Why Endometriosis Thrives on Dairy

I haven’t posted in a while because most of the steps I take have already been shared on the site. However, lately I’ve been a little bad and had some “lattes and cappuccinos” and didn’t think anything of it. I hadn’t had coffee in a while ever since I got pregnant two times in a row for the last 4 years and now finally after my second child just turned 2, I thought, okay, if I’m tired, I CAN have coffee! One of my favorite is a good cappuccino. There I go being happy and stopping by Peet’s coffee every morning with my little two year old. She eats a breakfast sandwich, I eat the left over (being a trash bin parent like others – yes, it happens, sucks, but happens that you eat the left overs of your kids that you’re not supposed to). This consisted of our worst enemy: bread. Then follow that with cappuccino. Ok, I let myself loose for a good 3 months and because I haven’t been in pain in the last 4 years, I “forgot” what it was like to be IN PAIN. In addition, I don’t think I would want any more children so if I get a little endo back, I figured at least I wasn’t in fear that I couldn’t get pregnant again. The past month of period has been a horrifying deja vu  of my past before I got pregnant. Acne! Weight gain! VERY PAINFUL PERIOD WITH CLOTS.

So I have found the worst thing you could do to yourself: eat processed carbs and dairy. I searched the web about dairy and this is a GREAT article on why dairy should be avoided at all costs. Prior to the dairy binge every morning, I was eating organic meats and eggs and my periods were fine. It was the dairy binge and the left over sandwiches from my daughter that really killed it for me. Ladies, please remind yourself. All that is “natural” will be better for you. Those man creatively made foods… let’s just stay away and eat like how the cavemen did? Needless to say, I’m back to my diet. No more dairy period. No more bread, period.

Read this article:


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Rooibos Tea is Anti-Inflammatory and Beneficial for Endometriosis

Green Rooibos for Endo

Hi ladies. Sorry for not posting for a while. Having two toddlers really tire me out and even though I have a lot to say, there’s limited time to post. Recently I’ve been cold brewing tea because summertime is so hot and I just want something cold and refreshing without calories, etc. Mango, peach, passionfruit, and other black and green teas. Then I noticed rooibos tea. I’ve had these at Teavana, David’s Tea, etc. and don’t remember liking them because well, they don’t taste like tea to me. However, after researching, I have found that it has high anti-inflammatory qualities and well as reduces oxidative stress. It’s caffeine free and safe for me to drink at night and most of all, good for my kids! I can drink this and reduce some swelling and backache during my periods. For right now, I don’t have any more cramps due to diet and supplements but I still get that dull backache and feel my muscles pulling as my uterus is contracting during my period. Sometimes it can still put me rather down feeling this. I know endo never goes away so anything that puts me in the right direction, I’m all for it. Now I buy green rooibos because it includes even more antioxidants than regular red rooibos you normally see. It hasn’t been treated like red rooibos and to me, it actually tastes closer to tea. I hot brew the rooibos tea with mixed fruits, primarily mixes from what I buy from The Tea Spot, Adagio Teas, Arbor Teas for organic tea.

For my kids, I put a little honey in there and it serves as a fruit punch for them! It’s way better than those fruit punches sold in stores with sugar and high fructose corn syrup and it actually boosts their immune system. For me, I drink it without any honey but honey isn’t bad for endometriosis so if you like it a little sweet, I highly recommend putting honey. Gives it a very refreshing taste. My kids go crazy for it. Try it. I think you’ll like it. I highly recommend Strawberry mix from Adagio teas and the Green Rooibos Bonita and Green Rooibos Key West. It’s very fragrant and yummy.

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Too Lazy to Juice? There’s Still Hope for Your Endometriosis!


hog hugs juice from the raw picturehog hugs 18karrots photo

I haven’t forgotten about my readers but as I’m on this journey with kids and the end of endo, I was just thinking what to share so that it’s useful for all of you. Now that I have two kids, my days are filled with joy, tears, and extreme sleep deprivation (and also a craving for some adult company during the day). As much as I love love love love my kids, spending 24/7 with them is very taxing on me emotionally. I’m not sure how my mom handled it with three kids. I might have gone insane. I wonder how she still loves me when I’ve created such havoc in her life before. It’s insane how much more I appreciate my mother who never complained about us, always put fresh food on the table, and had to deal with my dad and his demands for a full blown meal every day. Right now I could barely keep my hair clean.

