcome endo has made me highly excited!

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi Femnes,

      It blocks estrogen and because we have endo, we have “excess” estrogen that needs to be blocked. The reason why we have endo is because we have too much estrogen. The reason why I got pregnant was due to decreasing estrogen! Yes, i was taking them during periods as well as trying to get pregnant. I highly think that my pregnancy was due to supplements and diet! The instant I started taking the supplements I got pregnant a month later. I think it cleared up the endo so that the sperm and my egg can finally meet as with before there was a lot of obstruction for the sperm to find the egg. No worries. I had so many questions before too and I wished I had someone always to consult that didn’t want to cut me open! These supplements should not affect your period at all. If you find that it does, then lower the dose but it won’t prevent you from getting pregnant and it shouldn’t affect your period. There are other readers from this website who have successfully become pain free and have regular periods on this regimen just like me. Good luck! Please let us know how you do!

      Lots of love,

  18. Femnes says:

    Hello Julie, thank you for your response (Bless you!). It’s one week since I started on serrapeptase and 3 days since I started nattokinase. I’m waiting for the other supplements to arrive. I noticed a feeling of well being on the 4th day of taking serrapeptase and noticed that I slept better after the first dose of nattokinase! I started with 100,000 IU of Serrapeptase 2 tablets twice a day and nattokinase 2000 FU 1 tablet twice a day. I doubled the nattokinase dose last night. Have been feeling a bit of pain in the location of my ovaries today but hoping it would go. I also started taking Calcium d Glucarate which flushes excess Estrogen as well as toxins from the body thereby aiding the liver and also add milk thistle seed extract to my drinking water. I will let you know how I feel after taking the rest of the supplements. I know exactly what you mean when you say that you wish you had someone to consult that didn’t want to cut me open! The last specialist RE I consulted had such a good reputation with regard to IVF but highly discouraged me saying that I’d make such a poor candidate because of all my condition and that whatever I did, my chances are very much less! Oh well! I just want to see how my periods are these next two months. Thank you, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

    • hoghugs says:

      After I got pregnant, every ob that I went to said, “it’s a miracle you got pregnant with the size of your endometrioma.” I just grinned. It’s a miracle to “them” but I know what I did and I know it works. Sometimes doctors don’t have the patience to study you as much as you and study yourself and they just apply their “general” results and concepts to you. I just found relying on myself has always been more promising. My mom had cancer before where she was sent home to die and she’s cancer free now for over 15 years! We did it all by supplements and food. That made me a believer that sometimes doctors don’t know what they’re doing ALL the time. It’s good to have some info and consultation but to rely solely on them brainlessly is doing a disservice to yourself… I long to hear your good news Femnes!

      Lots of love,

  19. Femnes says:

    Hello Julie, I thought I’d post how I felt this cycle. I guess it’s too soon to expect any good results. My periods started about 10 days after I started serrapeptase and 6 days after I started nattokinase. I don’t usually get pms before periods but the day before was horrible and painful. Pain continued throughout my periods and I had to take leave from work for 2 days. Ever since I know, I have had very heavy periods and this time was worse. I had to stop serrapeptase and nattokinase because I suspected nattokinase was causing me to bleed heavier still. I couldn’t eat or drink anything for the first two days because I kept throwing up (normal for me) and lost 4 lb in those two days for lack of food and drink (couldn’t even take water). My digestive system usually shuts down during the first 2-3 days because my enlarged retroverted uterous seems to fall back and weigh heavily on the colon so that bowel motions become obstructed. There was no change in it this time as well. I started feeling acutely dehydrated from day 4 and am still trying to get over it. However, I consider Indole 3 carbinol and Acetyl L carnitine as a Godsend! The pressure and pain I feel on the colon (I start feeling this pain usually as period pain subsides) including the inflammatory pain that continues for a week following my periods was so much less, I couldn’t believe it! I started reading more about these two supplements and got to know that Indole 3 carbinol actually blocks the bad estrogen or Estradiol and not the two other good estrogens that are so weak in us endo people. Also I learnt that Acetyl L carnitine not only activates these good estrogens but also promotes fertility! I’m so glad you shared the info about these two supplements! Now that my periods stopped, I am going to continue with the enzymes again though and will see whether there are any improvements next cycle. I’m also hoping to go for accupuncture and am continuing to take Calcium D glucarate as it helps the liver flush toxins out of the body. I heard that turmeric is also good for inflammation and fertility and am planning on taking 1 Tbsp in hot water as a daily tea. I hope I will have pain free periods soon but I understand that our body also needs time to heal itself, specially when it has been ravaged too much with the mess endometriosis has caused! Well, until next time. God Bless.

    • hoghugs says:

      Good to hear that something worked. Don’t give up on the other serrapeptase and natto. For most, their periods feel much better the first cycle. I’m thinking maybe that you were due to have a bad period anyway? I wouldn’t attribute it to the serrapeptase and nattokinase. Give them another chance and see if you feel the same. Supplements work through “time” so what you feel the “day of” or day after supplements or even a few days before and after may not be due to the supplements. I agree about indol 3 carbinol and acetyl l carnitine! They’re all amazing! Please update us often on your progress! I want to the hear the magical “I’m pain FREE” in 3-6 months from you! And I would like to know you’re getting pregnant the news after that! Congrats!

  20. Femnes says:

    Hello Julie, I haven’t given up on the enzymes, infact I went ahead and increased the dosage I take to 300,000 IU of Serrapeptase 3 times a day and 6000 FU (200,000 FU per mg) of Nattokinase (100 mg cap X 3) 3 times a day. I read that for treatment purposes you have to take high doses. My condition is messed up and since I did not see any results taking a low dosage ( I passed clots around 2.5′ for 4 days during periods and nattokinase is supposed to take care of clots) I increased it. I have one month before my next period to see the results and hope it will be better this time. I’m also going to my doctor tomorrow to get checked for candida or yeast infection. I don’t have any simptoms of it but a doctor in Pennsylvania I consulted said that you can still have it in your intestines and if you do, treatments you take for endo does not fully answer until you get neutralized for candidaisis. So I want to get tested and see whether I have it. I have a lot of adhesions (hopefully serrapeptase will take care of it) causing abnormal pelvic structure, an enlarged uterus because of adenomyosis (again I’m counting on both serrapeptase and nattokinase) that’s retroverted and has fallen on my colon causing the colon to narrow down and completely obstruct bowel motions during periods because the uterus gets bloated and inflamed even more during periods. I also have a small endometrioma on my left ovary and either a fibroid or an adenomyoma of 2 inches inside the lower half of the uterus apart from a lot of acute endo in the pouch of douglas. So I guess, I have to give a lot of time for my body to heal and also have to take more than a normal dosage of any supplements/enzymes than a woman with a lower stage of endo. I’m utterly grateful to you for letting me know about the enzyme therapy and the supplements. You have given me some hope that I can get my pain under control. I don’t know whether I will ever become pregnant, it would be a miracle if I do. But it would be an immense relief if I can have pain free periods and not exhaust all my leave at work.

    • hoghugs says:

      I actually have many of your symptoms. Enlarged uterus, retroverted uterus, adhesions, and endometrioma. I got pregnant. It will happen. My endometrioma is on BOTH ovaries and were both bigger than yours. I also had a tiny fibroid about 1 cm. See how messy my situation was? Don’t lose hope. I want to hear good news from you soon.

      • Femnes says:

        Thank you Julie. It’s nearly one month since I started on all these and I already noticed a major change. I usually get sore breasts soon after ovulation until periods. My periods are due next week but I don’t have sore breasts anymore! So I have hope that it’s working. I also started going to a Chinese accupuncturist doctor from last week and he also gave me a herbal tea to drink (I take it morning and at night). Thank you for being so encouraging. It helps a lot.

