Does your menstrual cycle / period sync with other women?

Mine do. Just two weeks ago I was visiting family in California and being with family has always been relaxing for me except I don’t know this time, many stressful situations came up! Not going into the details of my family here. When I came back home, my period was late, really late. Now it’s been over five days late.

No, I’m not pregnant. I took home pregnancy tests and all came out negative. Immediately I grew worried. I’ve never had a “late” period! Yes, 1-2 days but more than 5?!

I’ll be going to the fertility clinic on Monday of course but there could be several reasons:

  1. Stress – studies show that stress causes women to delay ovulation and therefore, delay their period. Body tells you that when you’re stressed, it’s not ideal to have a baby. Easy to understand…
  2. Pheromones are flying! – my sisters and I were together and many other men like brother in-laws, etc. etc. We weren’t sleeping on schedule, and didn’t eat on schedule. However, the saying that women’s cycles sync has some truth to it. I just found out my sister’s period was 7 days late this month. Yikes! Some strong pheromones we all have.
  3. Diet – the diet in California was different since I had a different eating pattern.
  4. Acupuncture – I have an insanely good doctor for acupuncture in California and she knows how to fix me. I went on a 3 hour session with her while in CA and acupuncture can alter the women’s cycle for more than 7 days sometimes.

I’ve been getting a little sore in my pelvic area here and there and have all the symptoms that my period is coming but it just hasn’t come! Very annoying. Now I need to do another ultrasound and blood test. Will update on Monday on my results!


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2 Responses to Does your menstrual cycle / period sync with other women?

  1. Ari says:

    Im going trhough the same thing. Both of my sisters and I have been in sync all he time and usually my period wud start after theirs or usually at the same time. Now that I’ve missed a few days at home or more, my period had came in late about 3 or 4 days late. I have re symptoms of my period but still hasn’t started.

  2. breathofheaven says:

    Hi Julie,
    Would you mind sharing about finding a good acupuncturist? Is the one in California anywhere near Riverside County? Southern California?

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