Make Your Man Fertile! Supplements for Semen Improvement for Male Infertility

This will probably be one of the most enjoyable posts because it deals with men and the stuff they love that “we” hate. I’m not a hater of alcohol by any means. I love a cocktail or a nice glass of wine but sometimes husbands take it to a max! Well, here’s to all the things they love and what it does to their “semen” and ability to procreate. I love using “procreate” because it cuts into their ego. No man wants to be referred to as infertile. It’s a real test to their manhood.

The fertility clinic that I’ve been going to taught me a big about perfecting sperm so that all those swimmers become stronger and can penetrate better.

Let’s define a few terms.

  • ROS: Reactive oxygen species or oxidizing molecules (bad)
  • TAC: Total antioxidant capacity (good)

When ROS is more than TAC, you’ve got a problem. Think of ROS as stuff that damages the semen. In medical terms, they result in cell membrane damage and DNA defragmentation. When ROS is more than TAC, then you have what they call “oxidative stress.” Oxidative stress is caused by almost everything from the foods we eat to pollution, etc.

What does this mean for the man? Fatty foods, processed foods, alcohol, smoking, sleeping late, etc., are all bad for his semen and baby creation. So next time he’s trying to eat wings with beer while watching tv, you can say how he’s destroying his ability to procreate.

Ha ha.

Ok, so what combats this oxidative stress? Exactly what you read above: TAC. Antioxidants! Some antioxidants the fertility clinic highly suggested are the following:

  • Men’s multi-vitamin (one daily) – should include some Folic Acid and Zinc
  • Coenzyme Q10 (one 200mg, twice per day)
  • L-Carnitine (two 500mg tablets, twice per day)
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (one 500 mg tablet, twice per day)

There may be other companies that provide fertility supplements for men. Those are fine too but for people who may want to just pick up something at their pharmacy, the above is sufficient.

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3 Responses to Make Your Man Fertile! Supplements for Semen Improvement for Male Infertility

  1. santhu says:

    how to increase sperms in my body

    • hoghugs says:

      Santhu, to increase sperm, you have to go on a similar diet to endo actually. For men, eat healthy (no processed foods, more dark leafy greens, NO RED MEAT), get Coenzyme10 and that helps you produce your sperm count and health. In addition, exercise regularly. I’ll try and put out an article on how to increase sperm shortly.

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