  21. MsShona says:

    Thank you for this post! I have an order in for Exlzyme (serrapeptase) that should be here this weekend. I heard of nattokinase and didn’t realize that it was also good for fertility (I may order that as well…but I may just start off with the serrapeptase). I have unexplained infertility. My tubes are open and I have no cysts on my ovaries. From following my basal body temperature and OPKs, it seems as if I ovulate on CD 10 or 11 each cycle (I have short cycles – 24 to 25 days). So the only other explanation I can think of is adhesions. I have a retroverted uterus and an ovary that lies right against my uterus (as per the ultrasound….I can’t tell if my tube is displaced from it or not). I got pregnant very easily (sex one time) 10 years ago so it doesn’t make sense that now, after 10 cycles, I’ve come up completely empty.

    I also take B-Vitamins and progesterone cream (after ovulation). One of these (or both) have done wonders for my PMS! I used to get low back pain and pressure and cramping 1-2 days before my menses. Breast soreness and fatigue would come to….giving me plenty of false alarms that I was pregnant when I wasn’t. Now, those symptoms have vanished; leading me to believe that PMS is not “normal” at all…and is rather a sign that your body is out of balance. I’m still working on the issue of cramps and heavy bleeding during my menses though. My hope is that the enzymes will help out more with that.

    • hoghugs says:

      Don’t lose hope. You’ll get pregnant. It takes even younger girls 6-12 months to get pregnant sometimes. If you have adhesions, then taking serrapeptase and nattokinase will definitely help. Look on my other posts for fertility treatments.

  22. flossi says:

    I started taking one capsule serrapeptase (120,000 U) and 2 capsules natto (2,000 FU each) every night and also missed a period – finally came a couple of days ago, very light with a few small clots, really only a “mini-period”. Previously had a regular 28-day cycle.
    I read the customer reviews on the website where I bought it ( and there were a couple of comments where other users had experienced delayed ovulation or delayed periods after using serrapeptase.
    I don’t have endo or similar, but I had a burst appendix many years ago – the doctor who removed it told me the abcessed material had attached itself to my kidney and bowel and that my right ovary had done a 360 degree turn around itself. So I figured there could easily be some remnants of scar tissue hanging around in there, which might be contributing to my difficulty in getting pregnant.
    From my own experience, reading comments here and elsewhere, I think that these enzymes can have some effect on hormones and ovulation in some women. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next month, whether my cycle returns to normal.
    I’ve decided to keep taking both supplements until I run out – I’m half way through a three month supply, so figure I may as well keep going with it a bit longer.
    It’s always a bit scary when your cycle gets interrupted like this – you wonder whether it’s part of a healing process, or whether your body doesn’t like what you’re giving it.

  23. May says:

    Hi Hoghugs,

    thanks for this wonderful site.
    i have severe adeno and fibroids with a very enlarged womb abt 25cm in length.

    My naturopath recommended me a antifibroid caps which is made of serrapeptase, bromelain and papain, and also nattokinase. as main ingredients.

    I was having prolonged weird periods like bleeding only once a day but it goes on for more than a month. i started the caps, and the next day, the bleeding stopped , n i went to ovulate beautifully without bleeding,, but i counted my luteal phase was still short.

    i experienced severe bloating on the caps and it din help me at all in shrinking my uterus.
    so, i stopped, but resumed again when my naturopath told me she’s very confident i wd improve.

    Fast forward few months later, i was moving house and was quite stressful, i started to have again the prolonged bleeding without a proper menses as in continuos flow , i only bleed once a day, and at a specific time,, say night time, then stopped and nothing whole day till the next day at the same time again , give n take 2 hours difference.

    I took caps again, for 4 days, i upped to 3 caps twice daily,, and suddenly yesterday morning , i had heavy bright red gushes, in 1 half hours , i poured 6 times, going to toilet every 15 min.
    then i manged to sleep, then woke up again 2 hours later, another gush, all in all, in 7hours i gushed abt 10 times,, then all of a sudden stopped the whole day.

    Im just wondering when can i resume the caps again.

    Did you take serrapeptase and nattokinase only or do you take a combination caps which also have other ingredients in it?
    Did you have an enlarged uterus and any help in shrinking it?


    • hoghugs says:

      Hi May,

      I take it separately but I take many other supplements too including indol 3 carbinol, acetyl l carnitine, B6, serrapeptase, and nattokinase. I also changed my whole diet. Feel free to browse this site and see what I’ve been doing! The key is to keep eating these for 3-6 months and witness a change. Things didn’t happen to your body overnight so treating it isn’t overnight either. It’ll take some time but it’s all worth it. At the onset of supplements, your body will have some big reactions to correct itself. Vitamin B6 at 100mg a day will help with your short luteal phase. Read my post on B6…

      I had enlarged uterus but I also just had a baby so I’m not sure if it shrunk my uterus. All I know is if I’m able to get pregnant, then that’s all I need and care about!

      Good luck! Hope to hear good news!

      • May says:

        Hi Hoghugs,

        thanks for your reply!
        Im have phobia for abnormal bleeding,, n i dont understand why my naturopath said my gushings were normal.
        though i did not have a proper cycle like a continuos flow, but just bleeding red once a day,, is it normal on the 21st day cycle day (21CD), suddenly i gushed for those 6 hours??
        and Bright red with some small clots??
        She said my lining was expelling the blood which did not come out .. but should the blood be bright red, why if the blood is old, why is it not brown then?? this is somethg i dun quite understand.

        Anyway, can you give me the brand serrapeptase you are taking?
        i think it’s important to get a good one.

        Have you heard of the SERRETIA brand? it’s not enteric coated,, and it’s better, i read.
        What do you think?

      • hoghugs says:

        Hi May!

        Blood is only brown when exposed to oxygen so even old blood is fresh in your system until it comes out and meats oxygen and then turns brown. So yes, excess fibrin/dirty old blood could be coming out. It’s the same thing after I had labor. For 4 weeks after labor, the woman bleeds out the the old blood and it’s still red. There are clots as well.

        I take enerex as the brand of serrapeptase but any non enteric coated large pharma brand is ok. Doctor’s Best off Amazon is fine too. I take the one that’s 120,000IU.

      • May says:

        thank you Hoghugs!
        may i know the size of your womb before you managed to conceive?
        just wondering i would need to shrink my 25 cm size womb first before conception can happen or women can still get pregnant while having a severely enlarged womb?

        I feel my body is trying very hard to ovulate. Today passed out a blob of dark brown mucus (sorry tmi),, and the mucus is a little pink when wiped. Do you think im ovulating?
        im so fed up of daily bleeding/spotting though not continuos, it’s awful to have to wear protection everyday for months.

        What do you think of Budiance Antifibroid capsules? and their products?
        here’s the link:;_ylu=X3oDMTE1ZTlqbHQ4BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkA1NNRTE0NV8yMTU-/SIG=11e082rss/EXP=1354531701/**http%3a//

  24. Dee says:


    Pls want to find out If you continued the enzymes while pregnant with the fibroids
    Thank you

    • hoghugs says:

      No, I did not continue any enzymes while pregnant.

      • Dee says:

        K thank you I’m just a bit worried cos my fibroid is big and just discovered I’m pregnant and I’m scared it could grow bigger again
        Any advice please?

      • hoghugs says:

        Unfortunately fibroid is one of those things that will get bigger during pregnancy. How big are your fibroids? Stay away from processed foods during pregnancy and eat only freshly prepared foods. No pasta, bread, hot dogs (processed meat), deli meat (yu shouldn’t anyway). Try to stay gluten free as well. Eat brown rice with fresh meats. Fish is good but beware of mercury fish. Eat the healthy fish for pregnancy and hormone free and antibiotics free chicken and lean meats. You should be able to control your fibroids that way. That’s the only thing you can do and please have your ob give you regular ultrasounds and monitor your fibroids more often than other pregnant women to make sure the fibroid isn’t impacting the baby. is it just one fibroid? or two? How far along are you? Are you electing to do any CVS or amnio? Make sure you get a REALLY good doctor if you do because with fibroids, it’s easier to lose the baby during those processes if the doctor isn’t good but with a good doctor, the chances are next to zero and should be completely safe. I always go to a huge institution to do tests like that.

