Multigrain Rice for Endometriosis Diet

So when I wrote about my Endometriosis Diet, I got questions about the multigrain rice and I mentioned that you can find it in Asian supermarkets, etc. I guess that’s not an option for many of you and I forgot I knew another wonderful place for everyone for multigrain rice! – WHOLE FOODS

Have you noticed Whole Foods has that bin area where they sell bulk grains? They have grains, granolas, nuts, etc. there and I love, love, LOVE their grains section. It’s go everything you need. Today, I ran out of my Asian store bought rice and thought about being adventurous and mixing my own because my husband TMJ, a jaw problem where his jaw gets a sprain if he eats anything too chewy or hard, whatever. It’s really annoying because there are limited foods I get to cook at home that he’ll like while still healthy for me. I feel like I’m feeding a baby sometimes.

So the Asian store bought multigrain rice always has kidney beans or red beans, which take longer to cook than brown rice or wild rice, etc., that’s also included. So today, the “ah ha” went on in my head and I decided to mix my own multigrain rice.

Here are the components (I’m sure I’ll do something each time):

  • Brown Rice 50%
  • Mixed wild rice 20%
  • Black wild rice 5%
  • Millet 10%
  • Split Peas 2%
  • Quinoa 13%

1 cup rice to 2 cups water. High heat until it boils. Turn heat on low/medium, put cover on and cook for 1 hour more. Done! Perfect multigrain rice. Super yummy and healthy. Great for people with endometriosis, endometrioma, ovarian cyst, etc. It’s hormone and sugar level balancing and contains tons of fiber. Hurrah!

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11 Responses to Multigrain Rice for Endometriosis Diet

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  2. Valerie says:

    thank you!

  3. Gergana says:

    I have Endometriosis. I found some connection with the gluten and the endometriosis. I stopped the gluten since 4 mount ago, but still I don’t have any effect. Because the gluten, now I eat only rice bread, but white rice, is that a problem? Can I eat it?

    Another question. Well, it’s sure in I’ll start the enzymes Serrapeptase and Natokinase, but now I have another problem. I habe my falopian tube half-blocked. I received this one after the second stimulation for in-vitro, the hormons influanced the endometriosis. My doctor wants to make a surgery again to blockt the tube completely. It’ll be the second surgery, furst one was last year for the endometriosis, but I don’t want more surgeries. I found some chinese herbs that can unblock the tube for 10 days: Leonorus (Yi Mu Cao) and Siegesbeckia (Xi Xian Cao).
    You can read about them here:
    My question is, do you know these ones, and do you know if they work?

  4. Gergana says:

    Actualy my doctor wants to remove my tube 😦 that’s the reason I want to try the herbs.

  5. Godstimenow says:

    Hi Hoghugs,
    I was searching for natural treatment to endometriosis and I am so lucky I found your blog. So interesting and full of ideas. I just started with juicing and I saw the combinations you have given on another blog. I’ll try those:-) Thanks again!

    Hi Gergana,
    Any luck in trying those herbs? I am also searching to naturally unblock fallopian tubes as my last ultrasound they suspect that there’s excess liquid on fallopian tubes. And doctor mentioned to remove before IVF..hmm..just wondering if you found solution. Thanks!

    • Gergana says:

      Hi Godstimenow, I don’t have idea if my tube is unblocked now, but I’m pregnant naturally in spite of blocked tube with a liquid that I have and the endometriosis. I’m in 23th week now 🙂 But I drunk these Chinese herbs Leonorus (Yi Mu Cao) and Siegesbeckia (Xi Xian Cao) and I stopped also the gluten completely.

      • Godstimenow says:

        Wow.. Congratulations.. I’m so happy for you.. I’ll check these from Chinese stores.. In addition to hoghugs recommendations.. I feel this is my last chance of having my baby as I am already 40:-(. I’m so glad I found this site.. Have you taken Serrapeptase and Natokinase?

      • Gergana says:

        Thank you 🙂
        No I didn’t take Serrapeptase and Natokinase. I took some another herbs in addition, but the most important are Leonorus (Yi Mu Cao) and Siegesbeckia (Xi Xian Cao). I am 38, almost 40…

      • Godstimenow says:

        Thank you.. I got another bad news now. My amh is less than .03..I still hope hoghugs recommendations will help me..I’ll try your herbs too:-)

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