Surgery for Endometriosis Actually Makes Your Case Worse

Ever since I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I was told it’ll be hard for me to get pregnant and doctors said the only way is to have surgery and remove the endo, etc. There was one doctor who said if I don’t have surgery “quick,” my endo will eat up both my ovaries and I’ll never be able to have children. The doctors scared me. They went from compassionate, to emotionless, to making me scared if I don’t have surgery. I couldn’t help but think to myself, is this the ONLY way? Will surgery really work?

After careful research, most women get their endo back within a short period of time and some women get their endometriomas back the very next month after surgery! Then they put you on lupron and you feel terrible because it makes you in a menopausal state. But does this really cure the endo?

Doctors only know how to “cut” off a problem but don’t ask “what caused” the problem. If you can spend some time asking yourself what caused the problem in the first place, you’ll have a basis to cure it. I read on many women’s commentary on endo sites, women’s sites that they had to have a surgery every year for their endo because it keeps coming back and they ended up losing their ovaries and even one doctor removed their entire uterus! Guess what? Even when he removed the uterus, the endo was still there and growing back the next month! It’s hard to not ask whether doctors are doing it just for the money. What I want to ask is why they have to change people’s lives just for the money? Have they any heart to know that these are real women with real problems and they are messing with people’s lives???

It made me mad. Many people leave their lives up to the doctors but doctors do not necessarily have your best interest at hand. Why won’t they ever share WHY the endo occurs? If your body can “stop” developing endo, then you wouldn’t need surgery and better yet, you’ll have two healthy ovaries waiting for you when you do want to get pregnant. Just because someone doesn’t cut you open, doesn’t mean you can’t find cure. So many people want a “fast” cure when they’re unwilling to face what they have done to themselves. You should be happy you found endo in your body! Your body is telling you “hey, I’m suffering here, can you please correct your lifestyle and save me?”

Many women ignore this fact and think that cutting things and burning things will solve their problem when the problem is really themselves. By now through reading this site, you all know that excess estrogen is the cause of endo. Decreasing estrogen foods and avoiding xenoestrogens from the the environment can save your fertility and monthly pain. If staying away from certain foods can give you a lifetime of relief and freedom from infertility, would you do it? Isn’t it a small price to pay?

I’d rather give up food than go into surgery and get my insides burned from laser through laps. I refuse to go in to multiple laps and find out at the end of it all, none of my ovaries is left from the doctors. Not only will I be left with more endo, my insides would have already been ruined by surgery.

This is why I started this site to share my experience. It breaks my heart to read women who are going through repeated lap surgery to remove their endo and then finding it come back again and again until they can no longer bare children.

If you have a girlfriend in need, please do ask them to search for alternative help besides getting surgery. Please forward along this site and show them that it is possible to have an endo free life without any surgery and you’ll stay that way forever. All they need is the perseverance to give up some foods they love. Small price to pay for fertility and pain free periods right?


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7 Responses to Surgery for Endometriosis Actually Makes Your Case Worse

  1. Michelle says:

    I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years now. I just turned 35, and am beginning to lose hope for the natural cures. I had an HSG test (the sonogram version with saline rather than dye) that showed 2 proximally blocked tubes (right at the uterus) – this could have been from spasming because there was a lot of pain and the doc performing it was inexperienced (I found this out right before the test – not terribly confidence-building, you know?), but they don’t know. Absolutely everything else between my husband and I has proven completely normal with testing, and they’re saying the next option considering the HSG result is a Lap surgery. I have never felt comfortable with the idea, but at this point I just want to know what is going on inside my body. Is it endo? Is it hydrosalpinges? Am I deformed in some way? I have been doing expensive chinese herbs and acupuncture with an acupuncturist for the last 7 months religiously, and have been taking Serrapeptase in fairly high doses the same time. I have been doing self massage after getting some mayan uterine massage, and have even been juicing (the only juice that I can’t do is kale… for some reason it makes me gag, but I love it cooked!). I just bought a bottle of Natto-kinase yesterday and am hopeful that it might be helpful, but I am so frustrated. How old were you when you became pregnant the first time? Also, I could not find your infertility diet. I think I should start to implement some of the changes (I love dairy and gluten, and I’m sure they don’t help my plight). Could you tell me which section of your blog it’s in? Thanks for your help, and for your site! It is very informative!

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi Michelle,

      I understand what you’re going through. Many of my friends got pregnant after age 35 with more trouble than you. Have you done an ultrasound yet to see if you have any fibroids? Do a CA-125 test. This usually is a blood test for cancer but it also measures whether you have the possibility of endometriosis without doing lapraoscopy (a small surgery) to figure out whether you have endo. Your ob can do this easy. It’s just drawing a blood sample. Why are you taking serrapeptase if you do not have endo? Given it’s a health product and there’s no harm in taking it but people with endo and fibroids usually take it. I have a lot of stuff on foods on this link but you should generally look through the entire site and see if there are any topics that interest you like clicking on the different categories on the top of the page. This is the link on foods: What you’re doing is good for your health however and keep it up. You may or may not have to cut out gluten. You can have your doctor do a gluten test on you to see if you’re allergic to gluten. If you are, then you can start cutting it out. Many people don’t know they’re allergic to gluten since it’s not “life and death” and they don’t feel like like others do. I think your biggest problem is the blocked tubes. There’s a procedure that unblocks your tubes. I forget what it’s called but ask your ob or your fertility doctor. Are you working with a fertility doctor? You SHOULD! So many women feel like they shouldn’t go to fertility doctor but it’s so common and they’re the best! They do so many tests to figure out what exactly is going on with your body. I highly suggest it and a majority of fertility clinics are covered under insurance for tests and ultrasounds, etc. Maybe only IVF and IUI is not covered but most of it should be covered. I am 30 and pregnant with my first. Most people at 30 don’t have many problems but I did starting at age 28! Every woman is different! That’s why it’s extremely important to work with a fertility doctor to figure out what is going on with your body.

      Let me know if I can help with anything else! Hang in there!


      • Michelle says:

        Thank you so much for all of the input. I have been taking serrapeptase because I have a strong family history of endometriosis. I didn’t know about that blood test. My regular doc (GYN) said the only way to dx endo is via lap surgery. I think you’re right. I should begin working with a specialist – it’s just that my insurance covers a lifetime of $1500 for anything fertility related, and I was hoping to make it happen with the acupuncture/herbs, etc. Thanks again!!

      • Michelle says:

        Oh, I forgot to say, they dx no fibroids or any other uterine abnormalities when they did the HSG.

      • hoghugs says:

        So they did a complete ultrasound to see if you had any fibroids or they just didn’t mention anything? Sometimes they just do HSG and don’t look at anything else. It depends on whether you have an experienced ultrasound specialist and how “lazy” they are… anyway, it’ll be good to know if you have none of those then nothing should stop you from getting pregnant. Just make sure they unblock those tubes!!!

      • Michelle says:

        The “HSG” (I think they are called SSG – sonosalpingogram?) they did used a sonogram rather than an xray, and saline with air bubbles to see the tubes. They could see the uterine cavity, but nothing went into tubes. The sonogram tech was really experienced, but told me a different doc was coming in, she accidentally told me that she didn’t think it would be him because he had only done this test one other time… Anyway, I’ll have more news soon, going back to the doc in the next month. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  2. Kenneth B says:

    Greaat reading this

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