Mayan Abdominal Massage Done

So I did my massage today with Julie Malinowski at Suvarna Chiropractic and Spa in Chicago. Julie has her own practice at Hara Health Care but works occasionally by appointment at Suvarna. I was so glad I had her because I don’t know how I would have gone through it without someone like her.

The Mayan Abdominal Massage (I’m going to call it MAM from now on due to the long typing) is not a “relaxing” massage. I have an extremely high pain tolerance and for starters, if you’re expecting a very calming massage, think the other way.

She first started with feeling my pelvis and using deep strokes with her fingers did a smooth flow from my lower pelvis to my belly button then moved to my right bottom pelvis to my belly button like drawing a “V” like symbol on your pelvis area. This wasn’t the part that hurt actually. There was a little pain but not a lot.

The next part was what almost made me cry. She went from the top of my solar plexus to my belly button in long deep strokes and then from the left and right, this time drawing kind of an upside down “V” on  your body with it always floating towards the belly button. I have no idea why but the insides of me just was so tight that every time she put pressure and continued the stroke, I did feel the graininess of my belly like my organs were hard or something was pushing against her fingers that were hard but that should be soft. What got me through it all? Julie. She was amazing. She went slow and went from light to deep and although it hurt, she always knew when to stop at the right time. Her attitude and demeanor was very pleasant along with Suvarna’s very calming environment, thick sheets and blankets, it was in the end, a good experience because afterwards, I felt relaxed! I wanted to take a nap even afterwards.

I usually have trouble sleeping and I think massages like this would make me sleep at night. She also said people hold their tension and stress in that part of the stomach area. Heard of “butterflies in your stomach” before? Well, we do kind of hold it there. I’m an overly stressed person usually with running my own business and all and now dealing with cysts and such. Therefore, this massage will help me in the long run. In terms of whether it’ll help with the fertility issue? No idea but I’ll try any homeopathic methods. Can do no harm and if anything, you’re just getting healthier.

Let me know if anyone has questions about this massage. I’ll gladly answer anything!

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12 Responses to Mayan Abdominal Massage Done

  1. Gigi says:

    I’m considering having this kindof massage done but concerned they will push to hard and rupture my endometriomas, one on each side. What are the odds that will happen?

    Also do castor oil packs help shrink endometriomas? I know they help fibroids but that’s not my problem.

    Also it is advisable to have your hair tested for excessive copper toxicity, that is my problem and its linked to all these issues we seem to suffer from, hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, endo, cysts etc. I am chelating now, and finding out about Dr Wilson’s Copper toxicity protocol was like finding the needle in the haystack for me.

    • hoghugs says:

      Hi Gigi,

      Before doing the massage, you’ll need to tell them about your endometriomas. Mine are considered big at 4.1cm now and they’ll use discretion. They will not rupture. It’s actually not as deep as you think. There’s a lot of muscle and your intestines before they reach your ovaries so you’re safe on that side. You will have more bowel movement because of the massage (which I’m kind of a fan of because with endo, you sometimes are constipated).

      Castor oil – I think I’ll stay away from that.

      I’ve never heard of copper toxicity in the hair. Let me know how that goes. If you find good results from that, let us know and we’ll add it to the blog as a formal treatment technique. Stay with hopes held high! You’ll get through this!

  2. ida says:

    Thank you for putting together your experience in this website. It is truly an inspiration. I saw your comment on castor oil pack and wanted to know more on why you are avoiding those? Generally on the web there are positive comments on it.

    • hoghugs says:

      I’m not sure whether castor oil packs work but it seems very messy and there’s isn’t too much to back it for me to try it. However, I’m not against it at all! All the power to anyone who will put oil on them nightly and wake up washing that off. I just don’t have the time and don’t think that is the main source of endo treatment. It’s a supplement treatment I would say. Anything that goes over the skin to seep into our skin and then function into the organs seems like a long shot and stretch to me. I find that eating right and also eating the serrapeptase and nattokinase made my period pain free in only a month. I think castor oil pack would feel “great” for taking a nap but again, I think it’s pretty messy. They also suggest keeping it on overnight. I don’t think I can do overnight without rolling over and getting it all over the bed and sheets. Sounds like a lot of work. But if you have the patience, please try it and let us know how it works out for you!

  3. Caroline says:

    For fertility or any female problems, I ighly recommend Dr. Lisa Lau in China town. She is a herbalist.
    Does Maya Massage help with adhesion?

    • hoghugs says:

      Supposed to help with the adhesion in endometriosis, yes. Increases blood circulation and pressure point massage and organ massage. A lot like what acupuncture does but it exercises your organs so good for endometriosis. Just don’t go during your period or ovulation.

    • Julic says:

      Does anyone had luck with infertility with dr lisa Lau in Chicago China Town? Please advice.

    • Julic says:

      Caroline, did dr lisa lau help you with infertility?

      • Caroline Depcik says:

        Hi, I went to Lisa lau for my 14 year old daughter s abdominal pain. All the drs. and her pediatric gastro dr said, ” we give up, there is nothing medically we can do for you.” So I found Lisa lau through a friend and after researching her and reading people’s testimonial, I saw that she helped women with fertility issues. So, no I didnt go for my feritlity issue. But I strongly reccommend it because I believe in the testimonials and my daughter is 90 percent pain free at last. There is another herbalist in oakpark. Look up TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) and also look into myofascial release therapy.

      • Julic says:

        Thank you Caroline,

        I hope there is someone out there that can share more experiences. I’m going to see Dr lisa on Saturday. I will post my experince with the treatment.

        Thank you so much Caroline

  4. judyjo1 says:

    Is it only a 1 time visit or does she recommend to go often?

  5. Godstimenow says:

    Hi Julic,

    Any luck on Dr Lisa Lau for fertility? did it work?

    Hi Hoghugs,

    I was thinking of going thru this mayan massage. is this one time or series of visits? And which part of your cycle it is advisable to go?

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