Ok, back to topic. In efforts to keep my life sane, I only juice for my kids now a variation of apple and some other fruits and greens. My kids drink a LOT of juice and if I were to juice for them an me daily, I wouldn’t have any time to take care of them. I was out for a solution. I found some companies that did juice cleanses. I had suggested Whole Foods before for juices but not all Whole Foods have these juices! It was frustrating because I had to drink about 5-6 bottles of juice daily sometimes and it could get expensive if there’s not Whole Foods high quantity green juice nearby and going out to get it daily was…. a drag with two kids.

18 Karrots http://www.18karrotscleanse.com

I tried out a company called 18 Karrots off a deal off Woot.com. Worked about to be about $5-$6 per 16 oz bottle. This was acceptable to me as I used a lot of it as meal replacements and it worked about to be about $20-$30 a day including what I ate everyday. I consider it paying someone to do my juices and for me to not have to go out and get these juices. What happens is they ship everything frozen to you and then you keep it in your freezer until the day before you’re going to drink it. You let it defrost overnight and voila, you have juice the next day. I was skeptical that frozen juice would taste the same or that it maintained the nutrients. Well, I was super wrong! It tasted like I had just done the juicing 1 minute ago and I did a little research and found that flash frozen fresh vegetables and in this case juice, retains vitamins way more than if you kept it unfrozen in the fridge. Works for me. Even if I did get a little nutrient loss, it still saved me time! 18 Karrots had pretty good taste. I like every one of their concoctions. Tasted like mine.

However, when their juice arrived, it was only half frozen because the keep frozen bag they used was way too thin and although still half frozen, I was annoyed with the fact they were still all ice sticks! The first order off woot was essentially 50% off their online price including shipping. My second order with them I used their coupon code and got 55% off. The coupon at the time is 55OFF if you wanted to use it. However, the second batch of juice just tasted different.

I wrote a simple email to them and they took a whole WEEK to respond!!! Of course, I was very annoyed with this and this batch the green juices looked brown. Their excuse? They said it was due to the iron in the greens. That’s total bull to me as we all know it’s due to oxidation which means the juice gone bad for me at least. Then this second batch made me have diarrhea. Horrifying right? Wrote them an email… NO RESPONSE! Needless to say, I am disappointed with this company and although their first batch was perfect, I wasn’t about to spend a lot of money to find out whether my next bath would be hit or miss.

I went out and looked for an alternative.

Juice from the Raw http://www.juicefromtheraw.com

I saw Juice from the Raw from internet searching and found they have coupons too if you order more in volume which I did. I ordered like a few cleanses together and again, I ended up around $6 a bottle which was acceptable to me. Juice again was delicious… not as sweet as 18Karrots but that didn’t bother me at all for I didn’t need my juices to be sweet. They had a few sweet ones and the green ones were not sweet at all. They also had a coconut one that was really nice since it’s fresh coconut with fresh coconut meat beaten into it. Very satisfying and milky. They have several choices too where you can just get green juice or you can get other flavors. These came as frozen as popsicle STICKS! They used ultra thick insulation and that made a huge difference! I suggest you guys try this out if you’re like me and keep a large stash of juice in the freezer if you’re like me and need the time. I juice for my kids and that’s it. For myself, I buy. I can’t feel bad about it because I’d rather spend time resting or with the kids instead of juicing for 45 minutes in the morning everyday.

I have now ordered 3 times from this company already and the quality was exactly the same. That’s what I call a more professional company.

Let me know what you guys think if you try this company!



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Mouthwash as sickness prevention for pregnant women?


Thanks for your nice wishes for my current pregnancy. I’m really touched that I actually have more than 100 subscribers reading this small blog! I’m only on my 18th week right now and have gotten sick three times where I just could not breathe through my nose or my mouth so I end up choking phlegm a million times in the night and not being able to sleep! And yes, to all the pregnant women out there, you know when you cough too hard, sneeze to hard, what happens right??? You leak pee! Gross I know and people may be laughing but it’s really annoying! Aside from feeling tired, dizzy, groggy, sick, and the feeling like I’m drowning all the time, this time I’m deciding to do something different the instant I feel sick. No, sleeping while sitting up doesn’t work and no, I don’t want to take meds as my husband takes meds and he still feels awful so why inject my baby in my tummy with chemicals right?

I can’t avoid getting sick because I have a 17 month old toddler at home that needs to go out and collect all sorts of germs from music class and supermarkets, etc. Therefore, I read that the instant you feel sick, you should gurgle salt water deeply in your throat. Well, I did this last time and it didn’t work. The science behind that is that the germs collect in your mouth and throat first for like a day and then you swallow and then they invade and penetrate your body. Well, this time, I gurgled mouthwash and for the last 3 days, my body has been trying to fight this disease because every morning I’d wake up feeling a sore throat and then it’ll go away. Sneezed a couple times last night but today I feel fine again.

