Procedure: Sonohysterogram

My second visit to the ob/gyn consisted of a vaginal ultrasound (they take a stick about 1 foot long, rub it with gel, and stick it up your vagina). This was not uncomfortable and no pain results. In return, you get to see the inside of your uterus and cyst structures (if you have any) on your ovaries.

Then he did a sonohysterogram. I’m not sure how other doctors do it but my doctor (which 90% of the women say looks like Gregory House on House M.D. the TV series) did the most painful sonohysterogram ever. He took a metal tub, about the size of the refills of your ball point pens and stuck it inside. The first time he stuck it inside, he was trying to find my tube. This hurts like crazy like he was stabbing away. Then he took it out and said “whoops, there’s a problem, the tub we used is too thick, we need to get the thinner one.”

Are you kidding?

Wouldn’t it occur to you to start with a thin one first? Why would anyone use a thick one? So the second one they brought in, although not as crazy painful, was still painful. Finally with some moving around, he got it inside my tube and then I heard “oh, we have another hold back.” I was thinking “EXCUSE ME??!!?!?” The doctor says, “The balloon on the stick is not inflating so we can’t see the cavity. We’ll have to get another stick.”


So then the third one came, I almost fainted. To tell you the truth, I have an extremely high pain tolerance and I think normal women would have already fainted. I was holding my own hands and although I’m not even religious, I was praying to God to please let this be the last time the man does this to me or else I’m going to scream! The nurses next to me looked horrified at the situation.

Does my doctor suck or I have bad luck? I’m not sure.

Third time’s the charm. He got it in, the balloon inflated, I felt pain and some bloated feeling, they took their pictures, got it out and done with it! But I still wasn’t feeling great. It may be the trauma or the shock but I was still fainty. The nurse handed me a pad and said I may drip down there for a day. I wanted to ask “why” but she left before I could say anything. I gathered myself for a little while, sat there in disbelief of what I just went through. My vagina was aching and I was tired. I started to stand up and found that I could barely walk.

I stood up, walked to the front counter only to find the reception desk lady talking on the phone with her friend, laughing and “wasting time.” I waved at her and she said “hold on a minute maam.” I waited for like 5 minutes and she went ahead and helped someone at the other side of the desk. I think she did it on purpose. What the heck? Did this woman know what I had just been through? I would yell if I had the energy.

She finally came to help me after 10 minutes. I paid my co-pay and then walked another 5 minutes to grab a cab. Got home and slept for 2 hours. Pretty traumatizing experience but I bet I was a rare case right? Any ladies out there have this procedure?

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11 Responses to Procedure: Sonohysterogram

  1. mary says:

    sorry to hear about your horrific experience. i just had a sonohysterogram done this morning and i was terrified with fear after reading about such horrific pain women had endured during the procedure.

    my clinic told me to take 2 advils an hour before. so i took 2 extra strength advils (total of 800mg). i took a mixed drink of vodka and cranberry juice with me to drink in the waiting room (couldn’t do it beforehand because i had to drive to the clinic).

    i was really nervous because a month prior, i went to the hospital where the female gynecologist wanted to get a swab in my cervix, but she was brutal and rough and felt like i was being poked with a hot iron & i didn’t have pain killers or alcohol, so i told her to stop as it was too painful & she didn’t even get to open the cervix because my muscles were too tight she said. no kidding because she was rough.

    so today, i explained to the male physician my anxieties of pain and my prior experience, so he asked me if i told my advils and i replied yes. he mentioned that vodka would help to. i told him that i was drinking that in the waiting room, but that my muscles still was tight and i can’t relax because i am too scared about the procedure. he mentioned that he will be really gentle, so i told him to go extremely slow in inserting into the cervix and the saline solution and everything.

    i was so shocked that i did not feel a thing at all. during the procedure i asked him when he will be inserting the device into my cervix and he replied that part is already done. then i asked him when it will use the saline, and he replied that he’s already done that part too. OMG!!!! i totally did not feel a thing and i know that that’s when my body started to relax, but during the procedure i kept bracing for the pain to kick in.

    i really believe that the combination of extra strength advils and alcohol (maybe not recommended to everyone, but it worked for me 🙂 and the fact that i told him to be really gentle because of how nervous i was had really helped make it a pleasant experience for me. but i have been told that male physicians are more gentle than female ones.

    • JML says:

      Wow, what great advice! If only I had this type of advice before I went in. I’m going for another one of these in about 10 days. Will try your technique! Wish me luck. Will update everyone when I get back!