  25. Daniela says:

    Hello from Romania!
    I was very happy to find your blog.
    I am using serrapeptase for 4 months now. I want to ask, you if you know, how long can I take serrapeptase without presenting a danger. I am thinking to take for 6 months. What do you know about it?

    Thanks! and sorry for my English. I’m still learning.


    • hoghugs says:

      Hi! Serrapeptase is an all natural product. Take it for as long as you like. No danger.

      From my HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network

  26. Mihaela says:

    Hello from Romania again!

    Thank you so much for sharing the information! It’s a pure gold for endo sufferers…My name in Mihaela and I am 29 years old. I suffer from severe endometriosis (stage IV) and so far I had 2 surgeries. At my last surgery (in march 2012) doctors found that I had extensive endo everywhere in the pelvic area. I was in menopause for 6 months and I started to change my diet. I eliminated all diary, wheat and sugar and I started to take supplements (Serrapeptase twice a day, Indole 3 Carbinol once a day, Omega 369 once a day, Minerals once a day, Bee Propolis once a day, Aloe vera gel in the morning), fruit juices, whole grains (oats especially and brown rice), vegetables and I eliminated all paraben products. My doctors recommended IVF as a last chance of getting pregnant but I am afraid not to aggravate my disease by stimulating injections. I am scared because my AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) is supper low (0,3) because of endo and I’m not sure if I am able to conceive naturally. I have tried for 4 months to conceive naturally but without positive results. Please tell me if I can take Serrapeptase and Indole3Carbinol supplements more than 3 months without any side effects and if possible please recommend something for women with low AMH or something to stimulate ovulation naturally. I wasn’t aware of Nattokinase and Spirulina. Thank you.

    • Angie says:

      Hi Mihaela. I didn’t find this website until after I became pregnant, so I haven’t tried the diet and supplements yet. I was diagnosed with Endo stage 4 two summers ago after trying for a baby for 5 years, a year of painful periods, and finally a laparoscopy. My doctor’s didnt believe anything was wrong with me for the first 4 years of trying. We did IVF this summer and had great luck with it! I didn’t have any side effects from the injections in regards to my endo. One of the injections did make me tired and zombie-like. All was worth it in the end! I’m 6 months pregnant!

      • Irene says:

        Hi Angie, I have been trying for 5 years also to get pregnant, I am 37 years old, had a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endo 4 a couple years ago, dropped all treatment trying natural now change my diet lost 20 pounds but no luck, how long after your laparoscopy did you have IVF? my doctors told me that i need another surgery and after this an IVF. I don’t now what to do, I would like to do the IVF now instead of habing another surgery. what do you think?. We are so desperate for having a baby. Thank you for reading. Irene

      • Mihaela says:

        Hi Angie,

        Thanks for your reply. Personally, I feel that, when estrogen levels rise higher than would be “normal” on a natural menstrual cycle, then there is the chance that it may aggravate endo. With IVF you’re producing higher levels of estrogen than you would in a natural cycle because you’re developing more follicles….and subsequently any level of estrogen can aggravate endo….if that makes sense?

        My endo has effected both tubes, both ovaries, all glued together and stuck to pelvic wall, (both tubes were blocked but now clear and have had big endo cysts on both ovaries), and the intestine is still stuck together to my uterus.

        Do you know what you’re AMH is?

        Thank you.

      • Angie says:

        Hi Irene. I had my laparoscopy a year prior to IVF. The Dr. told us we would have the best luck on our own after that and to come back in a year if we didn’t get pregnant (I think we could’ve started IVF much sooner after the surgery.) We didn’t get pregnant, so we went for IVF. I wish i could tell you what will be best for you, but I’m not a Dr. or anywhere near knowledgable about all these things; I’m learning so much from this website and some research I’ve started on my own. I can only share my experience in the hope it helps others in knowing that they aren’t alone in this. I wish you all the best on your journey and pray for a happy ending for you; a baby!

      • Angie says:

        Hi Mihaela. That makes sense about the estrogen and its effects on endo. I can only tell you that I didn’t have any pain or aggravated endo symptoms from the injections. I didn’t have much pain with my endo until almost a year before my surgery. I’m not sure of the details of my endo, other than that it was all over and attached my uterus to my colon. Also I had/have a closed tube, not sure from what, and polyps in my uterus. According to the ovulation pee-stick tests I did at home, I didn’t always ovulate every month.
        My AMH level was .94 ng/ml.
        I hope this helps. I wish you lots of luck!

    • hoghugs says:

      Indole 3 carbinol is ok for 12 weeks (as it says on the bottle). I take it for longer but you should check more before doing more. Serrapeptase can be taken as long as you want UNTIL you get pregnant. Stop when you’re pregnant.

  27. Mihaela says:

    Thank you Angie for confirming that IVF does not necessarily make endo worst. It makes me feel better but IVF is not an option for me for the moment.
    I will try one year to conceive naturally respecting Endometriosis diet. I found a lot of information on this website which will help me in this regard.

    Congratulation on your pregnancy and good luck!

  28. Mihaela says:

    Thank you Hoghugs. I can not take Indole – 3 – Carbinol anymore. I took 100mg per day for 6 months. Do you know what else I can take to reduce estrogen level?
    I heard that after surgery the egg reserve should recover. Do you know how to improve egg quality?
    Thank you.

  29. Parmie says:

    Hello, first I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have found this site 🙂

    I have a question for Angie- you mentioned you have stage 4 endo (as do I) and your uterus was fused to your colon. Did your surgeon detach/remove this endo during surgery? Reason I ask is because I just had my second lap within a year and found my endo was much worse than first time (likely due to IVF cycle 2 months prior) and my RE/surgeon removed all endo she could except the bowel/uterus fused together as it was considered too risky. Now she wants me to go on hormone therapy to calm the “flare up”, but I’m hoping to try these supplements and go strictly on endo diet.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hoghugs – is dairy free necessary for this diet or is it possible to drink organic milk, and organic dairy products? Thanks in advance!

    You have given me so much hope!

    • Angie says:

      Hi Parmie. My uterus was attaching itself to my colon, thanks to my endo 😝. I’m not clear to what degree. I did have a slight issue with it during the days before my periods. After the laparoscopy I didn’t have that issue anymore. I think Dr. Said he was able to detach it. You must be so uncomfortable. I sure hope the supplements work! Good luck!

      • Parmie says:

        Thanks for your response Angie! Before my first Lap, my symptoms were quite bad, but since then they aren’t anywhere as near the severity I was feeling for years before the lap. I think the endo is quietly ruining my insides now. I have a bit of cramps now but nothing major so I’m hoping with the supplements I will see positive changes. FX!

    • hoghugs says:

      I would go dairy free….there are other places to get your calcium. Good luck!

  30. Mihaela says:

    Hello again,

    I went friday at the doctor, and found a 6 cm cyst on the right ovary! I feel so devastated! It seems that the diet didn’t worked in my case! I feel that I can not control in any way this disease. I feel very discouraged and that the chances of getting pregnant naturally are becoming smaller and smaller. The doctor said that I should take Duphaston but is it safe to take Duphaston with Serrapeptase and Nattokinase? Why Serrapeptase has failed to eliminate my chyst?
    Any adice is welcome. Thank you.

    • hoghugs says:

      How long did you take it? Did you also take indol 3 carbinol? If not, take that as well or even better, take DIM…it is an estrogen balancer. It takes 6 months+ for the diet to work….were you strict on your diet?