I’ve been gurgling mouthwash 3-4 times a day deep in my throat. I figured… why salt water? What if it doesn’t loosen up the germs? Why not just KILL the germs while they’re in my mouth or throat rather than letting them TRY to fall out? Right? Well, I use the most common type of mouthwash: Listerine and so far it’s been working wonders. No need to eat meds and this is prevention, not masking of symptoms so I love it…so far. Testing for a few more days but at least this sickness did not get worse. Crossing my fingers!

Just to let you know, I never got sick my last pregnancy or many years before that. I’m guessing my sick free streak has been over 4 years until this year when I have a toddler running around. And before that, I never got any bad sickness.  I usually can sleep it off in a day or overnight. So feeling sick really stinks and a new thing to me! I used to never get my nose plugged or feel dizzy.

Anyway, hope you guys can try. Even those people who aren’t pregnant obviously. If you have sick people at work, just gurgle mouthwash deep in  your throat daily and hopefully the disease won’t come find you!


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Your Juices to Shrink Endometriosis and Increase Fertility May be Easier than You Think

Whole Foods Juices

So by now all you know I juice juice juice! This is a follow up to my previous post on Juices to Shrink Endometriosis. Of course juicing on your own is great but now I have a 16 month toddler running around and I’m pregnant again! My hormones have made me super tired and this time around, I’m unable to nap during the day due to my overly energetic toddler. I have found that asking other outside companies to juice is insanely expensive. Many of them market themselves as this “cleansing” expert and markup the juices by 300%! My savior? Whole Foods. Whole Foods has now started to make fresh juices daily! It’s not lemonades and orange juices anymore. I was overjoyed I bought three of their largest sizes home to try and it tastes FRESH, REFRESHING, and JUST LIKE WHAT I MAKE AT HOME. At $16 per half a gallon, I think it’s worth it. I think to juice that amount, it costs me about $12 so for $4 for labor and not having to wash the machine after, it’s worth it! Plus, they have a lot of ingredients in there. These three flavors are my favorite: Green-Aid, Alternative Fuel, and Eye Opener. I usually mix in half Eye Opener with half Alternative Fuel if I’d like a fuller drink and if I just wanted hydration, I drink plain Alternative Fuel and it’s crisp and refreshing. Ingredients of each juice are on the label. Absolutely fantastic!

I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant but I crave juices now more than ever. It’s what I think about even before sleeping, when I wake up and throughout the day. I guess the body tells you what the baby needs!

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Some Emotional Support for Those Wanting to Get Pregnant With Endometriosis or Just Want to Get Pregnant…

I hate:

  • People who say “it’s ok” when you just find out you’re not pregnant.
  • People who say “maybe you should just not think about it and it’ll happen”… because it doesn’t. What the heck do they know when they’re not in your situation where you’ve tried for years and still getting nowhere.
  • People who judge. Shame on you! Because getting pregnant is a normal and common factor and one that over 50% of the women have trouble with nowadays.
  • People who say “just relax and it will happen naturally.” Tell them to try and relax when they’re tried as long as you.
  • People who tell me just let it be natural and that they would never try IUI or IVF. I think it’s a personal decision and whether you really want a baby! For people that really really want a baby, you’d do ANYTHING to make it happen. Those people who say that are the women who get pregnant easily or already have children. They don’t know anything about how you feel or how much you want a child or what a child would mean to you. They are purely judgmental. Even if it’s for religious reasons, please keep it to yourself. I respect everyone’s decisions on what they don’t want to do but doesn’t mean I agree.
  • People who had trouble getting pregnant but tell me that they had no troubles. What is the shame? Come on! So many people have trouble now! Who cares. Sharing is caring.
  • People who say it doesn’t matter if they have kids when in fact they LOVE kids. They are equally happy. Ok, tell me that in 20 years when you’re alone with no one else but your husband and you guys have done everything you could possibly do and not have nothing in common with your friends because they’re all busy with their kids stuff. People with no kids try to gather goddaughters and godsons. It’s just NOT the same!

My viewpoint: a child brings a lifetime of happiness. It’s priceless. It doesn’t matter how we got there, what matters is we got there. At the end of the day when you’re holding your baby, you will have forgotten about all the pain and suffering you went through to have this child. I promise, it WILL go away. Everything that you’ve given up on your habits to get pregnant would have been worth it when you see your little one in your hands.

