Your OB/GYN, family histories, …

I first found out my problem with my OB/GYN. I come from a very conservative background where my mother and my sisters don’t ever talk about their “problems.” Let’s just say when my OB/GYN asked whether my mother had fibroid and cysts and such, I stared blankly and said “I just know that she had surgery around menopause because she was bleeding a lot.” My OB/GYN looked at me like I was lost and said my family should share more history. Well, from our Asian background, we don’t talk about that. I immediately went home and called my mom and asked her and she said “I’m not sure what they did to me.” Great, “real” helpful. So there I am lost about my family history of gynecological problems. Oh well, another one in the gutter.

One thing I did find is how important your ob/gyn is. So I went to 2-3 of them and only one of them found that I had a slightly enlarged pelvis area so he recommended a further test with an ultrasound scan. If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t have found my great cysts on my ovaries. However, the same ob/gyn that found this problem was also a man that was crude and made me feel “dumb” for not knowing my family’s history. I guess I can live with that, if they’re good at what they do. Right?

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