      • Mihaela says:

        Thank you very much for your response Hoghugs (Bless you!). I tried to keep the diet as strict as possible but I think that I was wrong eating oatmeal for breakfast. I have been looking for gluten free cereals but I don’t know what I could eat.

      • hoghugs says:

        They have many at health food stores…i used to eat lots based on quinoa….they dont taste as good but it is ok….try rice?

  31. Annie B says:

    Hello. I found through laparoscopy that my only tube and ovary had scar tissue so bad that it caused my tube to grow crooked and clubbed. The RE told me the only way I can conceive is through ivf. I personally don’t believe him. I take Chinese herbs, leonurus, and siegesbeckia, serrapeptase, nattokinase, wheatgrass, sometimes false unicorn root, and red clover infusions. I drastically cut my intake of sugar, but like to drink light beer occasionally. The RE did try to open my tube, but couldn’t because it was clogged he told me. Is there any hope that the serrapeptase will work, I have changed my diet as well and will start juicing next week. What else can I do in addition to taking these supplements and herbs? My periods are kind of irregular. Sometimes they come monthly, then skip a month. And I have light hairs growing here and there under my chin area.

  32. Irene says:

    Hi Hoghugs, question for you what is DIM?, I will go next week for pap smear and I will request an ultrasound to check everything out, I wanted to thank you for your website, I really feeling better after I started with this new way of living and eating, my migraines are gone, my platelets levels are normal (even my hematologist was amazed) and my period are pain free. I just so happy overall and active, I also lost 20 pounds. I am seriusly thinking in IVF because I haven’t got pregnant and I am getting old and my husband and I want to have a baby so bad. Well I wish you a happy Sunday, thank you for everythin again, God bless you.

    • hoghugs says:

      Dim is an estrogen balancer based off of indol 3 carbinol. Really nice and effective. It is however different from indol 3 carbinol. My next post is on it…I have been eating this besides indol 3 carbinol. If you want to do ivf, go for it!!! I am so glad you got better…there were some women so rude to me about my blog posts, it broke my heart… I just want to help because i have been through so much pain. Stories like yours make me super happy….

      • Joanna says:

        Hi there-

        I would like to thank you for your blog posts. They are extremely helpful for women with endo. Please don’t take personally the rude comments from some women, although, I understand how you feel. There are so women here who really appreciate your advice:-)

  33. Irene says:

    Hi Hog Hugs, you know finding your blog was the best thing that happened to me in long time, I feel better I look better even younger than my hubby who is 2 years younger than me lol :)…Don’t worry about anything, like we say in my country: haters are always around but they are not important, what is important is the amount of people that you helped with your blog, thank you so much again and God bless you and your beautiful family. Keep your chin up 🙂

  34. Monique says:

    Thank you so much for this wealth of information. It has been a HUGE blessing to me. My husband and I have been trying to have babies for over 3 years. I’ve been diagnosed with severe endo, chocolate cysts on both ovaries, blocked tubes and fibroids. =( I have had some of the endo removed via lap, and had the largest fibroid removed via myomectomy, but still have not been able to get pregnant ever. My husband and I finally tried IVF in February 2013 and were crushed with a negative there too (not to mention the late of concern from that office — that’s another story)! I want to give up from time to time, but have a little voice inside that won’t let me give up yet. Even though I’ve heard some very negative advice from one physician, God has always sent me to two other physicians with positive advice and hopeful news for my situation. I want to do what I need to do to reverse this problem naturally, and I pray always that God will send me to the right places/people/information so that He will allow my womb to be mended completely. Googling and coming upon your site has really been a God-send for me. Thank you SO much! I read your comment that some people had been rude to you in their posts, but PLEASE DON’T STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! IGNORE IGNORANCE! WE NEED people like you, with success stories, to share what has helped you without requiring us to buy your book. My God, we are here to help one another. Why must everyone get paid share what God has blessed them to learn and apply to their lives?? You are AMAZING!!! May God bless you and your family 10-fold!

    • Trisha Templey says:

      I found your website a couple months back. I had severe stage 4 endo. Worse case doctor ever seen. Had to have emergency surgery due to a bowel obstruction in 2010. My husband and I been trying for a baby for over a year. I had an hsg and my only remaining tube was completely blocked. I started serrapaptase 3 tablets twice day at 80,000 strength on feb 4th. Did another hsg on March 13th. My tube is now wide open! Now our only option isn’t restricted to ivf. So excited to start trying again. This is a miracle product!

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  38. Femnes says:

    Hi Julie,

    For sometime I’ve been taking all the enzymes I’ve mentioned I’ve been taking but my pain went from bad to worse so much that I was on the brink of going to the doctor for a total hysterectomy! I was then referred to another gynaecologist by a colleague of mine who came with a very high recommendation here in Oklahoma. He was very understanding and asked how I feel about a surgery to clean me up. So far all the specialist REs have discouraged me from takine up surgery unless it was for total hysterectomy, so I jumped at the chance and told him to go ahead. I was so tired of all the pain. So last week I had my diagnostic laparascopy. What was initially supposed to be a day surgery turned out to be a massively complicated surgery lasting for 7 1/2 hours that day! I did warn the doctor that he may find complications, going by my history, but nevertheless he told me that he never expected my uterus to be so large – the size of a 16 week pregnancy tightly attached to the colon by a huge mass of endometriosis deposit in between. He had to cut between the two to seperate and remove the mass along with part of the uterus to get it shrunk close to a normal size. He told me that normally, when you have adenomyosis like in my case, it is very difficult to stitch the uterus together but he managed to do so in my case which was good. Despite the fact that 5 endometriomas were removed 3 from the left ovary and 2 from the right ovary, he said that my ovaries and the fallopian tubes looked very good and healthy. I had kissing ovaries prior to surgery, all sticking together in a mass. The doctor said that everything is free and mobile now except for scar tissues that are still there inside the uterus. He wants to do an HSG before doing yag laser treatment to get it cleared. I’m all for it. But in the meantime, I’m recovering from a complicated surgery and it is no easy feat! I stopped taking pain killers 5 days after surgery as they gave me acute constipation despite stool softners. 1 week after the surgery I’ve started taking Serrapeptase 120,000 IU 2 tabs twice a day. The doctor put a spraygel to stop adhesions from forming but I’m taking no chances. I’m also taking triple strength fish oil twice a day, pycnogenol 100mg 2 caps twice a day, a multivitamin, vitamin B, zinc and vitamin c along with flax oil to keep the inflammation down. I’d really appreciate some advice on what else to take to speed up recovery, heal the wounds, keep adhesions from forming and to get some success in my quest for motherhood. My doctor will start me on a fertility plan 2 periods after my surgery, I’ve already had one and the next is due next month. I feel so light – no doubt because my very heavy uterus is a bit shrunk in size now my colon is free of all attachments. I’m also highly excited and am keeping positive thoughts about motherhood.

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi Femnes, I’m sorry you were in so much pain! It’s important to eat a non-estrogen diet. Have you been eliminating these foods? You should also take some DIM supplements. It helps you balance your estrogen levels and relieve pain if you get anymore because the pain was caused by endo which is caused by estrogen. Take DIM up until you get pregnant and you can stop taking it once you get pregnant. We don’t want to mess with hormone levels once you’re pregnant because supposedly your body and baby knows best. Good luck! my heart is with you!

  39. Femnes says:

    Hi Julie,

    I’ve tried to keep to a non-estrogen diet but have been neglectful once in a rare while eating a little bit of cake or some juice with sugar. But I’m going to be very strict with myself now. I find dairy quite distasteful after depriving myself of it for so long. The only thing I have not been doing faithfully is the juicing regimen which I will start from today. As for Dim supplements, I do have Indole 3 Carbinol and Acetyl L Carnitine that I have not yet started after the surgery, but have been thinking about doing so. I will start on it this week as well. Thank you so much for all the encouraging advice you’ve given. They make me feel that I’m not alone in my journey. May God Bless you.