Many women get very emotional every time their IUI or IVF session has failed. It is NORMAL to feel sad but it doesn’t mean you should stop trying. For me, although I was in pain, I felt stronger when I shared and asked for opinions and feedback. The more I talked about and shared my experience, the more I learned from other people. I wasn’t afraid to say I had Endo. I wasn’t afraid to say I tried for almost 2 years. What mattered was I wanted to find answers on how I can improve my next IUI session!!! Ladies, please be goal oriented. Everyone gets emotional but don’t let it deter you away from reaching your goal no matter what other people tell you. Be strong.

People who don’t have children yet don’t understand how amazing the feeling is and when facing IVF or IUI, they worry about cost and insurance. Given if you have the finances, I wouldn’t think it’s a waste to spend every last penny on getting a baby!!! If you really don’t have the finances, I would not be ashamed to borrow to have this baby! So many people borrow money to buy a “CAR” and throughout the course of your life, you’d probably spend an average of $20-30k on each car every five years. Calculate HOW MUCH you’ve spent already on that and now ask yourself, why wouldn’t you spend $15k on an IVF procedure that actually may give you eternal happiness? Will a car give you that? NO WAY! People are not rational. They’ll fight over a coupon but get ripped off buying expensive things elsewhere. That’s a fact of life. We are just irrational beings and we must keep reminding ourselves when the time comes, do the rational thing.

Anyway, my point is: live life with no regrets. Live knowing that you’ve done everything you can in order to reach your goal of having a baby. Do not look back and said “what if I would have done this”… it would have been too late. By then, you’re already infertile.

For those who have tried hard and hard and hard and HARD but still got nowhere for years. I feel you and I respect you. My heart is with you. I thought about it. If I were in that situation, I would 100% consider surrogate then adoption. If none of those work and I am absolute at an age where I can’t get anymore eggs out of me and no adoption center wants me, then I call it quits. It’s a long way from there though for many people.

This message is not for the women who have been trying hard. It’s for the women who are scared to try. It’s for the women running away from their problems. My point is: please face your problem and try to solve it. Do not rely on one doctor or fertility clinic. You never know what they’re up to and no one knows and cares about your body more than you. If anything else, here at Hog Hugs, there are women with problems that will cheer you on!

I’ve been known to be straight forward with my opinions and I apologize if any of my comments of offended you but I’m just saying out loud what many want to say but keep in their hearts. I was told only true friends tell the truth and this is my truth.

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Using Ovulation Test as Pregnancy Test (using OPK and HPT)

clearblue pregnancy test with conception monitor

I’m not sure about you but I’m the type that wants to know right away whether I’m pregnant and start wondering days ahead. The wait from when you “do it” to when you “know” seems like forever. That two week wait is excruciating so any way to shorten that time is always tempting. However, you end up spending so much money on pregnancy tests! Why is it that it costs $15 for a decent early detection pregnancy test???  If I do test 2 days prior and get negative, I probably still won’t stop testing because I may think to myself that it was too early. Ha ha. Don’t laugh at me because I know you guys all do it! Anyway to satisfy myself, I’ve been using my ovulation test sticks from Clearblue Ovulation Test Kit (which I covered in prior post). There’s 20 in a box and I always have extras. Those ovulation test boxes lasts me about 3 months because I don’t test as frequently since I am getting the hang of when I’m actually ovulating.

Ovulation test stick measures your luteinizing hormone (LH).

Pregnancy test measures human chorionic gonadotropin (HcG).

They are similar because they’re both a protein with a sugar attached to it called a glycoprotein. Your ovulation stick is unable to distinguish LH from HcG. Therefore, if it’s positive, it could be your pregnant! However, you can’t test the other way around. Pregnancy tests cannot test for ovulation. It’s more specific towards HcG and it’s more sensitive as well. Therefore, while your ovulation stick may not pick up on your pregnancy until the day you miss your period, pregnancy test will.

For people like me who waste a lot of money on tests because I’m too eager, I’ve learned to save some money and use an ovulation stick. So far it’s worked 100% of the time. It’s either you’re ovulating or you’re pregnant. If you have a regular cycle, it’s either the time when you’re pregnant or your ovulation during the month with pretty clear timeline. However, if you have unpredictable periods, then I probably wouldn’t use it as a pregnancy test because you don’t know whether you’re ovulating or you’re actually pregnant.

Ok, again, I looked into different brands and I’m back with Clearblue again. It seems the easiest!!! The ovulation test sticks are either happy face or no face. Pretty straight forward and these Digital Test sticks SAYS you’re either PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT and you even know how many weeks you are along. The weeks part is probably not accurate since everyone has different levels of HcG when you’re pregnant so if I happen to be someone that’s surging higher than others, it may show I’m on week 2-3 or 4 instead of 1. Anyhow, it’s a no brainer. This is one I bought: Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator.  The picture is also the one shown above. I absolutely hate the ones that I have to compare colors. When you’re trying to get pregnant, your head is full of what ifs and errors and the colors just don’t do it for me as I’m never “sure” of myself.

