Semen Analysis – Do “IT” There Or Not?

So our first encounter with the fertility clinic was great since they take care of you and hold your hand and tell you all the things you would like to find out about yourself and so forth. My husband was scheduled to do a semen analysis right away and a blood test.

To do a semen analysis, you have to abstain from sex for 2 days (any form of it) so they get the most accurate count. He scheduled himself for today. You can either:

1) Do it at home and put it in the plastic cup they give you but deliver it within the hour


2) Do it there

We probably thought too much about it at first because he said if he did it at home and had to deliver within the hour, it’s too rushed and he’ll feel pressed for time and he’ll worry about the weather outside (because you have to keep it room temperature). Chicago temperature right now is about 5 degrees so the semen may freeze (ha ha). Therefore, he opted to do it there.

Was it a good choice? He arrived at the clinic and was instructed to go to a small room. It had “nothing” in there. It’s a blank room for you to do your business. This fertility clinic offered to no magazines, chairs, nothing. Therefore, awkwardness. Then maybe because the nature of what he was doing made him very self conscious as he was starting to hear people outside walking about and immediate started to feel that the walls were too thin.

More awkwardness.

It took longer than usual but the deal is done. We’ll now have to wait 2-3 days for the results. What matters is the specimen did not freeze in my opinion. If I had to do it again, I would still opt for him to do it there.

Feel free to share any other experiences here on your semen analysis tests, environment, etc.

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