Endometriosis Diet

Although the doctor has not confirmed that I have endometriosis or endometrioma, I know I do have a cyst on my right ovary that looks like endometrioma. I researched quite a bit online and found that you should eat foods that decrease estrogen as estrogen makes cysts and fibroids grow. So here are a list of foods that I have been eating since January 4th:

Whole Grains – I cook these like oatmeal or porridge or eat them as a substitute for white rice. See my post on multigrain rice.

Fish – omega 3 – Good to decrease inflammation

Dark Greens – Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Dandelion

Great dark green for endometriosis / endometrioma diet.

Great dark green for endometriosis / endometrioma diet.

Herbs – Parsley, Cilantro, Garlic, Jujube

Other greens: Bean Sprouts, Long Beans, Edamame, Bok Choy, Cabbage, Celery

Nagaimo and Gobou- total heatlh food found in asian supermarkets. These help balance hormones and does 10 other good things to the body. Nagaimo – mineral ingredients (zinc, potassium, iron, etc.) and vitamins C and B group. Furthermore, they contain many digestive enzymes, such as diastase. They also contain a nutrient called Mucin which gives it its distinctive mucilaginous texture. Mucin is a glycoprotein and a fibrous biopolymer, and works to activate cells in the body It increases metabolism, prevents aging, heals dry rough skin, helps with recovery from fatigue, relieves constipation, and has beneficial dietary effects. It is known to be effective for preventing and treating geriatric diseases such as diabetes and hyperlipemia.

Health food from Japan now popular everywhere.

Potatoes – no, not fried! Cut into pieces and stir fried in wok with vinegar, salt and sesame seeds.

Organic Chicken – Only for home made chicken soup. I don’t buy store bought because too much sodium and too much msg and preservatives.

NO PRESERVATIVES! Very important to not eat any preservatives for this kind of diet. It’s probably the preservatives that started it in the first place.

Fish oil supplement and a multi-vitamin.

Omega 3 oils – vege oils should have labels to see which one has omega 3. These are good for you as we need some oils in the body.

So far these are easy to implement into my diet and my everyday life. I know there are more foods that satisfy these requirements but these are easy for me to make and maintain. I usually have a piece of fish at night with whole grain rice and some organic chicken soup cooked with ginseng, jujube, and ginger. This soup already has some taste without any salt seasoning so I only need minimal salt. Then I add in Nagaimo (which tastes like potatoes) and kale and voila, there’s my dinner. I’m Asian so I don’t like thick soups anyway so I cook broth a lot.

For vegetables, it’s best to lightly stir fry in a pan or wok with some garlic and a little bit of salt. Lightly stir frying until the vegetables are cooked but no overcooked. How do you know this? The vegetables retain their bright green color, you bit into it and it’s still a little crisp but you know it’s already cooked. That’s the best.

I don’t drink or eat anything cold. Why? Cold foods shock the body’s system especially our reproductive organs! Your body is naturally warm so imagine if you keep inserting cold items in, it sometimes make certain areas of your body coagulate (this is the Eastern medicine kicking in). Eastern medicine for overall homeopathic help, you keep everything warm to provide a smooth flow in your body. Have you ever noticed that whenever you get your period and you eat cold items your cramping gets worse? Guess why? The woman’s body likes to have a heat flow to normalize our periods. That’s why we put hot water bottles on our bellies to sooth cramps.

One last thing, no caffeine.

22 Days on this diet now. Went to do an ultrasound today and found that my left cyst went down about 1 cm, right one went down 0.5 cm. Not bad for 22 days? What’s better is the way I feel. I have more energy and my skin (which had acne before) cleared up and I never feel that food coma. Great for the health. Anyone should try it! Oh, I also lost about 3 pounds in weight I gained from holiday eating. Yay!

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15 Responses to Endometriosis Diet

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  4. Tegan says:

    I love you! really great writing thankyou. I totally believe you, only prob is western people cant eat like that easily! Im going to try though. you make it sound so easy. lol. thankyou for putting the time in to make this article i hope it helps others too.

    • hoghugs says:

      I’m going to keep putting up information that we need. Can you believe that this sickness affects 10% of the women population? And yet all the women are silent because they’re “ashamed” of it. I just wish everyone would snap out of it and get together and combat this disease. Sometimes I feel like the doctors won’t do a thing besides surgery because it’s profit profit profit. They know it comes back after surgery therefore recurring revenue. They many times really don’t care about the patient and what it means to each family’s lives. I felt like a number before in my ob/gyn. It’s very important to have an ob/gyn that truly cares and it’s not all about the profit.

  5. Alina says:

    Or u can try this: http://www.biomediclabs.com
    check for medical conditions:Endometriosis or Woman’s Health
    I am taking Serrapeptase for more than one month now for breast syst and uterine fibroids,endometriosis.
    Will continue till get rid off all unwanted symptoms and pains! I feel much much better,thank to God! I hope its can help someone else as well!

    All best!

  6. Mary says:

    First, I want to say THANK YOU for giving me hope! We have been trying for over a year and I’m going through a similar process – hsg showed tubes were clear, husband has low motility, and recently had a natural IUI. During the ultrasound they found 3 endometriomas (about 2cm) on both ovaries. I felt there had to be another way besides surgery and after reading through infertility books and coming across your website, it is worth a try to change my diet. Do you have any recommendations for recipe books, or a website for recipes that is specific to our condition? Also, I have a terrible sweet tooth.. any recipes to fulfill those cravings? Thank you again for sharing your journey! 🙂

    • hoghugs says:

      Sweet tooth is a hard one! I just drink fresh fruit juice. Squeeze them yourself. Don’t buy tropicana or anything. Pasteurized juices are just sugar. Once you’re on the diet, you’ll be surprised your cravings will go away…

  7. seronajo says:

    tnx for that info it really helps a lot to those people suffering from that cyst.

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  9. Hi, I love that you are also telling people about reducing pain via diet for endometriosis I wanted to tell you about my website with a lot of recipes that are endometriosis friendly, with lots of sweet tooth desserts and treats too.


    Also I’d like to point out that soy/soyabeans/edamame aren’t good for endometriosis also eggs

    x x x

  10. Paula says:

    Hi I noticed (or might have missed) your intake on beans…. I love to cook beans and eat them plain (pinto beans boiled and garnish with cilantro). Are beans ok for this Endometriosis Diet?

  11. Megan Fuhr says:

    I agree with you all. I have been on the endo diet for a week now and have never felt better! I don’t eat meats, dairy, sugars or anything containing gluten. Basically that just leaves you with fresh fruits and vegetables. When I need sweets I turn to berries (organic) or a piece of fresh fruit. I basically eat huge salads with organic veggies. I have two healthy children (ages 17 mos and 3 years) and I have had diagnosed endo for 20 years. I had my first child at age 36 and second one at 37 almost 38. After that though I had a miscarriage and have not been able to get pregnant since. I decided it was likely my endo was back in full force! My skin looks better and my weight is finally coming down with the new eating.

  12. humiditi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. I’ve suffered from endometriosis for 3 years now. Hormonal pills didn’t help and laproscopy only took care of the symptoms but didn’t eradicate the disease. I’m really hoping your diet helps and i’ll try incorporating your tips in my Indian diet. PS: I’m Indian but not a fan of spice! 🙂

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