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Alcohol and Miscarriage

To continue on WHY you shouldn’t have alcohol if you want to get pregnant, I ran across a pretty neat site (in google sites called Miscarriage Research) and here’s what their research showed backed by research papers. It’s pretty scary. Ok, really skip your wine habits for now.:

Drinking 1+ drinks per day reduces odds of getting pregnant by 50%

319 women were followed for an average of 8 menstrual cycles, resulting in 124 pregnancies. Alcohol intake was significantly associated with reduced fertility. A dose-response effect was apparent, with those who drink <1 drink/day experiencing a 30% reduction, and those who drink 1+ drinks/day experiencing a 50% reduction in the fertility odds ratio when compared to nondrinkers. Smoking and caffeine were not associated with fertility in this model whether modeled categorically or continuously as cigarettes per day or milligrams of caffeine per day. Including prior cycles at risk as a covariate in the analysis (as opposed to prospectively measured cycles) did not alter the results.


Drinking before becoming pregnant lowers live birth rate by up to 21% in IVF patients

In this prospective cohort study, men and women completed a self-administered questionnaire before their first IVF cycle.We conducted multicycle analyses with final models adjusted for potential confounders that included cycle number, cigarette use, body mass index, and age. RESULTS:  A total of 2,545 couples contributed 4,729 cycles. Forty-one percent of women and 58% of men drank one to six drinks per week. Women drinking at least four drinks per week had 16% less odds of a live birth rate compared with those who drank fewer than four drinks per week (odds ratio 0.84). For couples in which both partners drank at least four drinks per week, the odds of live birth were 21% lower compared with couples in which both drank fewer than four drinks per week (odds ratio 0.79). CONCLUSION: Consumption of as few as four alcoholic drinks per week is associated with a decrease in IVF live birth rate.

Consuming one alcoholic drink per day boosts estrogen 20%

After adjustment for covariates, alcohol consumption was moderately associated with higher circulating estrogen levels; those who consumed more than one drink per day had 20% higher estrogen levels than non-drinkers.

Alcohol shortens follicular phase and menstrual cycle

Women who consumed one or more alcoholic drinks per week were significantly less likely to have long cycles (odds ratio = 0.38) or long follicular phases (odds ratio = 0.39).

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Alcohol and Effects on Chances of Getting Pregnant

Alcohol and Pregnancy

I love wine. From smell to texture to taste and after taste and pairings. It’s one of the loves of my life. It’s one of the things I absolutely hated to give up to get pregnant. Sad, I know. 1 glass every month probably won’t hurt but it doesn’t help either. Everyone knows to get pregnant and to increase chances of getting pregnant, you should take folic acid. Here are the facts:

  1. The “older” you are, the more your folic acid depletes in your body. This means the more you should take.
  2. You absorb 50% less folic acid through food than through supplements. In other words, you actually more efficiently absorb folic acid supplements than through food. Imagine that!
  3. If you’re diabetic, you need ten times more folic acid!!!
  4. If you eat more folic acid, it won’t be toxic, it’ll be just excreted through your urine so it won’t hurt to eat more.

Here’s the scary part. Alcohol prevents your body from absorbing folic acid!!! Even if you’re eating healthy greens and taking supplement, you might be negating the effect by having that enjoyable wine or liquor. Very sad but true. All you out there that WANT to be pregnant, skip that glass for now. Enjoy it when you have your baby next to you! Even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I mention LOVE) wine, I love my baby more and it’s all worth it at the end of the day. I promise!

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Endometrioma Shrunk to Less Than Half the Size

I have an update on my status. I went for an ultrasound in April and found that my endometrioma (both have shrunk half in size). One of them is now only a little over 2 cm in size and the other only at a mere 1 cm. With now no pain during menstruation, I feel so happy and free of endo!!! Continuing to work hard on the diet and I hope all you out there continue to fight this disease as well. It is possible.

In addition, I’d like to suggest substituting Indol 3 Carbinol with Dinnodolylmethane (DIM). It’s a more efficient and more stable form of Indol 3 Carbinol. It’s worked well for me. The brand I get is called Nature’s Way DIM-Plus. I take 2 capsules daily. Each with 100mg of DIM complex. I have to say that I feel great on it. Please let me know what you guys feel!

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