    • hoghugs says:

      Juicing is very very important. You know how people have cancer and get treatment? Well, you have to treat your diet and juicing as medicine. Would you ever skip medication or cheat when you’re taking med? never. Treat your diet the same. No cheating for 6 months and see what happens and take those supplements. DIM is a more stable form of indole 3 carbinol. Once you’re done with indole 3 carbinol, switch to DIM. I really wish you the best of luck and keep updating us on your progress. I know how you feel. Changing diet is soooo tough! I had to imagine myself pregnant and pain free every time I wanted to cheat into eating dairy or sweets. I loved ice cream before…gone! I loved a good steak… gone! Oh well. But now I have a baby and I’m pain free and that’s worth way more than those steak, ice cream, and sugary waters.

  40. Angela says:

    I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago and recently had to remove my last remaining ovary due to very bad Endo. Wish I’d have known all of these natural remedies before. The hysterectomy did not cure the Endo, it came back and destroyed the one ovary they saved for me. Fortunately, I’d already had two beautiful children.

    When I had the recent lap and they removed my ovary, my dr saw that my bladder is adhere to my rectum, but they were unable to fix it. I am in constant pain. I started taking the serrapeptase and nattokinse and I’m hoping it helps with the adhesion and keeps any more Endo from forming. It can still come back, even with no ovaries.

    Now I’m on bioidentical hormones, since I went into menopause after surgery and I’m only 35
    My dr said I don’t need to worry about avoiding estrogen foods because he will get my hormones balanced with the bio identicals, (and he’s testing my levels monthly.)

    Still, I’ve been doing the diet for 6 weeks, and the enzymes for one week and I’m still in constant pain. Do you have any idea how long I should stick this out to see if it helps my pain? Will the diet even work for Endo/adhesions post-hysterectomy? Surgery can cause more adhesions so I am feeling very stuck in this pain. All that surgery, early menopause, and still in pain every single day. People should know, hysterectomy does not cure Endo! I wish my dr had told me that.
    Thanks for this site!

  41. Mihaela says:

    Dear Hog Hugs,

    Please help me with some advice. I had a hysteroscopy a few days ago and my doctor said that so large adhesions were that cutting tools could not enter to my uterus. I did test the permeability of the fallopian tubes and she told me I have a clogged tube. I also have a quite big cyst on the ovary (10 cm) and she suggested taking it out with classical surgery. That’s what scares me the most! I know that this kind of surgery is not recommended for women with endo stage 4. And she said that as long as I have a cyst on one ovary and a clogged tube I can not get pregnant. The other ovary is ok and I ovulate every month and a tube is permeable and that gives me hope. I try to keep to a non-estrogen diet but sometimes (rarely) I ate a little bit of cake or wheat products.

    Thank you for your help.

    • hoghugs says:

      Sounds similar to me. Surgery makes them lots of money so they like suggesting it but it ends up hurting the ovaries. Do you know what kind of cyst you have? Some don’t need surgery. If it is not a dermoid cyst, then leave it til you get pregnant! Just unclog your tube. That is all you need to do. Try that for 6 months while being strict on endo diet while taking these supplements including DIM and try to get pregnant that way ! Good luck! Of course always trust in your own judgement too. I am only suggesting what I would do for myself but every case is different. Definitely do more research and get second,third,fourth,opinions before you cut yourself open ! Baby dust to you !

  42. laptop says:

    Hello to every one, because I am actually eager of reading this webpage’s post to be updated regularly. It consists of fastidious data.

  43. Mo says:

    Hello to all….I suffered a miscarriage back in March (at 11 weeks). Was told that I had 8 fibroids, 1 inside the uterine wall and the other 7 outside of the uterus. The tiny one inside seems to have been the cause of the miscarriage. Of course the doctor wants to do surgery, another doctor at his practice ( a female doc) didn’t recommend the procedure because of my age (40). She felt optimistic about me trying to get pregnant immediately, he on the other hand felt that it was too risky without having the fibroids removed. My internal medical doc (also an OBGYN) recommended the myomectomy as well. So 2 out of 3 docs have recommended the surgery. In the meantime of deciding which way to go, I started reading up on natural remedies for fibroids and kept coming across Serrapeptase. I’ve been taking this ever since the miscarriage in March. I’m scheduled to go to the doctor today for pre-surgery consultation. I’ll be courious to see if these fibroids shrunk any in the period of time I’ve been taking it. Without being too graphic, I will tell you that I tried Serrapeptase and was impressed with the amount of waste I immediately began to expel (bms). I switched off to Serrapeptase w/ Nattokinase since I started hearing that the combination was supposed to be even better at combatting the fibroids, however after taking this I noticed a significant decrease in bowel movements. After about 2 weeks I switched back to just Serrapeptase and I’m back to expelling larger amounts of waste (tissue, toxins,etc). Not sure which combination is best, but for me I believe the Serrapeptase alone is working. I’m hoping that my ultrasound will prove that this is working and I can avoid surgery, however I’m not sure if I’ve been on it long enough to determine a true change in size of the fibroids. I do feel confident that taken long term that this really might work. I’m 40 and trying with all my might to have a baby, so I don’t have much time to wait to see if this works. I surely hope to all of you on this site that you are successful in using the product, and that those wanting children go on to have healthy little ones. I do plan to post the results of todays ultrasound since we don’t have much research to go on related to the fibroids/endo. Serrapeptase is recommended mostly for heart, sinuses etc. but little is confirmed for fibroids.

    • hoghugs says:

      Please let us know. The time may be too short to tell. But surgery will delay getting pregnant!!! Because you have to wait for the wound to heal. You have fibroids because of excess estrogen. You have to change your diet along with these supplements to get the full effect. Please read through my entire experience on my blog and follow the diet. My heart is with you and I hope you get pregnant soon !!!

  44. Fae Lane says:

    Hi there, very informative read. Thank you

  45. Phil says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t bump into this website all these while I have been suffering. Please try and add something like endometriosis, fibroid, menstrual pains etc. so that people that need help can get to your website on time and avoid surgery. Since I started mensturating it has been one problem after another, imagine as a you girl of 14 yrs in pain, very heavy bleeding that last for two weeks then comes normal one that last for another two weeks sometimes the whole month. Days in a month when I don’t pad on was like a miracle. That early stage I was diagnosed with little growing fibroids may be 2 like 0.5 cm each. Now the only difference is that my period last for 4 to 5 days but irregular, cycle ranges from 35 cycle to 40 cycle. The fibroids have grown very big like 3 of them i think my ob said base ball or grape size and immediately suggested surgery, she also said she is suspecting endometriosis and the surgery will be performed the same day to remove fibroids and endo. I objected but my husband immediately agreed with that, he is not helping in any way to look for another alternative now he feel as though I don’t want to give him children. My period is always heavy, I change pad like every 30minutes. I am on Nattokinase and just ordered serapeptase and have been TTC for 2 years now. with this unusual heavy bleeding couple with how long this problem has been do you think the enzyme supplement is ideal for me? Thank God i have not gone under the knife, after reading your article i will never even think of it. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

    • hoghugs says:

      It is not only the enzymes but also the supplement DIM and a whole diet change. Give it a little time (about 3 months) minimum to notice how different you feel. Please let us know your wonderful results! Baby dust to you…

      Sent from my iPad

  46. Phil says:

    I am taking Nattokinase 4 pills 3x/ day, serrepeptase 4pills 3x, DIM 4 pills 3 x / day. Couple with other vitamins like fish oil, vit b6, vit A,vit E and milk thistle (4pills 3 times daily). Could someone possibly over dose any of these natural vitamins?.

