Hi Ladies! (or “Gentle”men)

Hello everyone, I’m starting this site to help women out there share their experiences and also to get expert advice as well. At age 29 and diagnosed with “infertility” at my ob/gyn, I was confused and depressed at the same time. I remember coming out of the office not knowing what to think. However, this was the beginning of a new journey for me as I was out to find answers. What is infertility? Why is my body doing what it’s doing and is my ob/gyn right? My doctor said I would need surgery to cure my “infertility” but then I go ask for second opinions, third opinions, and so forth (you get the idea). I found that every doctor said something different. Some said surgery, some said not, and some said I’m perfectly fertile! What is right? Without knowing or getting second opinions, I may be under the knife right now and who knows what they would be cutting out of me!

After my experience, I found that there’s a need to start a site where women share their most intimate details to help other women. No shame! We’re like hogs for hugs here so therefore, the site name. Ta da! There isn’t a unified place to keep all our comments and problems. Let’s start posting what we need help with.

I go the extra mile… with popular posts, I will personally interview the best doctors and get you your second, third, fourth, fifth, infinite opinions… let’s share away!

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