Your OB/GYN vs. Fertility Clinic Doctors

Ever wonder what’s the difference between ob/gyn and fertility docs? Women find it so awful to go to fertility doctors but they really do specialize in different things. The OB/GYN’s main, and I mean “MAIN” client is pregnant women. Therefore, other than your normal pap smear (which takes months to schedule sometimes), you really shouldn’t be asking them that much about fertility and how to get pregnant (if that’s your goal). Their only option is sometime surgery.

My experience with my problem is that I have two large cysts on my ovaries. One on my left and one on my right. Left one is 3.8cm and right one is 5cm. The first time I went to do my ultrasound the ob said it may be a hemmoraghic cyst (a cyst with just blood inside, nothing dangerous and should go away in a few cycles. We decided to schedule another visit the month after. I was determined at age 29, I’m perfectly fine and fertile so I waited that month and then went for another ultrasound. This time, he did a sonohystogram on me (more on that in another post of my experience). Nope, cysts didn’t shrink or go away. Doctor says, we need to do laparoscopy on you and take the cyst out. That’s all he said. I asked to wait one more month to see if it’ll go away. He said okay.

I researched online and there were tons of information on cysts and so forth. The most important being that when hemmoraghic cysts stay for more a few months, they look like endometriomas. It’s extremely hard to tell the difference! So why the hell did he want to open me up? I hate surgeries. Then research shows that by removing cysts during procedures, you essentially damage a part of your ovaries and you may not respond to fertility drugs as well, etc. So I could be worse off in having children if I have this surgery. Why did the ob not tell me this? Main reason: their clients are the pregnant women! Not women who need help in getting pregnant.

He didnt: test my blood, test my hormone level, do an mri, etc.

Then how did he come up with surgery as a solution? Doesn’t make sense. I also don’t like that fact that I cannot call these doctors directly. I always have to have the receptionist leave a message for the doctor and then wait for the doctor to call me back. If I miss his call, too bad.

Ok, now for fertility clinics. They are “wonderful” in finding out everything and I mean everything about you before coming to any conclusions. It may not be my cysts being the problem of not getting pregnant. Fertility clinics test “everything”… ultrasound before period, after period, before ovulation, after ovulation, semen analysis of husbands, blood tests for both women and men, etc. You name it, they’ll do it.

So I’m still in the process of this whole thing. My first visit to a fertility clinic was the most inspiring thing. They gave me a new hope or something of that sort. My ob’s made me feel like a disease as with fertility clinics, they fix you.

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6 Responses to Your OB/GYN vs. Fertility Clinic Doctors

  1. Kim says:

    Hi there!

    At the age of a healthy 40 year old woman, I learned that I had reached the end of my ability to give birth with my own eggs. As I grieved this news I began to wonder how we can educate woman better much earlier in our lives.

    As I had FSA and other egg quality tests too late, I wondered why our OB/GYNs as they test for common reproductive organ health, are not testing for egg quality at the same time? Even if its not paid for by insurance. As I looked around my OB/GYN office, I hadn’t seen a single informational packet on fertility, its statistical decline of egg quality with age.

    Not only are we not doing our women justice by not educating them with options we are missing a great business opportunity to perform an early egg extraction for woman use their own eggs later in life.

    Can you help me understand some of the educational resources out there, fertility tests, etc.? Lets look to make a difference for a better future!

    Thank you so much

    • hoghugs says:

      Kim, I highly suggest you go see a fertility clinic instead of ob. Ob cater towards pregnant women and not those trying to conceive. It is a different profession. Each woman is different. Fertility clinics will run through all the tests with you that your ob doesn’t even know about. There are different tests for different ages of women with different problems so I cant go through all of them here. If you want to get pregnant, go to a fertility clinic instead.

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  2. Kim says:

    I’m sorry, my point is, why aren’t we creating an egg quality test to be done with our annual checkups earlier in a female’s life to better educate women on their fertility “baseline”. As well as just providing women options much earlier. Not when a woman finally decides. We go to an OB/gyn to provide expert advise. I believe we are doing a disservice to all of us without this education and options. Allow women to be tested annually to become educated on how their body is changing. Just as you would to get a cholesterol or thyroid test to establish a baseline. We’re missing some kind of educational element much earlier in a woman’s life. I hope that makes sense.

    • hoghugs says:

      I guess most egg testing is not covered by insurance and whether an egg is healthy is not life threatening or health threatening like a cholesterol or thyroid problem… I do think all women should be more proactive about learning about fertility as women have more stress now and find it so much harder to conceive naturally. Insurance should start to cover basic tests in fertility as our birth rates are already decreasing in our country impacting our economy as it ages. Either way, I hear you but most ob only want to deal with already pregnant women, hence the hard to get appointments even for paps… Sigh.

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  3. Kim says:

    Absolutely. How do we rally to start asking ob/gyn to start educatinge? They’ve offered me tests previously that aren’t covered by insurance. It was some kind of glow stick test. Is there a national ob/gyn association? Lets try to make a difference!!

  4. Vane says:

    Did you have kissing ovaries due your endometriomas?

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