  47. Zetta Jones says:

    Hi Julie my name is Zetta I am very honored to read your blog about your story I have a very large fibroid the size of a grapefruit or larger and a cyst on my ovaries, could you please give me some suggestion what to do. I have seen two doctors for their opinions and the two of them suggestion full blown hysterectomy and I refuse to let them do that without proper cause, do I purchase all of the herbs or could you name which one I should take. Also my husband wants a child he does not have any kids.

    Thank so much for your help

  48. Luluska says:

    Thank you very much for your blog!!! It’s really inspiring! I have both fibroids and endometrioma, and don’t get pregnant for already 5 years:( Actually, I’ve already lost hope, but still try to maintain my health with supplements… I can say for now that DIM makes wonders – just after one month of taking it my breasts are not so sore before menstruation, and menses themselves are less painful. I really hope the fibroids have shrunk too! I am going to add serrapeptase to the medicines. I’ve ordered Vitalzym which has serrapeptase in it, but it’s weird that it was manufactured in 1999, so I don’t know whether I can use it. I also take spirulina regularly.. I hope all these supplements will work, and thank you again for your efforts! May you always be healthy!

    • tochifred111 says:

      I am so sorry to hear all these you are passing through but we are in the same boat but the only diff is that I have experiencemore than you do. The stage you are now I was there. Let me tell you what I think,fibroid has diff sizes, locations and equally have diff damages they cause to the little woman (uterus). My case I have taken all those medications or you might call them supplements coupled with one month water fasting, and two weeks fruit fast but no I wish it worked. The reason I did all that trauma to my body should be obvious to you! I was TTC,has been for the past 2 years. Believe me no doctor will tell you exactly if fibroid is the cause of your infertility becos research has proved that many woman conceived and carried to term even when fibroid is there while some had m/c even when there is no trace of fibroid. without research what can you deduct from that? I had not only second opinion but 6th opinion,Drs are trained almost the same same way, with u/s, MRI results and table examination the one I hate most but I wasn’t having any option, most of the Perfect Drs suggested I leav it alone and keep trying based on the size of the biggest fibroid 6 cm or mm can’t remember. They said they have seen many
      Women with bigger fibroid carry their babies to term. I wasn’t having concerned pain may be a little too much mensural bleeding so I could have left it alone becos I fear surgery more than I fear death. Again I had the fear that complications after surgery might prevent me from having my own baby and my marriage could not be happy without children so I decided to give it a try. Remember all these while we were still trying to conceive thinking that by his grace before the surgery date comes luckily I will be
      Preg. I made up my mind with fear but first my Drs did hysteroscopy to view the area to know what he will be expecting and to know the exact # and locations of the fibroid under general
      Anesthesia, he could not see one of the Fallopian tube and uterus was very small and he came up with a medical name unicornuate uterus. That scared me to death and so much fear gripped me knowing that the journey to get pregnant will be even harder despite the removal of the fibroid. Then after two days the main surgery were performed using Da Vinci robot method which is the newest procedure. Instead of 6 fibroid detected by u/s and MRI Dr removed 12 of them, he found out that two big fibroids were pressing on the uterus and Fallopian tube making the uterus so small and one of the Fallopian tubes invisible and not functioning. I could not imagine how
      Preg would have been possible with the pressure. Or do you think all those vitamins could have done wonders melting them and relief the uterus?.
      My surgery was two weeks ago and I am healing very fast. I will come back again after three months to share if I get preg. Please have my experience into consideration while making your decision and look for excellent Dr in your area whenever you are ready to have it removed. It took me very long time to find my Dr whom I think God directed me to he is perfect. Good luck and remain blessed.

      • hoghugs says:

        Using diet to shrink endometriosis and fibroids takes more than a month. It’s a long term change! Your fasting and juicing wouldn’t work miracles in a month. I’m glad your surgery went well. Please keep on the diet that’s suggested on this website so your fibroids won’t come back. If you don’t change your diet indefinitely, fibroids will come back since it is a result of what we eat. Please now try to get pregnant as fast as you can and I wish you the best of luck!!! Baby dust to you!!!

  49. tochifred111 says:

    Without doubt I know you said is true but I was only trying to explain that every case is diff , after all, vitamins reduce the size of the fibroid but I don’t think I have read that they could disappear entirely , in my case those vitamins helped me a lot in terms of pain relieve and control bleeding yet I was wondering why I haven’t gotten pregnant in years. My one month fasting didn’t just come and go,after that i still maintained healthy eating for example if I take my pills without food first in the morning, may be a little juice after 3 hrs, healthy salad for lunch, then fast again to get my stomach ready for evening pills, then another healthy colored salad for dinner, don’t you think it’s healthy enough?. If those fibroids we’re not causing any pressure I was 100% sure all the vitamins you recommended plus the ones I know before will definitely work . That is why I am trying to say that if this doesn’t work for you may be you can try another way knowing that one treatment cannot work for everybody. Just like you said I still have new orders of my vitamins ready to continue as soon as I am out of surgery pain completely. Thank you again for reaching out to women with pressing issues.

  50. Claire says:

    Thanks so much for this site. It has given me hope for something I though was a hopeless case. I am 28yrs old now and found out 6 months ago after an ultrasound that I had a severe case or endometriosis. I four chocolate cysts, 2 on each ovary and a small fibroid on the outer wall of my uterus .My Dr opted for open surgery because of the size of one of the cysts and during the surgery had to take out the right ovary and tube because do the damage caused by the endo. I was sent home with no advise or medication and wait till when I want to start trying for a baby before checking the situation of the remaining ovary and tube. For now I am single and not trying for a baby, but it seemed silly to wait till then, because from what I read , the disease only gets worse . I am now thinking to try sepp and natto, to at least reduce adhesions and period pains, although my periods are the same as they’ve always been with pains only on the first two days which usually go away with one tablet of volterene retard. I have also started eating healthier and juicing a few days ago . Do you think It is worth including all the other supplements now even when I am not yet trying to get pregnant?

  51. Lena says:

    Olá…sou brasileiro e descobrir q tenho endometriose há um ano. Estou me recuperando de uma cirurgia, feita no mes passado. Ñ posso tomar homônios pq ja tive uma trombose após uma cirurgia ortopedica. Hj pesquisando, descobrir este blog. Simplesmente amei!! Irei decididamente cuidar da minha alimentação. Li sobre os nattokinase e serrapeptase!! Meu irmão mora nos USA. Vc disse q ñ tem contra indicação. Gostaria de sabe se pessoas com caso de trombose pode tomar. Caso possa, meu irmão irá enviar p mim. Obrigada!!

  52. Monique says:

    Hi, I’m so happy that I have found your blog. Me and my husband, we have been trying to conceive for 1,5 year… with no results. The doctor hasn’t confirmed endometriosis, but after some research, I can suspect it since: my periods are sometimes painful, there are some ‘blood clots’, I can feel little pain in the back during menstruation, somethimes a little pain during intercourse, always feel pain from 5-15 DC on the left ovary and finally I am definitely estrogen dominant (PMS, fibrocystic breasts). I have changed my diet, I eat a lot of vegetables, unsaturated oils, juicing ect. I am taking magnesium supplements and DIM for my PMS and was thinking about ezyme therapy, because of that ‘blood clots’ during menstruation… So my question is how long had you been using both enzymes? 3 months (3 times a day) non stop ? Had you been taking them during the menstruation as well? What about Chinese herbs? Had you been taking them also during the menstruation?

  53. Renae Baker says:

    I too have endometriosi and have suffer with it since 2005. I was diagnose in 2007. The pain have been unbearable during intercourse. I just found information November, 201 and that is where I learned of serrapeptase. The online downable book is calleEndometriosis Bible & Violet Protocol. 300 pages of great information. It was worth the $40. It highlights so much even what to eat. Just thought I would share.

