Endometrioma shrunk in just another few weeks!

On January 26th, I posted my Endometriosis diet. My endometrioma was 5.4 cm last November and on Jan 4th, it was 5.8cm. On Jan 22nd, it showed it was 5.1, hence my post on my diet. The fact that it shrunk 0.7cm was already amazing. Today I went for another ultrasound and it was 4.1cm! That’s only since Jan 22nd. It’s only been another 19-20 days and it shrunk again.

To all the women out there suffering from endometriosis and who’s had several rounds of laparoscopy, please start understanding “why” your body keeps producing the same disease over and over and over again. Even after surgery, I’ve heard so many women who said the endo came back the month after. Then why have surgery? The surgery only gets rid of the symptom but does not get rid of the root cause. Your body is telling you that your immune system is down therefore those endo cells can spread!

My mother had cancer before where the doctors said there’s nothing else they can do. My father put her on a strict all organic raw diet with no meat. It’s been over 15 years and she’s healthy. If you don’t feed the diseased cells what it wants to eat, it won’t grow and soon enough, you’ll starve them all away.

I hope that all you women out there suffering from this and listening to your OB/GYN would reconsider that sometimes the doctors don’t know as much as you about your diet. You can ask yourself:

  1. Do you drink sodas? Diet sodas?
  2. Do you eat fried foods often?
  3. Do you eat noodles, pastas and white rice often?
  4. Pizza? Hamburger? Chicken Nuggets?
  5. TV dinners?
  6. Chicken? Beef? Lamb?
  7. Do you drink coffee? Therefore put sugar or artificial sugar and cream?

All processed foods feed into for endometrioma and endometriosis. This means sodas, refined sugars (coffee, sodas), diet sodas are the worse, chips, pastas, and basically everything up above is a big “NO.” Chicken is okay if it’s organic but eating regular chicken is actually horrible for endo since nowadays all the chickens are shot up in hormones that contributes to endo! So are beef, lamb, and other red meats. To learn more about my endo diet, please read my post on Jan 22, 2011 under “Infertility.”

A new information I also found out is that my husband has normal count of sperm but low motility (mobility). Therefore, not getting pregnant may be a male factor as well. It’s time for me to start him on a special diet! He’s getting tested again at the end of this month since everything changes by the day so we’ll know more about whether his sperm is really low mobility by the end of the month.

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21 Responses to Endometrioma shrunk in just another few weeks!

  1. Sylvia Suen says:

    So glad to hear that the endo is shrinking again! The diet is clearly working.
    Hope your husband’s re-test will show normal mobility.

  2. stephanie says:

    Hello, this is great news! I have just been told that I have a 6 cm mass that my doc thinks is an endometrioma. She would like to do a Laparoscopy but I would like to try a different approach, any more on your history I would love to know. Endo exists in many of the women in my family, you?

    • hoghugs says:

      Stephanie, there are better ways to find out whether it’s endometrioma rather than doing a laparoscopy. Doing a lap will have you in a 3-4 week recovery period. Something that doesn’t need to be endured. Have you done vaginal ultrasounds and done a CA125 blood test yet? Any good ultrasound can see that if the mass is murky and not purely black, it will be endometriomas. They shouldn’t just open you up for no good reason. Surgery is one of the prime ways doctors make money. Please resort to it last. OR have them do the lap and tell them to only “look” and don’t do anything to your ovaries yet. Any bad procedure can hurt your ovaries and make you unable to have babies later. Some doctors cut out a lot of your ovary for a “quick” and “easy” procedure while highly decreasing the surface of working ovary cells for reproduction. It’s very unethical and the thing is, the patient doesn’t know anything about it and will just be told that “everything was successful” in the end. It’s very hard to know what exactly went on. Please revert to other ways before cutting yourself open by a doc.

  3. Hala Lola says:

    I just thank you because its rare to find a good person who share his experience without something in turn!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dianita32000@yahoo.com says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for posting your info & the endometriosis diet! I too have an endometrioma about the same size yours was. I’m curious is your tumor gone now?

    • hoghugs says:

      Not sure if gone since I just had a baby. I will attempt to get an ultrasound in 6 months when I plan to start having another baby. Will update you then!



  6. my new blog says:

    Useful blog post! I definitely loved it. I’ve read through a similar blog page around Magnetic resonance imaging scans. Its most definitely worth looking at.