      Mine was a male one… and he was “not” gentle. Again, a lot like House MD…

  2. binka says:

    Hello, today is sunday and I had my sono on friday… the pain has finally stopped. I was very nervous about the procedure. I took 4 Tylenol’s before hand and I am sure they helped a lil. I was alos told that it will not hurt as bad as an hsg. That was true… during the hsg I was crying. This type I was so freaked out about the hsg procedure, it was making me nervous for the sonohystogram. I told the doc about my horrible experience. He said it would not be bad at all. Well, it was not worse than my hsg, but it did hurt. But, the whole time the doctor was doing the procedure, he was this will help you have a baby… lol… it will help clear your tubes.I was huffing and puffing thinking in my head “this is for my future child”… the nurse felt bad for me. she was looking at me while she was injecting the saline and the doctor kept telling her to keep injecting…. but afterwards I was so relieved! He told me to ask the nurse for a pad and I am glad that I did because I had some mild bleeding. But I have had spotting and little cramps for two days now. When I lay on my stomach it hurts, it is less severe now. I was also given antibiotics. and during the procedure I could feel the water go though my fallopian tubes.

    • hoghugs says:

      It’s good you felt it through your fallopian tubes! That means you’re totally normal. The pain is worth it right? It’s so hard being a woman sometimes. The pain we endure of all this is not imaginable. Hang in there and let me know of your good news!

  3. Maureen says:

    Did I ever have this done? yes I just came back from an AM appointment today. Thank God, I didn’t have the bad lug this lady did. Right now, I notice that I do have a lot of spotting and a crampy feeling.
    Still it feels like water is flowing out. How am I feeling otherwise? tired and somewhat dizzy. My legs feel achy.

    I’ve had this done once before, this time it was done properly. When I first had this done, I only remember the dye procedure. No regular Pelvic Ultra Sound before nor, any symptoms like I’m experiencing today.

    Thank goodness, I decided against going back to work. Let’s hope this is the VERY last time, I have to have this done in my life time.


  4. Randysgirl says:

    I had a Sono done a couple of weeks ago. I am a HUGE wuss… and am NOT a fan of even getting an annual pap done! needless to say after hitting up Google for women’s experiences with the sonohysterogram, I was having horrible anxiety for at least the whole week leading up to the appointment and what was surely extremely high blood pressure the day of….
    That morning I popped 3 Motrin (what is that, 600 mg?) and had 2 glasses of wine about an hour before the appointment. Though I was still anxious in the office, I was a bit more relaxed and had more of a “bring it on!” attitude. I didn’t look at any of the stuff he was going to use (I figured, “out of sight, out of mind”) and I had my hubby come into the room with me and hold my hand during the whole thing. (it started out making me feel a little more emotional, but it sure as heck helped having his hand to squeeze when the Doc was doing everything.

    I have read a TON of women’s stories with this thing, and I have to say, I am very lucky. The speculum, and the clamp they use to hold the cervix steady was the worst part for me. there was a little cramping when he put the catheter in (and he said that my uterus was a little curved so he was having trouble) but then when he was about to inject the saline, he said “ok, here comes the worst part” and I kept waiting for that worst part… and it never came! I didn’t even feel it. Even he was a bit baffled. he goes “well, I guess, not for you!” after the saline, he takes the speculum out and puts in the ultrasound wand.. does some poking around (a little uncomfortable but not painful by any means) and you can see your uterus and ovaries on the screen, which helps take your mind off of everything… and then that’s it! it was done and over with before I even knew it. not bad at all. the preparation was worse than the actual Sono… I hope that helps anyone who is scared. I know that all the reading and researching I did prior, scared the hell out of me… but in a way, I think it helped because I freaked myself out so bad, that I expected the worst… and it turned out to not be anywhere NEAR what I feared it would be. (Mary… I never thought of bringing a drink incognito into the waiting room… that would turn out very handy if you had to wait longer than the alcohol effects lasted… lucky for me I was in and out very quickly.

    I was prepared to be out of commission for the rest of the night… but I went home, and we had friends over that night and I felt absolutely fine! Again… that is me… fabulously from all the other stories out there… everyone is different. Good luck to you all… and just keep in mind… it will all be worth it when you get that BFP!

  5. Stephanie says:

    I had a horrible experience getting mine done today as well. First off, the office where I went incorrectly told me to drink 32 oz of water beforehand and didn’t warn me to take advil beforehand. I was not prepared for the amount of pain I would be in. The doctor got the tube through in one shot and I started having terrible cramping. He said it would ease as soon as we were done, but the second we were done the cramping turned even more horrible. I then proceeded feel the need to go to the bathroom and felt like my bowels were out of control. I felt hot and shaky and pale, and almost passed out. I then went back into the procedure room and was FINALLY given advil after about 10 minutes. The doctor felt bad and said oh we must have irritated your vagus nerve. Well I’m still recooperating, but this was one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced.

  6. Stephanie says:


  7. Beverly says:

    The sonogram – no problem. The sonohysterogram – hurt like hell!!!!. Take a bunch of pain killers. I would rather have air hit my root in my tooth.

  8. Kl says:

    Painful experience I only had one catheter used and it was the most uncomfortable thing I have experienced. I took two extra strength Tylenol and Advil 30 minutes prior…did not help! It was extreme cramping and pain when being inserted and cramping came in waves. After I sat up I got nauseated and almost fainted. I tried to stand up to get dressed and had to sit back down while dry heaving. It took me awhile to get dressed I had to get my husband and after I went home I still have alot of cramping and dizziness. I would never want to go through that again

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