  54. Michele says:

    I had a lap in Feb. 2013 and was diagnosed with severe endo (the worst they had ever seen). I had 2 large endometriomas, one on each ovary that they drained as well. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 years with no success. Last August we started seeing a fertility specialist and I had an HSG and my left tube was blocked but they were able to clear my right tube. The ultrasounds also showed that my endometriomas were back but still small. We decided to try a couple months of treatment with no luck (timed IC and IUI). By then, my pain was starting to come back so the Dr. put me on Femara (Letrozole) and Norethindrone to help shrink the cysts. I have been on it for 6 months now and the cysts haven’t really shrank very much.

    They want me to come off these meds and try IUI a few more times with injectables so we can try and “outrun” the endometriosis coming back full force. They also want to do another HSG to clear my tubes again if needed. I really don’t want to do any more treatments as my insurance doesn’t cover them and they are pretty expensive.

    After doing lots of research I’ve come across your blog and am very excited about all the information! I’ve been trying to adhere to the endo diet for awhile but have just recently started being very strict on it and will follow it exactly. What supplements should I be taking to help with the adhesions, enometriomas, etc? After looking through lots of info on here it looks like: Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Spirulina, DIM and Acetyl-L Carnitine, does that sound right? Could you recommend dosages as well?

    Thank you for any help and advice!!

    • hoghugs says:

      Michele, try the dosage on the bottles for a week and see how you feel. Your periods should become less painful over time. Do DIM, serrapeptase and nattokinase and spirulina first. Baby dust to you!!!

      • Michele says:

        Thanks so much! I am getting an injection next week to start my regular periods again and stopping the medications I’ve been on so I’m hoping I can nip it in the bud before the endo and pain comes back full force or get pregnant soon!

  55. Michele says:

    I have one other question….I am currently taking a probiotic in the morning and at night. Is it still ok to take these with the Serrapeptase and Nattokinase or should I not take them all together?


  56. a says:

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought
    this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to
    a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  57. D says:

    Great blog..!! Thanks for your support for all the endo ladies.
    I am too suffering from stage 3 endo since 3 years where I have 2 cysts on my right ovary. I suffering from PCOS too since puberty. I always get my periods only if I am on tablets otherwise no periods at all even if its a year. Am married since 6 years desparetly wanting for a baby. Am 28. And now its not a single ocean for me to cross, its two, pcos and endo. Am from India.Do we get this spirulina, serrapeptase n natto in india also? And can it solve my pcos also? Coz even bfore I was diagnosied with endo, I had no luck of getting conceived. So curing endo alone doesnt solve my problem. Kindly suggest..


  58. Stacy says:

    What other herbs or vitamins were you taking? And what was your diet like?

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi Stacy! It’s all in this blog! It’s been a long process. Please feel free to read my entire blog and let me know if you have questions.

      • Corey says:

        Hi Hog Hugs, Question: did you take Natto while you were pregnant or did you discontinue use after you found out you were pregnant?

  59. Christ says:

    Hi ! I came across your website while researching about serrapeptase and endometriosis . Very interesting and informative articles you have here . I congratulate you on your success.
    I have a few questions . I’ll tell you a bit about myself . A month ago after complaining about horrible menstrual cramps for more than two years I was diagnosed with an endometrioma inside my right ovary . Its size is about 7.5×5.5 cm , it’s quite big 😦 . I have a 4 year old little boy and I must say prior to having my kid the cramps weren’t that bad . So my gyneocologist gave me two options to think about : removing the cyst or starting birth control pills and continuing with pain killers such as Tylenol and Advil . She warned me that if the endometrioma were to bleed during the surgery they might have to remove my ovary . I was devastated ! I haven’t been trying to get pregnant but I would like to have another kid in the near future . So I did some reasearches and I came across serrapeptase and endosense . I started taking 1 pill of serrapeptase once per day 120,000 u on December 9 ,2014. So far I’m still in pain everyday . I wake up in pain and I have to take Tylenol 3 times a day to function somehow . I’ve also stopped consuming the following foods a month ago : gluten , sugar , honey , msg , flax seeds etc .. I’m taking endosense with I3C as directed 3 capsules per day plus another 200mg of I3C . I’ve recently started eating the following supplements RAW probiotics 85 billions ,B complex , vitamin E and K , Zinc – all from the same brand Garden of life . The serrapeptase that I take is from the brand Vitex .
    My questions are, sorry I have a few .
    What brand and how much serrapeptase did you take when you started ?
    Were you also taking pain medication or was your endometrioma not painful ?
    How long did the serrapeptase take to kick in?
    How long before your endometrioma started shrinking ?
    Do you think birth control helps with shrinking it ?
    I have an appointment with my gynaecologist mid January for a follow up . I hope it’s gonna shrink a bit by then .
    Sorry it’s quite a long read 😦
    Thanks for your help

    • hoghugs says:

      Sorry to hear! Take Nature’s Way, DIM supplement. I take it 3 pills a day. Without the bad foods and this supplement I am pain free!!!! No birth control pill, no surgery. I had 2 cysts both large. After having two kids with the help of this diet, my cysts are now shrunk to miniscule. Hope this helps. Baby dust to you !

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi, take also nature’s way DIM. Your pain should decrease. I take 2-3 DIM pills a day. My periods were extremely painful before. Now I dont get any pain. Diet and supplements take 3 months minimum to take effect. Give it some time. We ate ourselves into this through ling term habits. It takes a while to reverse the damage.

  60. Sam says:

    HI all,
    I have 3 fibroids all of them very small, the biggest is two centimeter big.
    two weeks ago, I did HSG was so painful I screamed and cried. they found out that my left tube was blocked. Since 3 weeks I started smoothies, green veggies with fruits and maca and seasam every morning I share it with my husband. this week, I started the new diet no meat and no milk product. I got my period this week very painful, but not like before. my period used to leak out black blood droops three days ahead. THIS time it came straight away red.
    I started the serrapeptase the first day of my period. I felt some pulling on my left tube ( blocked one ) today as well. I don´t know if these pain and tugging are good signs that serrapeptase is working? thank you for advising me.

  61. constantly i used to read smaller content that also clear their motive,
    and that is also happening with this article which I am
    reading at this time.

  62. Isa says:

    Hi i was diagnose with pid can i try the serrapaptase could it help with pain and can i get pregnant

  63. Evergreen says:

    Hello and thank you for your amazing story!! I started taking serrepeptase once a day high clear my pain ..yaay..on the 2nd month no pain but more clots and heavier than normal period…I’m on day 8 and still bleeding pretty heavy…is this normal?

    • shelly says:

      yes that is normal–its dissolving and releasing the fibroids, endo or scar tissue. i too am taking large dosage of serrapetase and nattokinase . truly a natural miracle enzyme–no more crazy unbearable cycles and pain…feels like its detoxing my body of all the mess and i am believing God that one day soon , we will get pregnant and have our first baby—been trying for almost 10year. but just came across these 2 awesome supplements a year ago. i recently added DIM plus to my supplement and trying my best to be discipline with my diet and get at least 10 minute exercise in a day and plenty of water. My prayers and support to everyone here on the is site…to Hoghugs, the lady that started this blog. thanks a million for sharing and helping us. many blessings to you

      • Evergreen says:

        Thank yoy for your are your cycles?

      • Tracy says:

        Used herbal tampons this last 2 cycles and had a very painful cycle with a massive lumpy tissue in my period blood was also bright red taking my supplamants so here is hoping as should be ovulating next week🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

        Can’t really get an answer with if ok to take in the 2 week wait I ran out last month so couldn’t take as orderd off amazon and was bank holiday so couldn’t test.

        Going to keep on taking enzymes until I get a positive or negative as I have nothing to loose i.e made no diffeNce stopping as dissent get pregnant.

        Will update if I get anything. I think serrapepeptase is safe to take but haven’t heard about natto….. Been taking pregnanolone in high doses this month 50mg it’s supposed to regulate any hormonale problems and taking d h e a also again will take all until 10dpo as have nothing to loose.