  7. bd says:

    I don’t know whether or not to take this seriously since I thought it was common knowledge that chicken does not have growth hormones or anything similar used in it. It’s not legal in the US, only beef gets hormones. Not pork or chicken.

  8. Sherry says:

    Thanks for this very inspiring story. I have a similar problem – two endometriomas on my right ovary that I wish to starve off as well. Can you let me know if you happened to take serrapeptase during this first phase of shrinking the cyst. Also, starving off endometriomas would also mean depriving them of estrogen to keep them from growing – any idea if some natural progesterone would also help alongside? Thanks a lot for this wonderful story.

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi Sherry, I have found that combination of diet, serrapeptase, and DIM (estrogen balancer) allowed me to shrink them effectively. DIM is over the counter supplement. I bought mine on Amazon, a nrand called Nature’s Way.

      • Sherry says:

        Thanks a lot for your reply! I am continuing on my strict diet now, and am considering eliminating grains altogether, as I find that grains, whether whole or not, can be acid-forming and thus can hinder shrinking of tumours/endometriomas. Any thoughts on this? I however happen to be losing a lot of weight as I cannot supplement enough raw fats, or healthy nuts such as almonds. I love red rice, even better than brown, and am considering including it into my diet intermittently. Hog Hugs, I’d love to know what you think about ruling out grains entirely – a vegan-paleo kind of diet? thanks again for your insights here, and yours and your mum’s inspiring healing stories!

      • hoghugs says:

        Hi Sherry, I think eating brown rice or red rice is ok. I feel that we need whole grains to survive. Adding 1-2 servings a day shouldn’t be inflammatory but a good source of nutrients and fiber. Go ahead!

  9. dianita32000@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Sherry & Hoghugs, thanks for the posts. I need to try out the serrapeptase & DIM. I just had a baby last May & now I’d like to get back on track & get rid of my endometrioma. It was around size of grapefruit while I was pregnant.

  10. Ephemeral says:

    Hi Hoghugs,

    Would you mind sharing what happened with your endometrioma? Has it completely shrunk away? They found one on my left ovary – 7cm – Sep’14. Since then I have been following weekly chinese treatments with accupuncture and daily herbs. I loosely followed the diet too, but stress was through the roof from Sept’14 to May’15.
    I had another ultrasound in July’15 and the endometrioma was at 4.5cm. I suspect it could have shrunk even more had my stress not been that bad. I am wondering if I stand a chance to have it disappear completely with these treatments…especially now that stress is normal, and I am following the diet more closely, working out, and continuing traditional chinese treatments. This is why I am asking about your experience/results. Everywhere I read, they say that endometriomas do NOT go away.
    Thanks so much,

    • Nessa says:

      Hello! I’m at a similar situation right now, researching like crazy because I have a doctors apt tomorrow. I have an endometrioma on my left ovary 6cm. What did you ladies do to shrink them? Is there hope to get rid of it without surgery? Any and all help and insight on your experience will be oh so helpful!

    • Sarah says:

      HI Ephemeral,

      I am not sure if you will receive this message, I have bilateral ovarian endometriomas but they are not that big now. One is around 3 cm and the other one is 2cm and I feel like its growing each day, can you please tell me what chinese herbs did you take to shrink endometrioma?

  11. Sherry says:

    Girls try adding a few drops of frankincense in a carrier oil such as castor oil or coconut oil (I prefer castor oil), and soak a tampon in it. Wear the tampon overnight and do this for around two weeks or more. Cysts are known to have shrunk via this method. Frankincense is a miracle essential oil, with high anti-carcinogenic properties and can aid in healing – only be sure to know its power and not get addicted to it in any way. Please ensure you also do all the right things alongside such as eating mineral rich food, natural drinks such as molasses and coconut water, cleansing herbs, etc.

  12. Fab says:

    Did you get rid of the endometrioma? Just by diet change?…I’ve had one Lap a few years ago and got another chocolate cyst. I’ve had it for a year or so. It wasn’t growing and now it is. I’ve made changes in my diet and seeing a naturopath. I’m supposed to start a birth control pill but I don’t want to. Don’t do well on them….so did you entirely get rid of it?? Have you any other?

  13. Ruchiccio says:

    Sounds like BS to me. How does HogHugs not know if it shrank during pregnancy? Did she not have a single ultrasound during pregnancy? Too many details don’t add up here. So there’s no reason for anyone to feel hopeful about a dietary change to “cure” endometriomas

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