Frustrating Ovulation Kits…and… My 30th Birthday!

Today is my 30th birthday and will be the first time that I’m using an ovulation kit as well. I can’t visit my fertility clinic these few days because I’m traveling so the doc said I should use a kit and monitor my ovulation. What is so frustrating is I think I bought a confusing one. There I thought I was being smart and saying all are created equal whether it’s named brand or not and why pay twice the amount if I don’t have to? So I bought the CVS Brand…


People think that it’s not too bad with two stripes, make sure one stripe is either the same color or darker than the sample and voila, you’re ovulating.

Sounds easy, right?

Anyway, I did the deed and urinated into the plastic cup they gave, dipped my stick in and laid it flat. It says, read the strip at 4 minutes and not more than 5 minutes. This was already a little stressful. You’ll find yourself doing nothing but stare at the stick as two lines form. The first line is a “control” line. I guess that’s the color and intensity you’re shooting for. The second line is… think of it as you’re line. If it’s lighter or none at all, you’re not ovulating.

So what the hell is so confusing?

Well, as the liquid rose, the control line appeared and so did my line and I seriously cannot tell if my line is of a lighter color. It’s just thinner but looks like the same color but then again, you could say it’s slightly lighter if you look at it long enough. I think the color intensity plays tricks with people Especially women who are trying to figure out whether you’re ovulating! Part of you says, “I should be, yes, I am!” and the other part of you is just… “maybe I’m over thinking this.”

Next time I’m just going to go buy Clear Blue which gives you a happy face when you are. Now I see the value in that…. yikes. Who would make it so confusing?!?!

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