  64. Likali says:

    I am 44 and have been taking taking a huge amount of supplements for fertility as well as the serrapeptase. I am a very healthy vegan. I have had a lot of scar tissue from endo, Bartholin cyst, small fibroids and now massive scarring from a burst appendix that became septic, then another op for blocked bowel from scarring. So I have been taking the serrapeptase now say 2 1/2 months and keep getting these pains around ovulation time around ovaries, I then randomly will get this mucus like discharge, yellowy and either watery or gummy. No real bad smell but is this happening to anyone else??? No many seem to be saying if they have noticed stuff come out of them……I’m hoping this is just the scarring gunk being dissolved…..

    • Evergreen says:

      I remember having large painless clots coming out of me…sounds like its cleansing your unterus

    • Tracypearce says:

      I have not noticed any tissue with serrapeptise itself burning sensation and tingling I assume any bits would come out with period probably unnoticed I suppose. I did have flesh like a popes cyst come out when I left my herbal tampons I. For three days and tied them together x3 ttc community always push to limit lol. First time I put herbal tampons in got white flesh like stuff out with a small amont of flesh and second cycle before period what looked like a popped cyst with fibroids attached to it not nice but is what happens. The. Next month I got my bfp. I think my high doses of serrapeptise 1.5 million and 6 times natto tabs altogether in evening and the herbal tampons made it possible for me. I think each to there own it’s a journey but I wanted mine to not be a year long hense doing so much. Still have my bfp and trying to be positive. I have lots of scar tissue on my euterus so am still taking serrapeptise and 1 natto tab in evening. Am doing this as it obviously will stretch in next few months and will hopefully bring good blood supply to it and prevent tares that could result in misscarrage.

  65. Tracy says:

    Hi I’m sorry if you have answered this you said you stoped enzymes while pregnant.

    But did you take high doses just before ovulation and in the 2 week wait after ovulation.

    If anyone could answer this this that has become pregnant I would be great full.

  66. tracy says:

    if anyone knows if you continue to take high doses before ovulation and after i.e 2 weeks after ovulation.

    you have answered this you said you stoped enzymes while pregnant.

    But did you take high doses just before ovulation and in the 2 week wait after ovulation.

    If anyone could answer this this that has become pregnant I would be great full.

    • Evergreen says:

      I took Serrepeptase until i was expecting my period…stopped at cycle day 28

      • Tracy says:

        Thanks I’m taking pregnanolone also which your not supposed to take but not enough research. I stopped everything when ovulating and it made no diffrance so I’m just going to take it until 10dpo and then take progestarone cream if I get a positive. I know serrapeptise is supposed to be ok but has anyone taken natto throuout pregnancy….

      • Brittany says:

        Hey! I was wondering how did you find your dosage of Serrapeptase 120000 and Nattokinase 20,000, I’m having trouble finding them? I have stage 4 endometriosis. I’m going the natural route and I have adhesions that caused my appendix to stick to my fallopian tube. I would love your help I’m trying to stall my endometriosis until I’m ready for children. Thank you in advance!

      • Tracypearce3 says:

        I buy mine off amazon 32 pounds for 120 250 000 am not sure where u are from but this is Amazon uk.

        I have been taking 1.5 million for past 3 months and just got bfp. I tried to spread out over day but prefers to take all at one. Been taking it with 6 natto tabs also. Got my bfp but this week 1/2 weeks.

        I researched online and it seems to be safe in pregnancy so will continue taking as I have lots of scar tissue in my entire so am really scared about this as stretches. But my situation not the same as all……

      • Tracy says:

        Natto that I buy is 20000 iue is 100g tab mine are Harrow formula. Again I take 1.5 million serrapeptise and six of these tablates together. But that’s my experience and may be different for you. But I had no side effects at all the ttc have had great success with these two supplamants combined but don’t be afraid to go high the more you take the faster it takes you to get the result you want. The only problem is can be pricy but depends how much you want your bfp.

        Also I was taking pregnanolone to give my hormones a kickstart as think now I was suffering from mild depression which can throw your body off balance. Was taking 5omg which is high but weaned down to 25 and now 10.

        I have also been taking true focus by now supplamants again a natural pick me up as I have had a tough year. May have been why I had a misscarrage in January becouse I felt so down in the dumps with that and other things.

        Took my pregnanolone and true focus together in morning with normal supplants bee polan and a few random probiotics.

        And my natto and serrapeptise later in evening.

        I ama still taking lots of vitamins with bfp as am scared to stop. Am taking iodine and krill oil to have a supper intelligent child hopefully.

  67. Brittany says:

    Hey! I was wondering how did you find your dosage of Serrapeptase 120000 and Nattokinase 20,000, I’m having trouble finding them? I have stage 4 endometriosis. I’m going the natural route and I have adhesions that caused my appendix to stick to my fallopian tube. I would love your help I’m trying to stall my endometriosis until I’m ready for children. Thank you in advance! 😊

  68. Sophya says:

    I don’t know if you’re still answering this thread, but I have a question.
    I started using serrapeptase and nattokinase to alleviate symptoms related to adenomyosis.
    I had very heavy periods already, but it’s been 2 months that I’ve had unbelievable clots during my periods, which corresponds to the time since I take the enzymes. It had happened once before (the clots), but quite a while ago.
    Do you think it might be related and part of a cleansing process?
    Also I just had this week a painful thrombosis in a superficial vein (I had been carrying a lot of luggages and going up and down stairs the day before).
    I really put my hopes in those 2 enzymes but am a little perplexed at those 2 things happening since the start of the treatment.
    Do you have some insights on these questions, or have you heard similar stories?
    Thank you for all the great informations.

    • Evergreen says:

      I had the largest clots and heavy bleeding when I took serrepeptase for endo…You should make sure you supplement with iron if you are anemic. The large painless clots is definetly cleansing..not sure about the thrombosis…I am now 24 wks preggo 🙂

  69. Zaina says:

    Hi , I read your post about serrapeptase and decided to try it , I have a long history of trying to get pregnant , over 5 yrs , two laparoscopies to remove clear cysts and scar tissue , semi-blocked tubes ,after several failed clomid and iui cycles , 2 failed IVFs , many heart breaking months and Years I just found out I am pregnant 😊
    Took serrapeptase every morning for almost 8-9 months after reading your blog and with out any other kind of medical help , it has happened …. I am still in shock … Haven’t been able to process it yet. I want to know if you kept taking serrapeptase even after you found out about you pregnancy ? Is it safe or should I stop taking it!

    • Evergreen says:

      I am 24 wks preggo. ..I stopped the serreptase when I was expecting my period on day 28 (which obviously never showed) 🙂


    I am happy to comment here because i was also diagnosed of endometriosis and i went into surgery knowing that I had a whole team on hand should I encounter any bumps on the road to recovery. This was so reassuring after not having the best recovery experiences with surgery in the past. Unfortunately, the bleeding still continue few weeks after so i contact a spell doctor who is a real spiritual doctor and he helped me with the endometriosis healing honey which is the cure to my endometriosis pains and bleeding. everything is now well and I’ve been enjoying getting back to all those things that had been put on hold so long. i now have sex without pain and i am now a mother of two girls and a boy. The regular phone calls with the nurse practitioner is no more and i am still thanking the healing spell caster that helped me solve my endometriosis after i used his endometriosis herbal healing oil which is the only solution to endometriosis pain and bleeding. however small or trivial your problem is you have to contact the healing spell caster right now. Contact: divinespells@outlook. com +2348100562082

  71. Risa Mcclain says:

    Hello, love you post. I have been doing tje serrapeptase and tje Nattokinase along with the chinese tea and the herb womens best friend. The question I have that i cant find any where, are you post to hold the serrapeptase and nattokinase during your periods???

  72. Annie says:

    Hello , I have just being diagnosed with fibroids and cysts. And I’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while now. Please can you help me out and tell me how you did it.

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